Delightful Design: Add a Touch of Spring

Does the arrival of spring always have you thinking about spring cleaning or more importantly, spring updates for you decor? Giving rooms a new look for spring doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Just have fun and do a few clever and creative touches that give a nod to the new season and a new look for spring. We hope one or more of the ideas below  will inspire a new spring project:

Spring Color

A bit of bright color at the front door or outside on the deck, is a quick and easy way to welcome spring. What could be easier that that.? Little time required, big impact achieved.

Spring Decor

How gorgeous is this massive bath? See how one blooming plant can virtually shout “spring is here.” This idea will work beautifully in a more modest sized bathroom. Please give it a try.

Blooming Branches

Blooming branches in a clear glass or pottery container filled with water is another clever idea with lots of visual impact. We think the larger the vase or bottle, the bigger the visual impact.

Tulips for Spring

What flower represents spring better than tulips? Make them yellow like the potted ones above and your kitchen table will make you smile.

Blooming Branches

Here’s another look for  branches that brings great results–a tall clear vase of branches with budding blooms and leaves just bursting forth.

Spring Inspired

For warm weather beauty trade that warm and cozy bedding for white ones and sheer or light weight white canopy panels. This simply exchange will take you happily through spring and summer.

Pink Chaise

Ready for a bigger update? Upholster a lovely chaise lounge in pink cotton. Canvas or linen would be beautiful

Spring Inspiration

Just a few spring green toss pillows and maybe a new potted plant or two can make all the difference when updating a living room for the new season. Just thinking about it inspires us to implement our plan to bring spring into our decor. How about you?


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Cool Contemporary Kitchens

Are you planning a new contemporary kitchen or a complete redo of your current one? Right now we’re seeing a lot of attention being given to contemporary and modern kitchens on Pinterest. Sleek lines, upscale finishes and touches of  wood to warm up stone and metal are all on display in these popular images. Sometimes, even a small update can make a kitchen space sing. Here are eight contemporary kitchen ideas we’re loving this week:

Contemporary Kitchen

Wood, stone and metal come together in a most appealing way in the fabulous kitchen above.

Contemporary Kitchen

Natural light fills this fantastic galley kitchen. Below counter storage abounds and open shelving can be used for decorative accents, dishes and serving pieces.

Contemporary Kitchen Warm wood cabinets, table and modern chairs are a fascinated contrast to sleek concrete in this inviting eat-in kitchen.

Contemporary Kitchen

We love everything about this stunning contemporary kitchen. Massive island, dark flooring and lots of display space and high windows to enhance it all–simply perfect.

 Contemporary Kitchen

Sleek and modern combine beautifully with a bit of rustic and retro to create a kitchen that invites family and friends to join the chef in prep and mealtime fun.

 Contemporary Kitchen

Absolutely stunning, don’t you think? This small kitchen is a study in contemporary style, functionality and beauty. A trio of white pendant lights add that perfect final touch.

Contemporary Kitchen

Here’s one of those updates that has big visual impact and super functionality. A dish rack that adds natural beauty plus simple practicality. Form and function that please.

Contemporary Kitchen

Already have wonderful dark contemporary kitchen? Bring it to life with pure white minimalist accents like these rotund ceramic vases in a variety of sizes.


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Room Decor Ideas: See What Color Can Do

When seasons change, our thoughts turn to clever ways to update interior spaces. One of the most effective room updates is the addition of color. Whether the clock is springing forward or falling back an hour, consider quick and easy colorful decor changes to your living environment. See what we mean below:

Blue Door

Expansive glass doors and windows can blur the lines between interior rooms and outdoor spaces. Add color such as the bright blue to the frames that surround that glass and you have something really special and unique.

 Pink Chest

Give old furniture a facelift with a brilliant coat of paint and bring any room to life.

Color and Pattern

Wall art, accessories or a lively patterned rug on the floor can redefine a room, adding color and rhythm that sings.

 Blue Kitchen Accents

Colorful chairs or barstools and decorative accents make this kitchen a favorite spot for cooking and conversation for family and friends.

Soft Blue Bedroom

Pale blue has become one of the go to colors for the bedroom. Paint the walls, put curtains or spread a rug on the floor–blue can bring serenity to a bedroom retreat.

Colorful Bathroom Accents

Add color to the bath with fluffy towels, fringed throws, wall art or decorative and functional items.

 Kids Room Color

Create a colorful background with a child’s favorite hue. But, don’t stop there. Add artwork and fabrics that complement or contrast to complete the picture.

Color in the Lounge

Brilliant color on furniture and fabrics can add visual excitement to any room in any style. We love this happy eclectic space.


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