Room Decor Ideas: See What Color Can Do

When seasons change, our thoughts turn to clever ways to update interior spaces. One of the most effective room updates is the addition of color. Whether the clock is springing forward or falling back an hour, consider quick and easy colorful decor changes to your living environment. See what we mean below:

Blue Door

Expansive glass doors and windows can blur the lines between interior rooms and outdoor spaces. Add color such as the bright blue to the frames that surround that glass and you have something really special and unique.

 Pink Chest

Give old furniture a facelift with a brilliant coat of paint and bring any room to life.

Color and Pattern

Wall art, accessories or a lively patterned rug on the floor can redefine a room, adding color and rhythm that sings.

 Blue Kitchen Accents

Colorful chairs or barstools and decorative accents make this kitchen a favorite spot for cooking and conversation for family and friends.

Soft Blue Bedroom

Pale blue has become one of the go to colors for the bedroom. Paint the walls, put curtains or spread a rug on the floor–blue can bring serenity to a bedroom retreat.

Colorful Bathroom Accents

Add color to the bath with fluffy towels, fringed throws, wall art or decorative and functional items.

 Kids Room Color

Create a colorful background with a child’s favorite hue. But, don’t stop there. Add artwork and fabrics that complement or contrast to complete the picture.

Color in the Lounge

Brilliant color on furniture and fabrics can add visual excitement to any room in any style. We love this happy eclectic space.


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Holiday Season DIY Roundup

There’s something about the holiday season that brings out the DIYer in many of us. From Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve, a myriad of opportunities for DIY projects present themselves. Decorations, food and gifts–they all beg for that appealing DIY touch.Today, we’re excited to present a roundup of DIY projects recently discovered. Have fun!

Holiday DIY

Do you love velvet? It’s our favorite fabric for DIY projects. These fabulous little pumpkins will add a bit of glam style to holiday tablescapes or room decorations.

Holiday DIY

Craving a stylish turkey for your Thanksgiving table? Get a headstart, by using a ready made wooden or twig turkey then changing its look to create your own personalized version. We love this bird dressed up in white.

Holiday DIY

We don’t always think of cooking as DIY, but actually food is the ultimate do it yourself for the holidays. This recipe shows you how to make hot apple cider.

Holiday DIY

Right now, you’ll find lots of holiday side dishes online. Consider this dressed up vegetable melange.

Holiday DIY

A simple and easy project with big impact is glitter pumpkins.

Holiday DIY

The smells of Christmas can evoke memories of happy holidays past like nothing else. Recreate your own memories with this stovetop recipe for holiday scents.

Holiday DIY

We’re in awe of this easy way to make a Christmas platter with hard candies. Who knew red and white peppermint candies could look so cool?

Holiday DIY

And what is New Year’s Eve without fireworks. You can have your very own mini fireworks (and cake too) when you tackle this easy but elegant cake topper to celebrate the coming of the New Year.

Thank you creative DIYers for sharing these clever ideas with us.

Remember, you get instructions and more information about each project by clicking on the corresponding image number below.

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Polka Dots & Splashes of Spots in Home Decor

Dots of all sorts can be used to add  fresh eye appeal to interior spaces from the living room to the bath. Need just a pop of pattern on the sofa? Try a jaunty polk dot pillow. Want to add a splash of color and pattern on the bedroom floor? A chic new rug with irregular watercolor spots may be just the thing to bring your space to life. For your decor inspiration, check out these rooms with polka dots and splashes of spots:

Dots in Decor

This contemporary living room takes advantage of the visual appeal of pillows with dots. Small doses of dots are just right. Especially if they’re made of soft velvet–a touch of glam.

Dots in Decor

On the other hand, walls with wild splashes of random blue dots give this powder room a bold design that feels powerful and free. Red accents keep the design chic and stylish.

Dots in Decor

These pillows illustrate the range of size and color combinations for polka dots. The sky’s the limit. Which dots will you choose?

Dots in Decor

Now, let’s explores one of the trending looks right now. Gold polka dots can be chic and elegant or whimsical with a vintage look. This sweet bedroom is as colorful as colorful can be.

Dots in Decor

Here the gold dots are used to enhance the white on white frame and matting. What a clever idea!

Dots in Decor

Baby’s first room gets golden dots with a random playful feel. We love this look for a nursery. How about you?

Dots in Decor

A contemporary rug covered in flowing watercolor spots in lovely joyful colors brings color and pattern underfoot, while artwork at the head of the bead reinforces the lovely look of colorful spots in this room’s decor.

Dots in Decor

Totally irresistible, this Longhorn portrait in whimsical colors brings fanciful dots to the wall above the fireplace.


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Decorating with Watercolor Elements


Watercolor Decor

Are you loving all the watercolor infused interior spaces you’re seeing online right now? Watercolor paintings, prints, fabrics and floor coverings are fabulous ways to bring color and pattern into any home. From the foyer to the nursery and every room in between, watercolor elements can chase the decor doldrums away. Take a look at these favorite happy spaces with a splash of watercolor magic:

Watercolor Decor

Saturated with vivid color and floral goodness, this living room is irresistible. We love the look of a watercolor painting in the rug.

