How To Create Your Very Own Greenhouse

Why make another living room in a conservatory? Do something exciting and unique and turn your room into a greenhouse you can relax in.

Like a house extension, conservatories are built to last and they’re great sources of light and heat, perfect for plant life and spending time with the family. If you love gardening but hate the cold weather a greenhouse conservatory is the way forward.

Who else is doing it?

Anne Wareham is a founder of the thinking garden website and she made her conservatory into a truly beautiful garden. She now changes it every few months to keep the plants fresh and the conservatory tidy.

Why should you do it?

  • It’s unique. Everyone has house plants but who has a room dedicated to flowers and foliage? You’ll be the envy of all your house guests and visitors.
  • Having your own gardening project will give you a hobby, something that’ll interest you and inspire you on a daily basis.
  • If you have a little garden, but want to start getting green fingered, you should definitely try it. Your conservatory could use its space to cultivate some fauna!
  • If you have a simply decorated home a conservatory garden will brighten up your house with colour. You could fill your house with masses of greens, yellows, reds, purples. Your conservatory will be your house’s main attraction.
  • A conservatory garden will give you the feeling of being outside when it is too cold to do so, and depending on the plants you use, you could even give the room a summery feel. You’ll forever be on holiday!

How can I make my conservatory garden?

Go to your local plant nursery and purchase some flowers and plants to suit your tastes. Ask for advice on the maintenance of the plants and check if they meet your requirements.

Be interesting with your design, find some garden ornaments you would not expect to find indoors, you could get a pretty wheelbarrow and use it as a large pot for your plants.

Anne Wareham’s advice for designing is “Think repeat, think pattern.” Get the flower/plant you like and repeat it so it is not solitary and then fit it into a pattern for a stylish looking conservatory garden.


Here’s a few ideas to get you started on your own conservatory garden:

  • Single colours will maximise the drama of any conservatory garden. I don’t mean for you to rely on greens. seek out purples, yellows, blues, make it suit your house.
  • A Rainforest themed conservatory could change your conservatory into another world. Families will love this,  you could hide toy monkeys and tigers in the plants and undergrowths.
  • Succulent plants, or fat plants, such as aloe, are bold, statement making plants, they don’t require much maintenance, and they take centre stage, with their large and strange shapes. A few of these spaced evenly will make a beautiful minimalist garden
  • A rose garden indoors would be incredible, though much harder to maintain. Just imagine the flowers, colours and scents.

I hope this has inspired you. Good luck in creating your own conservatory greenhouse!


This article was provided by Sally Thomas. When she’s not discovering new home design techniques, implementing them in her own projects & writing about them to share her finds with others (yes, there is still time after all that, believe it or not…) – she enjoys the theatre, a good bottle of wine, ladies golf & fun with friends (did we mention the wine???).

How to Create the Perfect Reading Nook

We are happy to welcome our first guest post of the year: Warren Twisleton, designer of contemporary beanbag furniture at Lujo. Sit back and relax as we learn how to create the perfect reading nook in your own home.

Here, we share ideas for creating a Reading Corner at your place. With just a few ‘ingredients’ and a little inspiration, you can quickly turn an unused or uninviting corner of your home into a cozy quiet-time haven. A little nook, just for you and your book!

Bean Bag Chair Reading Corner

There are no rules for a Reading Corner – just create something you love!
The only real must-have is somewhere comfortable to sit. For sink-into-it comfort, you can’t go past a beanbag chair. And there’s also something about sitting low on the floor that’s instantly relaxing – helping you to disconnect from the normal world for a few moments.


Cocoon yourself in a blanket or throw, to make your ‘me time’ cozy and warm. Choosing a blanket or throw with a beautiful pattern or texture means it will also gorgeous slung over your chair whilst not in use.

Designer Indoor Furniture

Choose a corner of your home that gets a lot of natural light. Of course, if it can bathe in sunshine like this lovely spot, all the better!

