Opposites Attract: Black and White Interiors

With the biggest contrast on the visible color spectrum, black and white symbolizes opposition.  However, like many things in this world, opposites attract.  When combining the two colors in living rooms, bedrooms, or other rooms in the home, it can create a dynamic looking space that is both clean and contemporary,  yet also displays a sense of sophistication and elegance.

If you want a simpler look for your home rather than applying the color blocking trend, using black and white as dominant colors can really help you kick start that effort. Here are some exemplary designs using the contrast of black and white.

Black and White Living Room

The clean lines of the black furniture is accentuated by the use of white walls and floors.

White Sofa with Black Decor

Sporadic black trims along with neutral hues throughout the decor gives the room a fresh contrast.

Black Chalkboard

A black chalkboard is a great way to incorporate the black and white concept by adding a unique characteristic.

Zebra Print Rug

Animal prints are a great way to give a black and white space personality.

Black and White Bedroom

Wall art can further enhance the look of this contrasting style.

Black and White Kitchen

A white counter top paired with black cabinets and retro stools give a clean space for this kitchen.

Black and White Bathroom

This black and white space delivers a unique twist with the patterned rug.

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