Blue Takeaways from HGTV Dream Home 2015

Blue is always trending in one way or another. This year that seems to be even more true than usual. From pale sky blue or classic blue to dark and stormy green blue, this year blues of all sorts seem to showing up every where. The HGTV Dream Home 2015 is no exception. Almost every room is this beautiful home is made more inviting with one or more gorgeous blues. Whether it’s a background color on the wall (and sometimes the floor and ceiling too) or a just a few pops of blue to wake up the kitchen, we can take away design inspiration and lots of decorating ideas from this year’s Dream Home. Here are a few to get you started:

Blue Great Room

Blue accents make the soaring great room sing. We love this look.

Great Room Blues

A contrast in light and dark is seen in the artwork and upholstered chairs in the great room. An entirely different sort of blue is visible in the hallway off the entry.

Blue Accents

Touches of diverse blues are just right in the great room. Classic blue is beautiful in glass–in this case a brilliant blue lamp set on a chic crystal base. Wall art with a single shell in dark blue draws the eye to the hallway beyond.

Blue in Dining Room

There are lots of ways to add blue highlights to a white dining room. Think upholstery for chairs and benches, along with touches of blue accessories on the table and in the artwork. This banquette is gorgeous in blue and white ticking.

Blue Kitchen Accents

Take a neutral kitchen to new heights with a few brilliant blue accents. Bowls, oven mitts and dish towels can add their vibrant colors to the kitchen counter.

Blue Master Bedroom

Create the ultimate master bedroom getaway with a lovely mix of blue and just a pop of contrasting color.

Bue Master Bath

Light, airy and spacious, the master bath is a beautiful example of how white and watery blues can create the perfect interior environment.

Blue Dressing Room

From floor to ceiling, the dressing room illustrates how charming and delightful a mix of blues can be. It can be difficult to choose just one favorite shade of blue.

Blue Guest Bedroom

A guest room shows us how to combine a bold accent color with blue in a nautical themed room. Orange and blue are great companions, playing very well together.

Turquoise in Kids Room

Color in the kids room is turquoise and so much more. Wide pink stripes make this space feel whimsical and happy. The patchwork quilts are a delightful addition.

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Hermosa Beach Contempory by Shryne Design

Interior designer Shanna Shryne is the creative force behind South Bay-based Shryne Design. Her design philosophy? She says, “Creating harmony with clients and their environment, every project begins with function and finishes with aspects of personality.” Whimsical, vibrant and filled with a lively vibe, the Hermosa Beach home we’re featuring today is definitely one Shryne Design’s success stories. We’re excited to share this inspired contemporary beach home. Enjoy!

Shryne Design

As exciting as the midway mural in the background, the living room is a lively mix of retro and contemporary. The colorful ottoman pulls the color palette together brilliantly.

Shryne Design

Here’s a great close-up of one of the pair of Swan chairs and the silver side table. How irresistible is this look?

Shryne Design

This happy comfortable living space surely runs on beach time. With the massive wall clock visible from most any point of view, it’s easy to keep track of the happy hours spent here.

Shryne Design

Contemporary meets Mid-Century in a corner vignette–swing chair, wall art and ceramic garden stool are all carefully chosen. The perfect finishing touch? A vintage embroidered New York state pillow.

Shryne Design

The stair landing is the perfect  spot for a colorful storage bench. Beach-themed pillows and photographic art create a lively look.

Shryne Design

Luminous jelly fish seem to float effortlessly on a silvery metallic background in the chic powder room.

Shryne Design

Mid-Century modern infuses the master bedroom with great vintage style and a lively vibe.

Shryne Design

All delightfully retro, the fringed egg style chair in the bedroom is so comfortable and  inviting. Love it.

Want to see more cool designs from the creative Shanna Shryne? Check out Shryne Design’s portfolio here on Design Shuffle.

Living Room Updates: Tables, Tables, Tables

If you’re one of those adventurous souls who love change in their interior spaces, but don’t want to spend hours and hours making updates, we have a tip for you. Bring a new look and feel to the living room by changing out your tables or simply rearranging them. Then, of course, it’s fun to create new and interesting tabletop vignettes. For living room inspiration, check out the tables and tabletop accessories chosen by Design Shuffle designers.

Living Room Design

An open and airy white contemporary living room deserves tables with a light touch like these. Oversized white vases and a barely there tall clear glass lamp are “just right” accessories.

Living Room Design

Pale wood tables with sleek lines work well in tropical style rooms. Here, decorative accessories pick up the pale blues from the woven sofa, upholstered chairs and tiled fireplace.

