A Glamorous Venetian Inspired Loft by Charlotte Dunagan Design Group

Charlotte Dunagan, founder of Charlotte Dunagan Design, was exposed to Interior Design at a very young age. Her father was an interior designer and her mother an antique dealer. Growing up in Paris, and traveling through Europe with her parents, gave Charlotte a unique point of view and an appreciation for collectible pieces of art and furniture.  Charlotte Dunagan Design Group specializes in high end, large scale residential and boutique commercial projects. Sophistication, attention to detail, and traditional flair all communicate Charlotte Dunagan Design’s vision.

The following loft was completely renovated with only one requirement: that they create a Venetian Palace inside a modern space.  Join us on a mini tour of this glamorous space.

Interior Design, Home Decor, Living Room Interior Design, Traditional Interior Design

A beautiful mix of traditional furniture with modern lines and floor to ceiling windows that allow you to take in the beautiful view.

Interior Design, Home Decor, Formal Dining Area, Traditional Interior Design

Stunning attention to detail such as: the dark lacquered oval table, and sculptured dining chairs, create an elegant formal dining space.

Interior Design, Home Decor, Traditional Dining Room, Traditional Interior Design

A dining area fit for a royal with bronze accents, beautiful molding, an amazing chandelier, and to top it off a coveted ocean view.

Interior Design, Home Decor, Modern Master Bedroom, Chic Loft

The wonderful contrast of  dark wooden accents, with the white walls and white linens, is breathtaking in this master bedroom.

Interior Design, Home Decor, Modern Kitchen, Modern Interior Design

Rich and Luxurious deep purple accents are scattered around the loft for a subtle touch of royalty.

Interior Design, Home Decor, Chic Interior Design, foyer, antique mirror

Charming antique furniture pieces grace this luxurious foyer and create a fabulous waiting area.

Interior Design, Home Decor, Modern Master Bathroom, Glamorous Interior Design

Charlotte Dunagan Design opted for a modern master bath with a his/hers sink and an outdoor patio.

If you love Charlotte Dunagan Designs style as much as we do make sure to check out her portfolio here.

A Splendid Mix of Luxury and Tranquility in this Eye-catching Remodel By Cole Barnett Interiors

This stunning San Marcos, San Diego Remodel is a great addition to Cole Barnett Interiors’ already impressive portfolio.  Cole Barnett of Cole Barnett Interiors believes in creating interiors with a playful and luxurious spirit, while blending past styles with contemporary pieces.  With an interdisciplinary background in Fine Arts and Interior Design, Cole Barnett infuses her spaces with dazzling artwork and complementary pops of color that don’t overpower the space.

With clean lines and a soothing color palette this home is a definite must see. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this self guided tour.

Newport Beach Eclectic Living Room Design by Cole Barnett Interiors

A marvelous combination of grays, blues, and greens create a fun yet elegant living room.  The old tan floor to ceiling walls were painted over with this soothing gray color to create an elegant backdrop.

Newport Beach Eclectic Living Room Design by Cole Barnett Interiors

Fun printed throw pillows and added texture bring this space to life.  The center wooden coffee table can also be pulled apart to be used as side tables.

Newport Beach Eclectic Living Room Design by Cole Barnett Interiors

A royal blue and turquoise peacock  adds a whimsical touch to this muted palette, while a large soft sweater rug ties the rest of the design elements together.  Cole also strategically placed this l-shaped sofa in the middle of the room to allow extra seating to be placed near the window.

Newport Beach

This gorgeous dresser has striking in laid details, keeping with the rooms color palette. Using different hues of blue in the bedroom, creates a luxurious and tranquil living space.

This navy wall is a great neutral background for beautiful black and white artwork, the chevron slipper chair, and the geometric rug. This is a great space to relax and unwind in.

This romantic bedroom features a beautiful upholstered gray headboard, gray window coverings that add depth to the room, white mirrored bedside tables, and an elegant striped bench that enhances the stripes in the bedside lamps. Truly a dream bedroom.

For more before and after pictures as well as more brilliant projects from Cole Barnett visit her portfolio here.

