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Welcome to DesignShuffle.com!

We are a community where interior designers, home enthusiasts, and other design professionals showcase their design projects, share inspirations, and network.

Our goal is to provide a platform for people to easily and elegantly showcase their portfolio, and interact on design subjects. We want to free our members from spending their money and energy on building their own websites in order to show their portfolio / design projects. Such task is a major and long term commitment that most people do not succeed.

With such goal in mind, we’ve built our website to include the following features:

DesignShuffle.com Features
Upload Design Photos
  • Easy upload – Design photos can be uploaded in a few minutes.
  • Fast photo display – Photos are automatically optimized for fast display without loss in visual quality.
  • Easy to organize – Photos can be organized and ordered in different design albums. Just drag and drop!
  • Zoom feature – If the photos you upload are high quality / high resolution, visitors can zoom in to see all the details.
  • Descriptive tags – You can add descriptive tags to your photos so they are easily found by our members. For example, you can apply “Kitchen” tag to your photo if your photo is about Kitchen design. People looking for kitchen design can find your photos easily.
  • Easy to navigate – Visitors can navigate through your design albums easily.
Faves Feature You can browse through our tens of thousands of photos and compile your favorite design ideas in a Faves. Easy to share your design aesthetic with others!
Your Own Blog You get a free blog when you create an account. We use the most popular blog software on the Internet so your blog will be feature-rich and powerful.
Member Forums Members can participate in discussions in our easy to use forums.
“Follow” Feature You can “follow” members you think are awesome. When they post new photos, you will be notified automatically. You will see everything in the “My Dashboard” page.
Member Interactions Members can “like” a photo, “comment” on a photo, or add a photo to “Favorites”. “Private Message” feature allows members to communicate with each other directly and privately.
Above Features Fully Integrated When you upload new Design Albums, you can automatically publish to your blog, our forums, your followers, and your social network accounts (Facebook, Twitter)!
Integration with Facebook and Twitter Did we say our websites work with Facebook and Twitter? We can automatically create Facebook wall posts or twits for you when you upload new photos.
Search Engine Optimized No need to worry about how to get people to see your portfolio. We will bring traffic to you. Our website is built with search engine friendliness in mind.
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Want to contribute to Design Shuffle?

If you’re interested in becoming part of Design Shuffle’s team of authors, please send an e-mail to us at contact@designshuffle.com. It’s helpful to send along a few articles you’ve written before and a few article ideas you have in mind.