Living Room Design

Variety is the spice of life when it comes to living room tables. This elegant space shows how a lovely mix of tables can be used successfully. Variation in shapes, sizes and materials can add lots of visual interest.

Living Room Design

An entirely updated look can be easily created by flanking a long narrow coffee table with upholstered ottomans or footstools.

Living Room Design

For a lighter look in the living room, consider going from solid wood tables to wrought iron and other metal designs.

Living Room Design

This pretty living room shows off lots of tables. Each one is a different size and shape–no matched sets here.

Living Room Design

From a tiny round side table to a large rectangular coffee table and more, this comfortable living room benefits visually and functionally from the addition of wood tables.

Living Room Design

Several tables enhance this inviting space, but there’s no coffee table to be seen. Instead, blue and white ceramic garden stools sit sans accessories in front of the sofa, proving sometimes living room tables are not tables at all.

Love the work of these designers? Click on the images above to see more.

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2014 Trends: Do Plaids Work for You?

Question is, “How are you feeling about plaids in your wardrobe and in your home?” Remember back in February of this year when plaids hit the runway and everyone thought rooms were next? We’re reminiscing today. You’ll see that some of our favorite plaid decorating ideas come from interior designers quite awhile before the launch of Fall 2014 runway collections. Here is our take on plaid and a touch of old fashioned checks. Have you become a fan of this predicted trend?


Harper’s Bazaar called it Mad for Plaid. From Delpozo Fall 2014, this fabulous coat took plaid to the maximum–just about as big as plaid can be.


Still mad for plaid, this slightly toned down version (by comparison to the pink coat above) is from Thakoon Fall 2014.


Perhaps the ultimate eat-in kitchen, this brilliant look includes slightly retro plaid dinette chairs paired with a chunky metal table that’s all sleek contemporary.


Proving the versatility of plaid, this Pennsylvania Dutch Colonial sitting room is a stunning mix of contemporary and traditional.


Bold plaid is not just for the runway. Thibaut brings it into interior spaces with Winslow Plaid from their Menswear Resource Collection of wallpapers.


Think plaids are not right for your style? Add a touch of plaid’s close relative, gingham check. Checks look great in all sorts of rooms, from farmhouse to vintage.


A big blue and white plaid cotton looks just right on this traditional bedroom chair. You’ll notice the meticulous details of the upholstery techniques. Plaids require extra care.

Trending Plaid

As shown in this tiny New York studio apartment, plaids and checks can work well even in small spaces. Balancing pattern with neutral solids can assure plaids and checks are beautiful not overwhelming.

Are you using plaids and/or checks in your interior spaces? 

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Serene Pied-A-Terre by Niche Interiors

Located in the San Francisco Bay Area of California, Niche Interiors focuses on contemporary, eco-friendly design. From the firm’s profile, “We create distinctive and welcoming homes that reflect our clients’ personalities. We are committed to making as small an environmental footprint as possible.”

Today’s blog post is shining the spotlight on an eco-friendly pied-a-terre created by the talented designers of Niche Interiors. We’re sure you will be captivated by this great example of their work. We love these serene spaces.

Chic and Serene Entry

From the front door, throughout the open living spaces and into the bedroom, the warm color palette creates a serene and inviting look. The slightly tilted orientation of the oval mirror adds a subtle whimsical touch.

Chic and Serene Living Room

Light fills the chic and serene living room. This space feels like a Goldilocks design moment–not to sparse and not overdone, it’s just right.

Chic and Serene Living Space

With carefully chosen light fixtures, the living room, breakfast bar and kitchen are pulled together nicely into a unified whole. We love the little glimpse of the bedroom’s golden glow.

Chic and Serene Living Space

Metal, glass and  wood merge beautifully in this little vignette in the living room. The swirling pattern on the rug adds rhythm and movement to the space.

Chic and Serene Dining Room

Just off the living room and near the kitchen, the stylish dining area with round table and a bundled pendant light seems the perfect spot for good food and interesting conversation.

Chic and Serene Living Room

From any point of view, the curved sofa beckons and offers a place to rest and relax–a balance of beauty and comfort.

Chic and Serene Bedroom

Warm and wonderful simplicity. the bedroom is a lovely mix of muted color and pattern. Somehow this space seems just right with a feeling that everything belongs.

Chic and Serene Bedroom

A close-up of the dark wood bedside table shows careful attention to detail with each decorative object fitting perfectly into the mix.

We’re so glad Niche Interiors shared these serene and eco-friendly spaces with Design Shuffle readers.

