Distinct Sophistication by Sync Interior Design

Established in 2003, Sync Interior Design ensures that each design is personalized by the client and their vision. Project concepts are the first and most vital step of any design. For Sync Design, these concepts come directly from the client. Kim ensures that she asks the right questions that will guide both herself and the client towards solutions to the design. Regardless of the direction, Kim’s goal is to ensure that the client is moving forward.

Relax and enjoy these stunning designs by Sync Design that truly exemplify their ability to tap into their client’s needs.

Color is king in this stunning living room design where navy and creme molding pair to create a distinct contrast.

Modern and rustic instances flourish in this design. Dark paint still allows for an airy feel.

Neutral accents and airy light curtains allow for the natural light to fill the environment.

Simple elegant space for enjoying conversation.

Dark wood furnishings provide a rich and elegant feel.

It is evident that each project is truly an extension of the client and who they are, a sanctuary that brings them pleasure and peace. We hope you enjoyed the undeniably fabulous work of Sync Design as much as we did! Be sure to head on over to their portfolio to see more of what they have to offer!

Ellis Residence on Washington's Bainbridge Island by Coates Design

Coates Design understands that modern designs not only need to be aesthetically pleasing, but designers should be held responsible for the social, economical, and environmental impacts that their projects have on the world.  With that mindset, this Seattle architectural firm is able to create timeless designs again and again, earning multiple awards from the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and other recognition for their beautiful yet eco-friendly designs.

One of these designs is the Ellis Residence, located on the Bainbridge Island near Seattle.  As one of the first LEED Platinum award winners in the Northwest region, this residence is truly a masterpiece.  This design is a great example of what the principle that Coates Design is founded on.  It is 70% more energy efficient than a typical home, which reduces the carbon footprint.  The geothermal heating system is extremely budget-friendly. In addition, the home features a rain collection system that allows the use of nature’s cheapest clean water source.  As if that wasn’t enough, the architecture is ravishing.

Seattle Modern Exterior by Coates Design

Seattle Modern Second Floor Landing by Coates Design

Large windows and skylights are a energy-efficient way to brighten a home while enjoying the scenery.

Seattle Modern Living Room by Coates Design

The wood paneled ceiling is consistent with the overall design of the home.

Seattle Modern Kitchen by Coates Design

Neutral-toned cabinets and a long kitchen counter makes cooking a more enjoyable experience in this kitchen.

Seattle Modern Bathroom by Coates Design

A breathtaking view inside the bathroom is complemented by the beautiful pendant lights over the sink .

Seattle Modern Family Room by Coates Design

Sit in this relaxing family room to unwind after a long day.

Impressed by this marvelous home? Check out more of Coates Design’s work to see more award winning designs!


Remodeled Modern Austin Kitchen and Baths

Austin interior designer Laura Britt is back on the scene with her and her team’s (Jen Murrill and Beth Taylor) latest project, the Treemont project!

The studio was put to work by an active family living nestled in the hills of the outskirts of downtown who were also deciding whether they should move or stay put. Though the appeal of downtown living was enticing, you can guess that they decided to stay put as they undertook a home addition/remodel with modern design which included a new bedroom suite, major kitchen remodel and 3 bathroom remodels.

Bathrooms were uniquely designed to suit the needs of the client as well as having a luxurious “hotel feel”. “Each bathroom has distinctive appeal, allowing the homeowners to experience a Zen-like spa, swanky hotel bath, and feminine salon all under one roof!” says the team. What was once an overwhelming space of dark carved cabinetry, an ominous freestanding cabinet piece and wrought iron pot rack is now an open, refreshing space defined by frosted glass cabinets, enlarged limestone island surface, and a fresh new banquet area. The space is the perfect gathering place for a family who enjoys spending time together.

The design ran the full gamut from repurposing the kitchen, granite in the pool bath, and adding solar tubes in the hall bath, creating vast amounts of concealed storage, and adding flair with a full wall of shiny accent tile…here are the pictures to prove it! Photography by Tom Coplen.

To see more from this project, visit Laura Britt’s profile here! Don’t forget to check out her other projects as well!