Watercolor Decor

There are so many fabrics with watercolor appeal available right now. From soft pastels to vibrant jewel tones, there’s a color palette for every room.

Watercolor Decor

Watercolor artwork is stunning above the fireplace in this sunny room. Pale yellow walls are a beautiful contrast the the blues, pinks and greens. Wish more of the pink stripes on the chair (or is it a footstool?) were visible.

Watercolor Decor

Wall murals or DIY paint designs are a great way to add a watercolor effect to the bedroom. This blue beauty is simply perfect.

Watercolor Decor

A stunning watercolor upholstered headboard is unexpected, but works beautiful in this boy’s bedroom. Nothing timid about this use of color.

Watercolor Decor

An enchanting watercolor framed print pulls this nursery together–an irresistible visual element for both baby and parents.

Watercolor Decor

Bringing a beautiful watery blue watercolor affect to a long hallway, this wallpaper is captivating.

Watercolor Decor

A chic and stylish spot for creative endeavors gets a jolt of watercolor effect on this fabulous world map. We leave you with this fabulous look.

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Design Outside the Box: The Unexpected 'Mudroom'

Our most recent blog post featured laundry rooms to love. While researching that topic, we discovered lots of beautiful and functional mudrooms. Some within the laundry room and some nearby. That got us thinking about today’s homes that don’t have a dedicated mudroom and how many folks are thinking outside the design box and carving out a “mudroom” where none previously existed. Generally, apartments have only one outside door–the front door. So, the question becomes, “If it functions as a mudroom, but it’s inside the front door can we still call it a mudroom? To help you ponder that question, here are two fabulous mudrooms and six clever alternatives. Enjoy!


Beautiful and functional, this spacious mudroom and the laundry room beyond exemplify the ideal design.


Much smaller, but oh so chic and stylish, this elegant little space includes lots of storage and a beautiful and convenient built-in seat.

Staircase As Mudroom

The two dedicated rooms are ideal, but what about those who must “make do” with less than perfect mudroom spaces? This clever “staircase as mudroom” is such a brilliant use of unused space, how could it be considered less than perfect? We love this idea.

Closet As Mudroom

This tiny closet under the stairs serves as a lovely little “mudroom” just right for a modern loft apartment.

Armoire As Mudroom

A more traditional, but still surprising “mudroom” is an elegant armoire. It’s a beautiful piece of furniture that works well in the foyer instead of the bedroom.

Coatrack as Mudroom

More expected by the backdoor, but perfectly at home in the front hall, we love the look of this ready-made white coat rack.

Under the Stairs Shoe Storage

How clever are these pull-out shoe drawers? Built into the often wasted space under the stairs in the entryway, this idea is surely outside of the box thinking.

Unused Wall as Mudroom

Have practically no room at all for a mudroom? No problem. Place a sturdy floor mat beside the front door and add a convenient coatrack above and you have an instant but stylish mudroom that will make life easier day in and day out.


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Fantastic Laundry Room Ideas & Tips

Are you ready to bring your dream laundry room to life? Today, we’re hoping to inspire you with some of our new 2015 laundry favorites and an old one from 2010 that we can’t forget. Whether you are creating a brand new laundry room or just giving your current one a little sprucing up, the rooms below should give you lots of ideas to help make your project a big success. Enjoy!

Laundry Room

What could be just a hallway leading to the back door has been turned into a beautiful and functional “galley” laundry room with a much admired view of the yard.

Laundry Room

The laundry room + powder room of HGTV’a 2015 Dream Home is at once chic with a touch of nostalgia. Isn’t the gray beadboard marvelous?

Laundry Room

Another HGTV Dream Home laundry room from 2010 remains one of our all-time favorites. We love the brilliant red washer and dryer.

Laundry Room

If you are captivated by vintage charm, this space may inspire your laundry room plans. It combines eye-catching rustic details with a slightly glam look. Beauty and function create a perfect workroom.

Laundry Room

Blue appliances, white subway tile and a mini art gallery combine to create a simple yet elegant laundry room space.

Laundry Room

Luxury at its best–a nook for doing laundry inside a master bedroom suite just went to the top of our wish list. Enhanced by papered walls, this is a fantastic look.

Laundry Room

We just had to share this great idea. A large drink dispenser is used as a convenient (and pretty) container for liquid detergent. No more lifted head bottles every time you do a load of laundry. Brilliant!

Laundry Room

From the farmhouse sink with its elegant faucet to the mini-clothes line for air drying small items, this fantastic laundry room has it all. We are impressed.

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8 Great Guest Room Ideas You'll Love

Want to make overnight visitors feel special? Welcome them with a guest room that goes far beyond just a place to sleep and stash their luggage. From whole room makeovers to a few thoughtfully chosen touches, you can pamper guests and make their stay a time to remember. For your design inspiration, here are eight great guest room ideas you (and your guests) will love. Enjoy!