Chair with cushions and ottoman

If you like to read blogs and surf the net, a footstool or ottoman to help prop your feet up can be helpful.

Kids Reading Nook

The littlest members of your family also deserve a special spot for story time. A comfy beanbag chair or a giant cushion will have them drifting off to nap-land before you can say ‘The End’. Keep favorite books in easy reach, and make the nook  cozy with cushions, a blanket and a favorite cuddly toy.


As these two images both show, positioning something on the wall above a chair helps to define your Reading Corner as a special space within the room. Art prints, a wall light, or even a shelf will anchor the space. And to add a pop of personality and color in an easy and affordable way, choose a couple of cushions.


This Reading Corner is just divine. The addition of a plant softens the space.
We can just imagine this nook of an evening, bathed in a soft glow from that floor lamp. The ottoman lets you put your weary feet up, but is sturdy enough to be used as a table.

1  |  2  |  3  |  4  | 5  |  6  |  7

This Guest Post was created by Warren Twisleton, designer of contemporary beanbag furniture at Lujo.

Guest Post – Distinct Kitchens

Hi! I’m Julie Bortnick, of the fashion and lifestyle blog, from prosecco to plaid and I’m here on the Design Shuffle blog to talk about the various ways you can spice up your kitchen space.

A home can have fifteen rooms and I can guarantee the most used would be the kitchen. For some reason, people tend to always gather around the kitchen counter. There may be an extremely comfortable couch just a couple feet away, but guests would rather stand and chat in this beloved room. With that being said, I believe the kitchen is the focal point in a house.

Of course, kitchens need to have the essential appliances, but beyond that I think this is the room to get creative in and think outside the box. Spice up the backsplash, install unique lighting, and accessorize the counters.

Stone Textile

I love the punchy backs plash and how the silverware is displayed on the counter.

 Leslie Robinson Decor

The contrast of the light colored bar stools with the dark kitchen works perfectly.

Kitchen Design 

The shelving in this kitchen is not only functional, but also chic and simply modern.

Retro Kitchen

The bold light fixtures hang over the counter and give the kitchen a contemporary-retro feel.

Modern Kitchen

I love the rows of drawers underneath the roomy counter, and the stone on the wall gives the contemporaneous kitchen a bit of a rustic feel.


White Kitchen

The simplicity of the plants right outside the kitchen window paired with the white cabinets and dark floors make the whole room feel beautifully clean.

 Lime Kitchen

 A pop of color splashed on the cabinets makes every morning feel bright and cheerful. 

Decorating a room is such a fun, exciting experience, and especially when it’s the most popular room in the house.  Don’t be afraid of color, prints, and texture; experiment, mix and match, and make your kitchen stand out. Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

Designing With Chevron

Hi Everyone! My name is Tiffany and I blog daily over at Tiffany Leigh Interior Design, where I track my style inspirations and my journey into interior design school in the fall! I’m so excited to be here today to talk about one of the trendiest patterns of the moment: Chevron

Let’s look at a few ways you can incorporate this fun geometric print into your own space!

Chevron Painted Floor

 This gorgeous beach home is amped up with a painted chevron floor. Adding a painted pattern is a fun weekend project and is much more cost efficient than refinishing damaged hardwoods (which can always be done later).

Chevron Wall

If you don’t have floors you are willing to paint, why not a wall? This foyer is the definition of “first impressions count.”

Chevron Living Room

If paint is too big of a commitment for you, try a rug! Here, Jonathan Adler isn’t afraid to mix the large chevron of the rug with the smaller scale on the pillows. The key is a cohesive colour palette.

Office Chevron Space

Here is another example that its perfectly okay to mix chevrons! A bold yellow upholstered chair is paired with a more neutral gray chevron rug. Don’t you just love gray and yellow together? One of my all time fave color combos!

Chevron Accessories

If you love chevron but feel like it’s more of a passing trend, you can invest in low cost and easily switchable accessories like a vase, lamp, or pillows, as Jen Ramos did in her office vignette.