VM Concept Interior Design Studio Captivates with Customized European-Inspired Designs

European architecture and design is known to be luxurious and culture-rich, and Valérie Marcus of VM Concept Interior Design Studio specializes in creating these types of sophisticated spaces. With over 20 years of international design experience, Valérie infuses her European heritage with the client’s style for a true collaboration between the two. The Scottsdale interior designer and her team build customized residential and commercial interiors that reflect the client’s personality and needs. As a result of the firm’s hands-on approach and care, the client experiences a fresh, timeless approach through new eyes, whether through renovations, remodels, or new creations. Valérie and her team have been featured in various publications that include Luxe and Phoenix Home & Garden, among others.

Today, we are pleased to showcase the work of VM Concept Interior Design Studio as one of our Design Shuffle Top 10 of 2013. From the modern to the traditional, the spaces created by Valerie becomes a distinctive and comfortable blend of detail, light, and proportion, creating the experience of “joie de vivre” (“joy of living”) for each client. Take a look through her versatile work:

VM Concept Interior Design Studio

Elegance is an understatement in this contemporary, vivid living room setting. Red hues pop against a backdrop of gold and cream.

VM Concept Interior Design Studio

The influence of Art Deco is prominent in the flooring and simple geometrical shapes within this dining room.

VM Concept Interior Design Studio

Burgundy, velvety textures abound in this Mediterranean-style living room. An exquisite winding staircase is beautifully lit by two extravagant chandeliers.

VM Concept Interior Design Studio

This unique powder room combines vintage furnishings with a modern illuminated mirror.

VM Concept Interior Design Studio

This comfortable entertainment space recalls the style of vintage home theaters, complete with excellent acoustics, soft seats, and fully-equipped bar.

VM Concept Interior Design Studio

Juxtaposing Mediterranean-inspired beige and black cabinetry with stainless silver unifies traditional style with modern features.

VM Concept Interior Design Studio

Natural textures of stone and wood balance with the luxurious silken fabrics within the seating area.

VM Concept Interior Design Studio

Handsome and elegant, this masculine study is furnished with fine wooden furnishings and an intricately made ceiling.

Love European-inspired design? Visit the portfolio of Valérie and the VM Concept Interior Design Studio team to see more luxurious interiors!

Elegant Residential Spaces with Architectural Highlights by Richens Designs, Inc. in Dallas, Texas

Architectural details can do wonders for a room, as many designers know. With a background in Interior Design, Interior Architecture, and General Contracting, Dallas interior designer Wendy Richens is one of those designers who understands the importance of details within a room. With over two decades of experience, Wendy brings style and a touch of elegance to the residential and commercial projects undertaken by her firm, Richens Designs, Inc. Whether renovating a space with new furnishings or architectural touches, such as winding staircases or soft arches, Wendy helps the client visualize the concept before remodeling takes place.

Wendy is widely acclaimed in the design community, having won various awards from the American Society of Interior Designers since 2007. We congratulate her on winning the Top 10 of 2013 Award for her excellence in elegant design. We’ve selected some of our favorite spaces by Richens Designs, Inc., which include renovated kitchens, baths, and living rooms in contemporary, transitional, and traditional styles. Come explore the spaces:

Richens Designs, Inc.

 The blue tile brings a pop of color to this otherwise neutral kitchen space.

Richens Designs, Inc.

 This shabby chic dining room is a quaint little nook for enjoying a meal or indulging in a good read.

Richens Designs, Inc.

 Transitional cabinetry and refined wall sconces provide this renovated bathroom with a regal ambiance.

Richens Designs, Inc.

A wall painting of images from the Velveteen Rabbit story perfectly complements the soft palette of this children’s nursery.

Richens Designs, Inc.

Within this wide-open kitchen, natural lighting illuminates the transitional touches in the space.

Richens Designs, Inc.

A cool Mediterranean flavor emanates within the lightweight and breezy white upholstery. A Greek key pattern ties in with the dark elements within the room.

Richens Designs, Inc.

With muted neutral hues, a winding staircase exemplifies the traditional and Mediterranean styles with its curling, subtly decorated style.

Richens Designs, Inc.

 The elegant architecture of this bathtub gazebo is defined by Greek columns, noble arches, and stone and mosaic tiles.

What do you think of these renovated rooms?  Navigate through the portfolio of Richens Designs, Inc. to see more inspiring spaces!