Handsome Bedroom Designs: Dark & Not So Dark

Love dark bedroom looks? Perhaps you’ll enjoy experimenting with a combination of dark and not so dark. Combining dark and light elements is a perfect way to balance masculine and feminine in a shared bedroom. Below you will find great ideas for dark and handsome bedrooms and not so dark color palettes you’ll also appreciate.

Dark Bedroom

Actually, the handsome bedroom above recently featured in the post “Beyond Summer: Decorating with Awesome Indoor Plants” was the inspiration for today’s post about dark bedroom designs. We love everything about this space. Using dark walls and dark bedding meant taking a risk but it works beautifully, don’t you think?

Handsome Bedroom

This dark bedroom is anything but moody. The yellow accents are a lovely contrast to deep blue and gray.

Handsome Bedroom

White painted brick and almost black create a fabulous contrasting backdrop for this contemporary bedroom. Unexpected art makes a whimsical statement that hard to ignore.

Handsome Bedroom

White monogrammed lines are quiet stunning in this inviting bedroom. It shows off the beauty of light + dark.

Handsome Bedroom

Masculine and feminine do much more than co-exist in this “wood cabin” bedroom design.

Handsome Bedroom

Exposed brick and black paint play well together in this loft bedroom.

Handsome Bedroom

Mixing slightly glam and darkly handsome elements create a bedroom that’s just right for a shared bedroom.

Handsome Bedroom

It’s easy to fall for this painterly look. From curtain panels and pillows to a dipped black and natural wood stool and settee at the foot of the bed, there’s an irresistible paint-inspired look about this bedroom design. A dark and not so dark bedroom design at its best, wouldn’t you say?


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Living the Good Life: Bohemian Chic

Bohemian Chic Foyer

Out of the ordinary, with color, pattern and a whimsical persona, today’s Bohemian chic interiors are stylish and so charming. Today, we are excited to share rooms meant for living the good life–in beautiful and interesting eclectic spaces with a slightly Bohemian flair.

Bohemian Chic

What a gorgeous contrast of color and fabulous pattern can be enjoyed in this captivating living room.

Bohemian Chic

With a glimpse into the kitchen and a view down the hallway to the living room, this intriguing vignette has a mysterious dark blue back drop with fanciful mirror.

Bohemian Chic

With a lovely Bohemian vibe, this inviting kitchen also boasts sleek modern appliances–fully functional and beautiful too.

Bohemian Chic

Irresistible color and a lovely mix of pattern make this guest bedroom a delightful getaway. Overnight guests may be tempted to request an extended stay.

Bohemian Chic Study

With so many interesting objects to explore, this magical den is a Bohemian style lover’s delight. We’ve fallen for the intriguing mix of fabrics.

Bohemian Chic

From the chic painted floor to the patterned ceiling, this dining room is a delightfully dizzying mix of color and pattern. This eclectic mix is irresistible.

Bohemian Chic

Vines and flowers of all sorts capture the eye in this fabulous Bohemian bedroom. What’s your favorite pattern?

Bohemian Chic Bath

Captivating and exquisitely Bohemian, this amazing bath is a wonderful mix of jungle, Egyptian ruins and Victorian style. We love it.

Don’t forget you can click on the images above to explore each designer’s portfolio.

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Great Design: At the Foot of the Bed

Foot of the Bed

What’s at the foot of your bed? A bench? A pair of stools? We love those in the guest room shown above. Perhaps you have room for a love seat or chaise lounge? Interior designers know that the space at the foot of the bed can be used successfully to add visual interest and lots of comfort and functionality to bedrooms in all styles. Today, we’re delighted to share some great foot of the bed ideas from designers here on Design Shuffle. Enjoy!

Foot of the Bed

With lots of space to work with, the designer of this chic contemporary bedroom adds a pair of chairs, ottoman and a long upholstered bench at the foot of the bed. 