Chevron Pillows

Because of its graphic and geometric nature, chevron pairs great with softer florals! Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

What do you think about chevron? Overdone or here to stay?

I, personally, love it! Be sure to stop by my blog to tell me your thoughts!


Hidden Treasures: A Peek into Indian Colonial Décor

If you’re looking to start off your spring decorating on the right foot, consider a mysterious flair of Indian colonial. This earth friendly style greets the hot summer months to come with comfortable furniture, high ceilings, and practical necessities that make life that much easier. Not only does this charming style bring a sense of comfort and relaxation to a home, but it’s also super stylish in the design world.

Living Room Design

Some History: Indian colonial style emerged in the 16th and 17th century due to the large amounts of British colonies settling in India. Once these colonies and trading posts where established in the area, they brought with them their traditional décor that they eventually combined with local materials and styles. The British adapted their original decorating sense to suit the everyday needs of climate and landscape, resulting in chic design we drool over today!

Interior Design

This fascinating style that the British created in India has developed over the years, resulting in a more modern and up-to- date twist. Some key pieces to incorporate into this design are wrought iron elements like this curving staircase paired with a Persian rug- a signature colonial must-have. For your floor treatments, choose dark woods like ebony, teak, and mahogany for an irresistible sense of luxury.

Interior Design

The British usually kept their walls light in color to make rooms seem airy against the unbearing heat. Well, it’s 2012 and we all have air-conditioning so take the plunge and switch it up with deep colored walls to contrast jewel colored tones like deep blue, green, and gold. Don’t be afraid to implement some of your own style like this crystal chandelier that adds a sense of richness to this dining room. The British brought over their own sparkling crystal and China anyways, to complement the rustic furniture they had in India.

Interior Design
Interior Design

The British used lux rugs and animal hides to symbolize a high class society when they immigrated to the east. To incorporate animal prints into your own home, an effortless way is to pop on an accent pillow in an exotic animal print design. To stay away from an “old-fashioned” look, a modern update like an abstract work of art is sure to do the trick.

Interior Design

It’s even easier to get this look at home with interior designer’s best kept secret: the newly opened Better Decorating Boutique . To achieve an exotic look, shop the boutique’s unique home accessories, and exclusive line of high-end decorative pillows. You won’t leave empty handed! Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

For more ideas, DIY projects, and inspiration, visit Suzy Q’s blog at and shop at her new online store at Better Decorating Boutique.

4-Story Vibrant Hillside Retreat in San Francisco

Living in the City by the Bay, San Francisco interior designer Kimball Starr, understands how expensive owning a newly purchased home can be, especially with furnishing one of this size. To keep the design budget friendly, some of the existing furniture was updated and complemented to work into the overall style the homeowners wanted, rather than purchasing all new pieces. Located on a hillside in San Francisco, this 4-story home is a retreat that overlooks downtown and the San Francisco Bay.  As a first-time home purchase by young successful newlyweds, this couple wanted a vibrant colorful home to match their outgoing personalities.

Hillside Sanctuary

The colorful poufs that sit on the deck outside the living room are lightweight and can be brought inside for additional seating or used as cocktail tables.

Hillside Sanctuary

In the living room, the white leather sectional was pre-existing, and by adding colorful pillows, artwork, and a curvy patterned rug, the living room was transformed from all white, to a cheery social space splashed with pops of color.

Hillside Sanctuary

The airy Mooi chandelier and the reupholstered colorful chairs make this dining room pop.

Hillside Sanctuary

Using the Brazilian cherry floors as inspiration for the color, an orange Moroccan patterned rug set the tone for the tangerine walls, and Kimball tempered the color with white and a budget splurge on the hand-blocked raw linen curtains.