Love this beautiful home? Want to see more? Check out Niche Interiors’ portfolio.

Living the Good Life: Bohemian Chic

Bohemian Chic Foyer

Out of the ordinary, with color, pattern and a whimsical persona, today’s Bohemian chic interiors are stylish and so charming. Today, we are excited to share rooms meant for living the good life–in beautiful and interesting eclectic spaces with a slightly Bohemian flair.

Bohemian Chic

What a gorgeous contrast of color and fabulous pattern can be enjoyed in this captivating living room.

Bohemian Chic

With a glimpse into the kitchen and a view down the hallway to the living room, this intriguing vignette has a mysterious dark blue back drop with fanciful mirror.

Bohemian Chic

With a lovely Bohemian vibe, this inviting kitchen also boasts sleek modern appliances–fully functional and beautiful too.

Bohemian Chic

Irresistible color and a lovely mix of pattern make this guest bedroom a delightful getaway. Overnight guests may be tempted to request an extended stay.

Bohemian Chic Study

With so many interesting objects to explore, this magical den is a Bohemian style lover’s delight. We’ve fallen for the intriguing mix of fabrics.

Bohemian Chic

From the chic painted floor to the patterned ceiling, this dining room is a delightfully dizzying mix of color and pattern. This eclectic mix is irresistible.

Bohemian Chic

Vines and flowers of all sorts capture the eye in this fabulous Bohemian bedroom. What’s your favorite pattern?

Bohemian Chic Bath

Captivating and exquisitely Bohemian, this amazing bath is a wonderful mix of jungle, Egyptian ruins and Victorian style. We love it.

Don’t forget you can click on the images above to explore each designer’s portfolio.

In the mood for more today’s Bohemian style? Check our earlier blog post “Bohemian Country by Christopher Burns Interiors.”

Chic Black & White Wows

Much like the iconic little black dress that’s always appropriate, a black and white color palette can wow in any style room, from contemporary to traditional and everything in between. We love the look of a great white console table against a black wall or black beams that contrast beautifully with white walls and ceiling. Ready to go for a black and white palette? Let us inspire you with some chic black and white looks that wow.

Black and White Exterior

Black and white begins at the front door. Double doors in black with mirror finished stainless steel trim make the entrance to this white house shine.

Black and White Living Space

An open living  space gets the black and white treatment with black drum pendants, bar stools and cool black and white accents.

Black and White Home Bar

From coffee to cocktails, this black and white bar area is just about as stylish as a home “entertainment center” can get.

Black and White Living Space

This modern living space is super cool with black beams and living room seating while the dining area is furnished in white. Pale wood on the kitchen island and lower cabinets is a nice contrast to the black and white elements.

Black and White Dining Room

We’ve fallen for this black and white dining room. One black wall is perfect here. Unframed wall art captures the eye and pulls the lovely eclectic space together.

Black and White Kitchen

A beautiful almost all white kitchen is made stunning by black subway tile grouted in white and sleek black counter tops. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Black and White Music Room

The perfect place to relax or entertain, this black and white music room carries us away. Irresistible isn’t it?

Black Dressing Room

Sometimes all it takes is accessories. In this case it’s fashionable pieces that bring the the chic look of black to a white dressing room with built-in closets. What a great space.

Want to see more from these designers? It easy. Just click on any image above to take a look at that designers portfolio.

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It's a Blue Blue World of Interiors

The trending shades may change from year to year, but blue is here to stay. That’s why we say it’s a blue blue world of interiors. From watery blues to the deep inky tones of a starry night, the many looks of this timeless color can work in any design style. Today, we’re sharing some of blue rooms discovered here on Design Shuffle. They definitely won’t have you singing the blues.

Blue Living Room

Dramatic blue walls and brilliant splashy accents create a visually interesting living space. Who new how great a purple rug could look with that white sectional and those blue walls?

Blue Family Room

Sometimes just a bit of blue will do. In this white family room, it’s all about blue and white pattern. Those tall lamps on the table behind the sofa have captured our imagination. How about you?

Blue Living Room

A lovely mix of blue hues helps to create an inviting family-friendly atmosphere in this modern living room. Cool grays and warm sandy beiges work beautiful with the many blue tones.

Blue Breakfast Nook

A dark blue banquette rocks in the breakfast nook of this modern kitchen filled with pale wood. Watery colors and a contemporary wave pattern on some of the throw pillows gives a nod to coastal chic style.

Blue Powder Room

Though this glamorous powder room’s blue wallpaper is punctuated with squares, it creates the subtle illusion of a starry night. Silvery metallic accents add even more drama to the space. Silver and blue is a stunning color combo.