Foot of the Bed

A slightly rustic daybed with comfy cushions is a beautiful option for comfort and functionality at the foot of the bed.

Foot of the Bed

A long narrow upholstered bench works well in a not so spacious bedroom. Cover it in a matching neutral or a lively contrasting hue.

Foot of the Bed

This chic upholstered bench has hidden storage for pillows and extra blankets and throws. It’s a clever idea that would work especially well in guest rooms of just about any style, especially coastal chic or modern farmhouse.

Foot of the Bed

A stylish little love seat and matching side tables look stunning at the foot of this gorgeous upholstered bed. What a great place for relaxing with a good book or napping in the afternoon.

Foot of the Bed

In this coastal chic bedroom, a pair of comfortable armchairs and a chic glass top side table offer beauty and comfort at the foot of the bed.

Foot of the Bed

What a great idea for those who like a television in the bedroom. This built-in at the foot of the bed actually rotates for viewing from the bed or the chaise lounge.

Foot of the Bed

And then there are those special bedrooms that need nothing at all at the foot of the bed. Like this fabulous blue and white one that stands beautifully on its own–a bench or chair would only be a distraction.

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Form Meets Function: Shelves

When the need for storage and the desire for beautiful interior spaces intersect, creative shelving units can be the result. From the living room to the bedroom and everywhere in between, shelves are where form meets function in most appealing ways.

Living Room Shelves

Combining the beauty of open shelving with hide the clutter (and perhaps the television) closed storage, this inviting living room shows off the best of both worlds–form and function.


Open wood shelves set in and x-frame base are stylish and super practical as they hold china at the ready for quick table-setting. Folio volumes and bar accessories add visual interest.


Color as a bright backdrop is a great decorating idea for shelves in the bedroom. Both paint and wallpaper work well for this application.


Shelves on opposite walls in this fabulous living room show the beauty of diversity. Shelving units don’t need to match just because they reside in the same space. Here sleek built-in shelves and a freestanding columned display across the way create visual interest.


Beautiful traditional form meets functional storage and display in these wall to wall and floor to ceiling shelves. Perfectly suited to the dining room, open shelves offer a place for china and serving pieces.


Not all shelves are rectangular in form. Unexpected shapes like this pyramid can bring visual interest and functional design. What a cool modern look.


Creating a home library around a doorway offers the possibility of an entire wall of books inside a minimal footprint.


From floor to ceiling, this handsome room is all gorgeous wood pattern–once again showing how form meets function in shelves to create a space that is at once beautiful and livable.

Want to see more rooms by the interior designers who created these spaces? Click on each photo and away you’ll go. Enjoy!


8 Great Guest Room Ideas You'll Love

Want to make overnight visitors feel special? Welcome them with a guest room that goes far beyond just a place to sleep and stash their luggage. From whole room makeovers to a few thoughtfully chosen touches, you can pamper guests and make their stay a time to remember. For your design inspiration, here are eight great guest room ideas you (and your guests) will love. Enjoy!

Guest Room Ideas

Twin beds are especially suited to the guest room as they offer versatile sleeping arrangements for overnight visitors. A chic upholstered double wide headboard takes these beds to a new level of visual interest. Contemporary benches offer both beauty and functionality.

Guest Room Ideas

A chaise lounge in the corner offers a comfortable spot for guests to curl up with a good book or just sit back and relax for a few minutes before dinner.

Guest Room Ideas

Pamper guests with a room they’ll never want to leave. This glam space is at once serene in pale hues and gorgeous with its mirrored bed and velvet armchair.

Guest Room Ideas

Piles of pillows can add lots of interest to a guest room, but here thoughtful hosts also provide a convenient place to stash them overnight at the foot of the bed.

Guest Room Ideas

Even a simple guest room can be made special with the unexpected addition of a dramatic light fixture. Pretty wall lamps are perfect for reading in bed and free up space on nightstands.