Every room in this home has a splurge item and a budget item.  The splurge items are pieces that will retain their value and/or have a high quality of craftsmanship to them, and the budget items were pre-existing pieces that were repurposed, or purchased items that were a great value for the look.   It keeps the rooms balanced budget-wise, but also produces a more interesting and imaginative space.  Kimball calls it “democratization of the space”, where every piece has a say regardless of its background or price tag!

Craving more of Kimball’s design creations? Check out her profile for some inspiration!

Light Up Your Life Outdoors

Our friends at Arcadian Lighting are hosting a guest post from Maxim Lighting about outdoor lighting! Not only does exterior lighting accent your home’s features, it also provides a sense of security. This blog provides some great tips on how to liven up the exterior of your home just in time for the holidays! Head on over there to hear about how!

Maxim Santa Barbara Outdoor Lights

Feeling the urge to light up the exterior of your home? Check out the outdoor lighting section of Arcadian Lighting for some inspiration! Images: ( 1 )

Using Gold in Contemporary Designs

Today we have Amber of Simple Dwellings here to visit and walk you through a design board she created which reflects designing a room around one, trendy, contemporary object. Below she shows us how creativity can come from one simple piece of furniture. Thanks for stopping by Amber!

Hello! I am Amber from Simple Dwellings and the topic today is discovering trends in interior design. With fashion, as well as interior design, trends are always there on high alert, ready to be incorporated into your space. Whether your style is modern or traditional, contemporary design can work well in your home. When thinking about putting a room together, the overall feel of the space can be eclectic and blend multiple design styles, yet still be cohesive and pulled together. A current trend in the home today is all about gold! Whether it is used on furniture pieces, art or lighting, gold is back and ready for your space. Here are some rooms that have used this design trend to perfection, while also keeping the rest of the space tailored and balanced.

With gold as the focal point in many stylish ways, I became inspired by this coffee table and designed a room around this piece:

I believe a room design can be inspired by just one piece of furniture, one accessory or simply anything that sparks creative interest. Inspiration can come from anywhere and a room can be designed around one particular design trend. I have used the above furniture piece as inspiration for an entire living room design.

For this space, I wanted to keep the overall look eclectic, modern and whimsical. The mirrored coffee table with gilded detail was the jumping off point for this design. In order for the trendy gold pieces in the room to stand out, I decided to keep the furniture fabric neutral and pull color out from the accessories in the space, such as the fun pillows and metallic branches wallpaper.

Whether you like wallpaper in small or large doses in a space, the branch design can be applied to one focal wall or framed out as art. The remaining walls and drapery can be a soft neutral color to offset the dramatic wallpaper.

With a predominantly neutral backdrop, the gold table can be the focal point in the room, while also incorporating some complimentary accessory pieces. I played off of shapes with this design, and balanced a rectangular coffee table with circular pieces, such as the chandelier, mirrors and garden stool. The chevron rug also brings a modern shape to the space and works well in this eclectic space.

This design was created with one trend in mind and built around one piece of furniture to show that inspiration can come from anywhere and trends can easily be incorporated into your home!

Does this post have you yearning for more design ideas? Check out our members to get inspired!!!!

New Decorating Trend: The Suzani

Suzy Q of Better Decorating Bible blog is a wonderful writer who is visiting our blog today to chat it up about a new decorating trend that’s been hitting the scene recently…enjoy!

This gorgeous decorative embroidered tribal textile called the Suzani, is making a big splash in North America this season. Originally made is Central Asian countries such as Tajikistan and Kazakhstan, this Persian word Suzani actually means needle.

Suzani via

Suzani’s are embroidered with a cotton or silk thread in chain, satin, or buttonhole stitches. You will most likely find a Suzani in designs such as sun and moons, flowers, leaves, vines, fruits, fish and birds. They are usually made in two or more pieces and then stitched together to create a beautiful, multicolored work of art.

Suzani via

The Suzani pattern can be found from the late 18th and 19th century, and still continues to be hand embroidered around the world today. It’s popularity grew in the decorating world when minimalists started using it in their decorating to create a dramatic focal point and bring some color to their homes.