Blue Bedroom

Blue accents can be perfect for neutral bedrooms. Bedding, pillows and rugs in your favorite shade of blue can add color and pattern to a serene master bedroom retreat.

Blue Master Bath

Icy blue and white glass tiles are stacked randomly to create a beautiful shower surround and backsplash for the double vanity in this beautiful master bath. We love the fresh sky blue paint above the marble on the wall.

Blue Kids Room

Of course, blue is a much favored color for boys’ rooms, but we think lots of girls also like blue hues. Here darker shades of blue are made more lively by pale green on the walls.

Like what you see? Click on each image above to explore more from the designer who created that room.

How do you use blue in your home? Want to share? We’d love to see your creative blue rooms on our Design Shuffle Facebook page.

8 Intriguing Lofty Looks

Many of us have lofty visions, design dreams of living in a wide open loft space. Ideal loft-living usually includes tall ceilings with exposed beams and ductwork. Add one or more brick walls and many would think that’s the ultimate lofty living environment. Take a look below and you’ll find some intriguing lofty looks recently discovered on Design Shuffle. Enjoy!

Loft Living Room

Wall to wall windows, brick, concrete and exposed ductwork create the backdrop for this most inviting corner living room. Sunlight streaming through the arched windows and a soft rug underfoot make this wide open space feel warm and cozy.

Loft Dining Room

Brick walls and bundled pendant lighting create drama in the contemporary dining room. A splash of purple brings a lively vibe to the space.

Loft Eat In Kitchen

For those who require color-filled interiors, this “live-in” kitchen will surely inspire visions of the many possibilities for using brilliant hues in Bohemian chic loft spaces.

Loft Dining Room

From another point of view, the dining area comes into focus with its colorful rug, industrial style lighting and intriguing turquoise walls.

Loft Media Room

Purple is the color of choice in this super comfortable media corner. Raised leather recliners, soft carpeting and framed movie posters will surely draw family and guests alike to watch movies and engage in discussions afterwards.

Loft Master Bath

We don’t often see such glamour in a loft master bath. Here mirrored vanities, vessel sinks and painted brick reside dramatically with open ductwork.

Loft Bedroom

Brick walls, wood flooring and a large shaggy rug create a dramatic background for this minty modern loft bedroom. This space will surely inspire lots of ideas for loft decor.

Loft Home Office

Bold red and purple invigorate this loft office space. We love the idea of stretching the shelves from wall to wall across the tall windows. Who could resist that purple Egg chair barely visible in the corner?


Thanks to S&K Interiors for sharing these loft spaces with Design Shuffle Readers.

Do you live in a loft? We’d love to see your photos on our Design Shuffle Facebook page.

Design Inspiration: From France with Love

Are you enjoying the Tour de France? As bicyclists race for the coveted yellow shirt each day of the race, television is bringing the French countryside, villages and cities into our living rooms. Deep in the world of interior design, some of us may be following the bicycles as they wind across France, but you know we’re most likely thinking about French decor. Today, we’re sharing images of spaces created by a French designer in Paris, an American who brings a touch of France to San Francisco and a Miami designer who uses graphic visualization to show her clients the possibilities within their interiors. Please enjoy.

French Style

With a warm glow, this lovely space represents the light and airy side of French country style. We love the layers of decorative objects.

A Touch of French Style

A large wall mirror adds visual space to this living room that’s a more minimalist vision of French style in a gray and pink color palette.

French Style

Classic French architecture meets modern furnishings in this Paris apartment–a sweet mix of styles.

French Apartment

A stylishly cozy “petite maison” indeed. This oh so perfect Paris apartment could inspire the decor of small spaces around the globe–design inspiration from France with love.

A Touch of French Style

Create your own modern “Paris apartment” by taking cues from this chic and compact living space. We love the library wall that offers tons of shelves in a footprint that’s barely there.

Modern French Bedroom

It’s easy to fall for this oh so modern French bedroom. At once minimalist and whimsical, this captivating space is the perfect vision of today’s French flair. We can’t stop thinking about those blue and white checks.

French Style

The designer says of this San Francisco penthouse, “The couple kept talking about Paris when I interviewed so I gave them a bit of Paris.” Don’t you love the artwork in this elegant sitting room?

French Style Living Room

Paris glamour reigns in the living room and dining room of the penthouse atop a Presidio Heights Victorian shown above. Inspiration for these spaces came to San Francisco from France with love.

Don’t forget to click on the images above to explore each designer’s portfolio.

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