Guest Room Ideas

This interesting and glam space says to guests “You’re special to us and we’re so glad you’ve come to visit.” There is nothing here that indicates spare room for sleeping only. Isn’t it beautiful?

Guest Room Ideas

To make a space for overnight visitors feel warm and inviting, the style of a home should be carried through into the guest room. Here, a light and airy modern country look flows seamlessly from the rest of the house into the guest room showing it is anything but an after thought.

Guest Room Ideas

Whether a guest room has its own en-suite or shares the family bath down the hall, the bathroom is an important extension of the sleeping space provided for guests. Make visitors feel pampered by providing more than the necessities. Lots of fluffy towels and a basket of travel size toiletries make a stay more comfortable.

If you enjoyed these guest room ideas, click on the room images to see more of each designer’s work.



New Year, New Home: Thinking Outside the Box

With 2014 fast approaching, we begin to wonder what we have accomplished this year, and even more importantly what great goals we have for the next year.  This year has been a fruitful one for interior design, and with so much inspiration readily at our disposal things are starting to look a little cookie cutter. A new year is a great time to embrace a great change and why not start with our homes. Check out these 6 ways to think outside the box in 2014, and create one awe inspiring home that is far from ordinary.

Floors, we all have them, but we rarely do anything to them. This wood pattern really makes this room really stand out.

You want an old world charm in your living room? Don’t worry this isn’t actual plaster, its just a very awesome, simple to adhere, wallpaper.

If you don’t already 2014 is the year to embrace color, be bold and mix pinks with yellows and oranges.

Sometimes in order to think outside the box we need to create a box. In this case bare wall can turn  into a  beautiful closet space, no furniture needed.

That old dresser you have laying around, use it! There are so many easy DIY videos to guide you through sanding and staining your old furniture, the time is now.

One last outside the box idea that is absolutely simple is painting your door, whether its a fun color like this pink door, or even a black one with white details.

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From Russia With Love: Korneev Design Workshop

This stylish one bedroom apartment in Moscow was designed by renowned Russian Interior Designers Korneev Design Group. Keeping in mind that the client had a smaller budget and a small space, Korneev Design sought to create a fun colorful environment, as well as keeping some of the organic elements already in place. Join us as we take a small tour.

If you have one large space, divide the space into smaller areas using console tables and varying  lighting.

This faux fireplace is a great option for apartments that don’t have one, just add candles!

Fun and quirky lighting is a fantastic way of showcasing the client’s personality.

Ingenious extra storage closets are made to look like stunning double doors.

The beautiful blue walls look great paired with soft whites and stained wood side tables.

A lovely pop of red is never a bad idea!

Reclaimed wood and a Victorian style mirror make this small bathroom one of a kind.

Want to see more? Click here to see Korneev Workshop Studios portfolio.

Transitional Elegance by Rinfret LTD

Cindy Rinfret established Rinfret LTD when she moved to Greenwich Connecticut, where she also has a retail shop. Cindy is widely known for her classic Greenwich style and extreme attention to detail. Her designs have been featured in such magazines as Traditional Home, and the New York times. Cindy’s describes her style as: “Your home should be like your favorite outfit – comfortable, yet luxurious, like the perfect cashmere sweater with your most comfortable and understated, yet elegant, jeans.” The following home shows off that effortless, classic, and comfortable style that Cindy and Rinfret LTD is known for. Enjoy!

Interior Design, Home Decor, Design Shuffle, Interior Designer

A warm blend of browns and blues creates a traditionally elegant living room.

Interior Design, Home Decor, Design Shuffle, Interior Designer

The perfect dining area is decorated with  fresh flowers, an extraordinary pendant light. and floor to ceiling windows.

Interior Design, Home Decor, Design Shuffle, Interior Designer

Crisp white cabinets and windows look great juxtaposed with a stunning tile back splash and wooden infused kitchen island.