Suzani PatternCote De Texas via

It’s a great way to add some drama to your decorating and can be used for pillows, furniture, carpets and can even be framed and put on your wall! It matches with just about anything and fits in any decorating style.

Suzani via

Thank you Suzy Q for contributing to Design Shuffle today! For more decorating ideas, advice and DIY projects, visit her blog at

Looking for another hot trend? Check out our latest on Ikat!


Anglophile Inspired Interiors

Today we’ve invited Michelle Joliver to chat about Anglophile Style with our readers today! Michelle is a British international interior designer who’s been in the business for the past 14 years and lived and worked in California for the past six. She has worked for some very prestigious interior design companies including Lulu Nikola Designs (UK), Chelsea Interiors (UK), Interior Spaces in Santa Monica and Deborah Davis Designs in Hollywood. She has had lots of experience over the years playing senior and principal designer roles for many of these companies gaining experience in both residential and commercial designs. Today she offers her commentary on Anglophile Style.

Hello, I am Michelle from Michelle Jane Designs and I am extremely happy to be guest posting on Design Shuffle and get to chat about a subject very close to my heart.

If you have a connection, whether it’s in your bloodline, you are married into it or you just like the little island (or I should say islands) of Great Britain there is a strong possibility (if you’re a bit of a design junky) you have a little British style in your home. More recently the Union Jack design is popping up everywhere in home furnishing and design. You may think this is just some left over hype from the Royal Wedding celebrations, but it seems this little flag is a true design icon here to stay! Many other British items have been appearing in folk’s homes way before William and Kate ever tied the knot.

James Merrell artfully captures the look of this union jack chaise in this Scandinavian design. The colors of the flag flood these interiors well.

Image via

Image via

This Union Jack Rug design is done by the amazing fashion designer Vivienne Westwood for The Rug Company. Of course Vivienne’s rug design had to be distressed and tattered.

I adore this dresser by Maisons Du Monde, it’s a real centerpiece.

Image via

As for fashion it goes with out saying, Kate Moss Vogue October 2008.

Even I have a little piece of home in my Californian Living Room.

Not only has the Union Jack Flag caught the attention of the design crowd, it can also be used to decorate the walls in any home with Royal Crowns.

Image via

A fun concept is adding some bling to your own wall coverings, shop at Crown and Coronets for their new wallpaper design.

Image via

Los Angeles interior designer Amber Lewis from Amber Interiors uses this Street Sign as art in her home.

Image via Rockett St. George

Rockett St George has been one of my favorite UK online stores for a while now. I was so delighted when they started shipping to the US. These vintage wooden London signs are one of their best sellers to the States where we’ve experienced a recent craze for London Station names and Street names in home decor items. Also, their Bus Blind signs are very popular with the America market.

Slate Grey Type Map – United Kingdom and Ireland designed by British Designers Bold & Noble for Rockett St George

Image via

Image via

‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ was an originally a poster from 1939 and was used at the beginning of World War II as a message from the British Government to the public to strengthen morale in the event of an invasion. It was revived in 2000 and can now been seen in homes in many different forms, from posters to rugs, pillows, mugs, bags, T-shits etc. ‘Keep Calm and Carry on’ wall decals from

Liberty of London is one of my most favorite places to go when I am home. I’ve always had a soft spot for their fabric and textiles department with amazing prints and if I am honest it’s one of the reasons I became an interior and textile designer. I’ve been going there since I can remember for inspiration. It was incredibly exciting to see Liberty of London in Target last year, now everyone can share (at an affordable cost) these amazing iconic designs.

The brainchild of British art and luxury design innovator Arthur Liberty has now spread its tradition for fashionable and eclectic design over onto the North American continent. Liberty of London for Target showcases attractive bold patterns and designs for interiors and home decor. Here is one of their attractive prints I love!

Cheers Design Shuffle for asking me to guest post.