Eye on Interior Style: Bohemian Influences

Season after season, year after year, there are homeowners and apartment dwellers alike, who choose to decorate with fantastic Bohemian style or more sedate Bohemian influences. Those influences can come in the form of brilliant color, a lovely mix of pattern or warm eclectic furnishings. You’ll readily see the influence of Bohemian style in many of our modern, traditional and shabby chic spaces. See what we mean below:


An open living space with comfortable striped sofa is surrounded by Bohemian influences. Fantastic textiles show off brilliant color and stunning pattern.

Bohemian Influences

Even leather seating can be brought to life with color and pattern on the decorative pillows and brilliant blooms.

 Bohemian Influences

Here again, awesome pattern and striking color amp up a living space on the rug underfoot, the pillows that fill the sofa and fabulous decorative accents displayed on open shelves.

Bohemian Influences

One of our favorite dining rooms is all decked out in holiday finery. We think this is Bohemian influence at its best.

Bohemian Influences

As we mentioned earlier, some homes and rooms are made better by more restrained Bohemian influences. Here a single rug and silk toss pillow work magic in this otherwise serene bedroom.

Bohemian Influences

A contemporary room goes bold and beautiful with color, pattern and artwork. We are captivated by these Bohemian influences.

Bohemian Influences

Charming wallpaper and a bent wood cradle are charming in this awesome nursery.

Bohemian Influences

A wonderful mix of styles and a few pops of color make for a comfortable and inviting living. It’s easy to see those Bohemian influences here.


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Room Decor Ideas: See What Pattern Can Do

Color and pattern often go hand in hand. Not always, but often, pattern can amp up a room’s decor. We recently shared a post about color with our Design Shuffle blog readers, so today we’re doing a follow-up highlighting some of our favorite ways to use pattern as a companion to all sorts of colorful spaces, from pale to bright, indoors and outside.

Living Room Pattern

White rooms are perhaps the easiest ones to bring alive with brilliant colorfully patterned accents. Here, blooms abound, strewn across curtain panels. sofa pillows and underfoot on a fabulous rug.

Wall Pattern

Wallpaper is making a big comeback and what better way to add color and pattern than with awesome wallpapered walls?

Wall Pattern

Totally contemporary wallpaper gives this dining room a distinctive background for an amazing piece of art above the fireplace.

Pillow Pattern

Black, white and gray create pattern on accent pillows for this pale pink sofa. A really good look, don’t you think?

Pillow Pattern

Here again, toss pillows are the place for pattern. Just about any bedroom can benefit from pattern on the bed.

Rug Pattern

Color and pattern are delightful underfoot. We love the interaction between the rug and the colors used in the gallery wall.

Bathroom Pattern

Bold pattern can add visual interest to a tiny powder room or bath. This purple pattern makes a dramatic design statement.

Pattern in Outdoor Spaces

And lastly, pattern is perfect in outdoor living spaces no matter their style. From Bohemian chic to  lovely eclectic and contemporary too, color and pattern can add a most inviting look to patio, deck or porch.


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