Interior Design, Home Decor, Design Shuffle, Interior Designer

The muted color palette of this sitting area creates a soothing and relaxing experience, while the silhouettes and prints are an ode to a more traditional time.

Interior Design, Home Decor, Design Shuffle, Interior Designer

This ample master bathroom contains many feminine details including intricate mirrored drawers, and an elegant vanity.

Interior Design, Home Decor, Design Shuffle, Interior Designer

Stools are extremely versatile and can be used as extra seating, or side tables to rest your morning coffee in.

Like what you see? Check out more of Rinfret LTD on Design Shuffle!

Vibrant Los Feliz Hillside Home by C.K. Nyman Interiors

Los Feliz, California is a booming Los Angeles area extremely attractive to young couples. C.K. Nyman Interiors, or CKNID for short,  has been designing for this area for quite some time now and has perfected the art of creating youthful and vibrant homes time and time again. Based in Los Angeles, CKNID helps in every step of the way, even at times designing and manufacturing case goods and sough after upholstery.

This home is owned by a young modern family that wanted their home to speak to them and their needs. CKNID did a great job at creating an inviting environment that still showcases their clients fun personalities. Come take a look!

Fun vibrant artwork is artfully paired with rick dark woods and stunning tall table lamps to add some height.

An eclectic array of prints and materials including chevron, a mirrored table, and velvet furniture, works seamlessly together.

Lucite Chairs or “ghost chairs” create a weightless dining experience, and look great paired with white!

The transition to the dining room is effortless, keeping  the same decor story throughout with velvet, rich woods, and eclectic artwork.

Custom designed upholstery, window treatments & case goods throughout were designed and manufactured by CKNID.

A bar cart is essential for a young contemporary couple. Decorate with a fun table lamp and a fun hat and voila.

Marble countertops, fun art, and the essential kitchen island are a few details that make this kitchen pretty exceptional.

Wider view of the kitchen reveals a very useful breakfast bar and a strategically placed TV to keep you entertained.

Like what you see, check out CKNID’s portfolio here.

Mid Century Modern Brentwood Home by Jamie Bush & Co.

Los Angeles based Jamie Bush & Co. is very well known for his intuitive understanding of both architecture and interior design.  Jamie Bush & Co. has been able to create and execute an overall vision for a home that goes beyond it’s interiors.  Coming from a family of artists in New York City, Jamie was already inclined to pursue a career in the arts and began to study architecture and design in both New Orleans and Italy. His designs have been featured everywhere form Architectural Digest, Interior Design, to  Casa Vogue and Dwell. Join us as we take a small tour of this exquisite Mid Century Modern home.

Jamie Bush & Co. Mid century Modern Living Room

“The focus was on having variations of the theme of a bright pop of color in each room grounded by a more natural palette of materials.” – Jamie Bush

Jamie Bush & Co. Mid century Modern Living Room

The vibrant colors in place are even more evident juxtaposed by the rich wood details and abundance of natural light.

Jamie Bush & Co. Mid century Modern Living Room

Innovative shapes abound in this home making floor lamps and even chairs a visual interest.

Jamie Bush & Co. Mid century Modern Kitchen

With a clear view of the pool, this kitchen is the perfect spot for a quick breakfast and coffee.

Jamie Bush & Co. Mid century Modern Living Room

“They have three young children and wanted something playful but also adult enough to grow into as they mature.”  – Jamie Bush

Jamie Bush & Co. Mid century Modern Bedroom

“The owners of this home had a taste for mid century pieces some with pops of colors and some more on the natural side.”  – Jamie Bush

Jamie Bush & Co. Mid century Modern Bathroom

From owls to yellow poufs the accessories in this bathroom make a fun statement.

Jamie Bush & Co. Mid century Modern ArchitectureA wonderful patio area is adorned by a great outdoor rug and beautiful outdoor furniture.

Like what you see? Check out Jamie Bush & Co’s portfolio here.