Guest Room Ideas

Twin beds are especially suited to the guest room as they offer versatile sleeping arrangements for overnight visitors. A chic upholstered double wide headboard takes these beds to a new level of visual interest. Contemporary benches offer both beauty and functionality.

Guest Room Ideas

A chaise lounge in the corner offers a comfortable spot for guests to curl up with a good book or just sit back and relax for a few minutes before dinner.

Guest Room Ideas

Pamper guests with a room they’ll never want to leave. This glam space is at once serene in pale hues and gorgeous with its mirrored bed and velvet armchair.

Guest Room Ideas

Piles of pillows can add lots of interest to a guest room, but here thoughtful hosts also provide a convenient place to stash them overnight at the foot of the bed.

Guest Room Ideas

Even a simple guest room can be made special with the unexpected addition of a dramatic light fixture. Pretty wall lamps are perfect for reading in bed and free up space on nightstands.

Guest Room Ideas

This interesting and glam space says to guests “You’re special to us and we’re so glad you’ve come to visit.” There is nothing here that indicates spare room for sleeping only. Isn’t it beautiful?

Guest Room Ideas

To make a space for overnight visitors feel warm and inviting, the style of a home should be carried through into the guest room. Here, a light and airy modern country look flows seamlessly from the rest of the house into the guest room showing it is anything but an after thought.

Guest Room Ideas

Whether a guest room has its own en-suite or shares the family bath down the hall, the bathroom is an important extension of the sleeping space provided for guests. Make visitors feel pampered by providing more than the necessities. Lots of fluffy towels and a basket of travel size toiletries make a stay more comfortable.

If you enjoyed these guest room ideas, click on the room images to see more of each designer’s work.



New Year, New Home: Thinking Outside the Box

With 2014 fast approaching, we begin to wonder what we have accomplished this year, and even more importantly what great goals we have for the next year.  This year has been a fruitful one for interior design, and with so much inspiration readily at our disposal things are starting to look a little cookie cutter. A new year is a great time to embrace a great change and why not start with our homes. Check out these 6 ways to think outside the box in 2014, and create one awe inspiring home that is far from ordinary.

Floors, we all have them, but we rarely do anything to them. This wood pattern really makes this room really stand out.

You want an old world charm in your living room? Don’t worry this isn’t actual plaster, its just a very awesome, simple to adhere, wallpaper.

If you don’t already 2014 is the year to embrace color, be bold and mix pinks with yellows and oranges.

Sometimes in order to think outside the box we need to create a box. In this case bare wall can turn  into a  beautiful closet space, no furniture needed.

That old dresser you have laying around, use it! There are so many easy DIY videos to guide you through sanding and staining your old furniture, the time is now.

One last outside the box idea that is absolutely simple is painting your door, whether its a fun color like this pink door, or even a black one with white details.

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Spring 2014 Pantone Color Report

Pantone recently released their 2014 Fashion color report, alongside the Pantone Color of 2014 Radiant Orchid. It still might not be time to say bye to all your black yet, but there is a burst of brights coming this Spring.  According to Leatrice Eisemann, spokeswoman for Pantone, this spring is all about color equilibrium. The equilibrium happens due to the perfect mix of  big bright colors with softer pastels and let’s not forget some necessary neutrals.

Radiant Orchid Pantone Color of the Year 2014

RADIANT ORCHID: Pantone’s Color of the Year 2014

Celosia Orange Pantone

CELOSIA ORANGE:  There is no bolder statement than a bright orange!

Freesia Pantone

FREESIA: If  going all out withyellow isn’t your cup of tea, use yellow accents with gray and white walls and furniture.

Dazzling Blue Pantone

DAZZLING BLUE: Adding varying hues of blue to create a stunning space.

Cayenne Pantone

CAYENNE: Spicy and bold, this color is perfect for vibrant rooms. It also looks great juxtaposed with white.

Hemlock Pantone

HEMLOCK: A fun way of adding a pastel color statement.

Which color is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

Work at Home Offices

Who hasn’t fantasized about working from home at some point in their careers? For those who do work from home, run a business from home, or occasionally do work from home, a gorgeous home office is a must.  Here are some of our current favorites, they should give you some terrific interior design ideas for your own home office.

A large L-shaped desk provides work space for two or room to spread out in this home office. Organized shelves and storage keep everything in its place.

Use furniture you already own to create your dream home office. That dining table you have stored could become your desk and that Victorian chair lying in a random corner somewhere could become your desk chair. The possibilities are endless.

Want a “real” pinterest board? Use clipboards and arrange them like a gallery wall, that way you will be able to add and take off inspiration easily.

A wonderful thing about working from a home office is being about to create a unique space, surrounding yourself with objects you love.  A mix of furnishings, a collection of art, unique lighting all work to create a personalized home office.

 Not facing a cubicle wall is a great perk of working from a home office.  If you have a great view or even a large window, face your desk towards it and use the decorating ideas from this office to inspire you.

A home office is never complete without a touch of nature, if you are a big fan of flowers they are a great way of adding a stroke of color. If you aren’t keen on remembering to water your plants you can also opt for terrariums or succulents that require less care.

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