Bold and Bright Art in Interior Design

Selecting art for every room in your house,or interior design projects,has become an art form in and of itself. One of the biggest trends we have been exposed to  is adding bold artwork that pushes the boundaries, and we love it! Gone is the traditional framing and canvas only art; the art in the following rooms is quite exciting and refreshing. Join us as we tour the following six rooms as well as some tips and tricks on how to add bold artwork to your home or designs.

With so much to look at in this room the symmetrical, wildly colorful, and abstract artwork is still the center of attention.

Bold artwork can also mean a striking continuous print in black and white, color isn’t always necessary to make a statement.

A giant mirror splattered strategically in paint is an example of a fun, new, and non traditional medium.

Framed prints are a cheap and easy way of updating your space, find them at your local flea markets, or even at your local Museum’s shop.

A wide array of frames and art creates an eclectic room that still continues to feel put together. Remember to select your arrangement before placing the nails.

Small artwork can be used as a stylish table top accessory as well. Choose colors that represent your color scheme, or mood. If you want to DIY but your aren’t artistically inclined, stick to simple shapes and lines.

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Peru-Native Victor-Raul Garcia Displays Modern Abstract Art

Today we have a special treat on our blog. Victor- Raul Garcia is a Peru-native whose intense love for design and visual expression has made him a truly coveted artist. As a completely self-taught artist, he has become extremely resourceful and creative. Known to use various materials in his work such as coffee grinds, textile fabrics and more, Victor prides himself in trial and error until he reaches his goal. Through his creative artistic abilities, Victor truly believes that art has transformed who he is and allows him to create logical sense in a world that is often not.

What we love about Victor’s work is that his art is a reflection of who he is. His inspiration often comes from his early childhood in Peru. His work reflects the flashbacks that he occasionally has, giving his work a unique significance and sentimental meaning.

With that being said, we’ve collected some of our favorites from Victor’s work and are excited to share them with you today. With each image, Victor let us know what inspired him in each piece. Enjoy!

Soho: Features the Nazca lines of Peru, street art, and the strata layers of the earth.

Lago: Images of Lake Titicaca and the colors of the Kravet showroom.

Gotham: Images of Macchu Picchu and Brutalist architecture.

Dilemma: Images of the Nazca lines of Peru and the wood grains of a Pucci cocktail table.

El…Miro: Festive colors worn by indigenous people of Peru and a personal tribute to the artist, Miro and couture gowns by Alexander McQueen.

Camuflaje: Also inspired by the same as El…Miro.

Circo: Festive colors of the indigenous sect of Peru and a documentary on circus life.

Shallows: Nazca lines and the observation of the Neversink River after a snowstorm.

Melocoton: Peaches at a Farmer’s Market on a bright blue summer day in the Hamptons.

Laguna: A Marchesa runway show and a documentary on Atlantis.

T-Rex: Homage to the Gerhard Richter, Gilbert and George, and a visit to Las Venus in Soho.

Water Under the Bridge: La Virgen Milagrosa Church from Victor’s neighborhood, Miraflores in Lima, a vintage Isaac Mizrahi dress, and Blenko glassware.

We hope you enjoyed this special feature and we thank Victor-Raul for allowing us to show his fabulous work that we surely wouldn’t mind having in our own homes! Interested in seeing more? Be sure to head on over to Victor’s portfolio here on Design Shuffle as he has uploaded various pieces we weren’t able to show you here. Let us know in the comments below!