Ellis Residence on Washington's Bainbridge Island by Coates Design

Coates Design understands that modern designs not only need to be aesthetically pleasing, but designers should be held responsible for the social, economical, and environmental impacts that their projects have on the world.  With that mindset, this Seattle architectural firm is able to create timeless designs again and again, earning multiple awards from the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and other recognition for their beautiful yet eco-friendly designs.

One of these designs is the Ellis Residence, located on the Bainbridge Island near Seattle.  As one of the first LEED Platinum award winners in the Northwest region, this residence is truly a masterpiece.  This design is a great example of what the principle that Coates Design is founded on.  It is 70% more energy efficient than a typical home, which reduces the carbon footprint.  The geothermal heating system is extremely budget-friendly. In addition, the home features a rain collection system that allows the use of nature’s cheapest clean water source.  As if that wasn’t enough, the architecture is ravishing.

Seattle Modern Exterior by Coates Design

Seattle Modern Second Floor Landing by Coates Design

Large windows and skylights are a energy-efficient way to brighten a home while enjoying the scenery.

Seattle Modern Living Room by Coates Design

The wood paneled ceiling is consistent with the overall design of the home.

Seattle Modern Kitchen by Coates Design

Neutral-toned cabinets and a long kitchen counter makes cooking a more enjoyable experience in this kitchen.

Seattle Modern Bathroom by Coates Design

A breathtaking view inside the bathroom is complemented by the beautiful pendant lights over the sink .

Seattle Modern Family Room by Coates Design

Sit in this relaxing family room to unwind after a long day.

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The Gold Award Winner for Corporate Office Design – Emili Sanchez Interiors!

A big congratulations to our member Emili Sanchez Interiors for winning the 2011 Gold Award in Corporate Office Design from InteriCAD! The International Interior Design Award InteriCAD is a professional event for interior design that aims to recognize, celebrate and promote design excellence since 2005. (IIDA) The awards ceremony will be held today in Malaysia, and on behalf of Design Shuffle we’d like to applaud Emili Sanchez Interiors for their amazing achievement.

Sanchez and his team brought a standard industrial building in Granollers, Barcelona to life, relying on brilliant design strategies to create a comfortable work environment that eliminated the stresses of division or hierarchy typically found in corporate culture.  Acoustics were a high priority when constructing boardrooms and assembly areas in order to allow a sense of privacy, while transparent double glazed walls and doorways ensure a spacious, open feeling work space.

Barcelona Emili Sanchez Granova Headquarters

A central meeting room features translucent vinyl graphics of varying intensity to add interest and privacy. Photography by Jordi Anguera.

Emili Sanchez Interiors Granova Headquarters Granollers Barcelona

The fresh, contemporary layout and furnishings creates a serene, comfortable environment that encourages productivity. Photography by Jordi Anguera.

Emili Sanchez Interiors Granova Headquarters Granollers Barcelona

Neutral colors with pops of vibrant green and organic detailing helps add energy to each of the different sections of the office. (Visual Rendering)

Emili Sanchez Interiors Granova Headquarters Granollers Barcelona

Transparency creates a flexibility between departments without relying on major divisions. (Visual Rendering)

Emili Sanchez Interiors Granova Headquarters Granollers Barcelona

The perforated surface around this conference room emits indirect light to create a unique, contemporary space. Photography by Jordi Anguera

From scratch, Emili Sanchez Interiors created a unique, formal space predominated by simplicity and innovative design.  It’s easy to see how this talented interior design company won the top international prize for Corporate Office Designs.  Thank you for sharing your brilliant work with us Emili Sanchez, and congratulations again! Be sure to stop by Emili Sanchez Interiors and share your thoughts and congratulations! Photography by Jordi Anguera.

Emili Sanchez Granova Headquarters Granollers Barcelona

Exquisite, Elegant and Exclusive Spaces From Beasley & Henley Interior Design

That’s right, that’s three E’s to describe this top notch company. If you want to see some of the most exquisite, elegant and exclusive interiors read on. Beasley & Henley Interior Design is one of the most respected design firms in the country, stationed in Winter Park, Florida. They have received numerous awards, been published in several periodicals and have been featured in regional television broadcasts and national design programs including HGTV. Their settings are other than and truly intriguing…We are proud to share their work with you on DesignShuffle.

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