About Those Stairs: Clever Designs & Ideas

From beautiful contemporary looks to creative storage solutions underneath, the staircase is taking center stage in many of today’s homes. Below you’ll find eight images that illustrate just what we mean. Form and function meet in beautiful ways. Please enjoy!


 Staircase as art. Sometimes a staircase is so artfully designed that we simply see the beauty and totally forget it’s functional too.

Under the Stairs

An infusion of color.  We love this little sitting area near the stairs. With lovely touches of blue (and pattern) that start on the floor and continue up the stairway, it’s a beautiful look.

Under the Stairs

Wow, just wow! What a fantastic idea this is. The staircase creates a bridge-like effect that’s both whimsical and stunning.

Under the Stairs

Under the stairs gallery wall. Black and white with a light and delicate feel, this space is irresistible.

Stairway pantry.  A traditional staircase conceals this a treasure–a roomy kitchen pantry and roll-about storage cart.

Under the Stairs

Chic bar nook. Underneath this staircase is the perfect spot for a home bar with beverage fridge.


Form and function. This staircase with a twist literally takes a turn that catches the eye and fascinates.

Under the Stairs

Perfect powder room. What a clever use of space. A tiny powder room is tucked underneath this staircase in an area that is often forgotten and goes unused.

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Tiny House Interior Style: Beautiful, Functional & Diverse

Tiny House Exterior

Are you watching the rapid expansion of the tiny house movement? HGTV is currently airing a series about the many faces of the tiny house and the stories of their owners as they plan and bring to fruition their individual dreams of living life on a smaller scale. We love to see how clever and creative the building ideas are–exterior and interior styles seem to be limited only by the imagination and skill of the tiny home owners and the craftsmen who bring their visions to life.

Tiny House Living Room

Here’s a view of the living room and bedroom of a tiny home decorated in a cozy comfortable eclectic style.

Tiny House Kitchen

A cottage style tiny home might include an all in one kitchen such as the one above. It’s everything you might need in a tiny kitchen contained in a clever cabinet with doors and drawers.

Tiny House Loft

Tiny houses with cool contemporary style are some of our favorites. Here’s a view of one sleek kitchen with a loft overhead.

Tiny House Kitchen

A fully functional kitchen with a comfortable master bedroom above is just steps away form the vintage style living room. Blue walls make for a beautiful living environment.

Tiny House Kitchen

For those who prefer rustic style, a wide range of repurposed materials mean original personal tiny house interiors like the blue kitchen above.

Tiny House Bedroom

Natural wood finishes can bring rustic, contemporary or farmhouse style to a tiny house depending upon decorative touches a homeowner chooses.

Tiny House Bathroom

Tiny houses are very adaptable to most any style–vintage, Bohemian or cozy cabin looks are often seen in these small-scale beauties.


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