Room Decor Ideas: See What Color Can Do

When seasons change, our thoughts turn to clever ways to update interior spaces. One of the most effective room updates is the addition of color. Whether the clock is springing forward or falling back an hour, consider quick and easy colorful decor changes to your living environment. See what we mean below:

Blue Door

Expansive glass doors and windows can blur the lines between interior rooms and outdoor spaces. Add color such as the bright blue to the frames that surround that glass and you have something really special and unique.

 Pink Chest

Give old furniture a facelift with a brilliant coat of paint and bring any room to life.

Color and Pattern

Wall art, accessories or a lively patterned rug on the floor can redefine a room, adding color and rhythm that sings.

 Blue Kitchen Accents

Colorful chairs or barstools and decorative accents make this kitchen a favorite spot for cooking and conversation for family and friends.

Soft Blue Bedroom

Pale blue has become one of the go to colors for the bedroom. Paint the walls, put curtains or spread a rug on the floor–blue can bring serenity to a bedroom retreat.

Colorful Bathroom Accents

Add color to the bath with fluffy towels, fringed throws, wall art or decorative and functional items.

 Kids Room Color

Create a colorful background with a child’s favorite hue. But, don’t stop there. Add artwork and fabrics that complement or contrast to complete the picture.

Color in the Lounge

Brilliant color on furniture and fabrics can add visual excitement to any room in any style. We love this happy eclectic space.


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