Room Decor Ideas: See What Color Can Do

When seasons change, our thoughts turn to clever ways to update interior spaces. One of the most effective room updates is the addition of color. Whether the clock is springing forward or falling back an hour, consider quick and easy colorful decor changes to your living environment. See what we mean below:

Blue Door

Expansive glass doors and windows can blur the lines between interior rooms and outdoor spaces. Add color such as the bright blue to the frames that surround that glass and you have something really special and unique.

 Pink Chest

Give old furniture a facelift with a brilliant coat of paint and bring any room to life.

Color and Pattern

Wall art, accessories or a lively patterned rug on the floor can redefine a room, adding color and rhythm that sings.

 Blue Kitchen Accents

Colorful chairs or barstools and decorative accents make this kitchen a favorite spot for cooking and conversation for family and friends.

Soft Blue Bedroom

Pale blue has become one of the go to colors for the bedroom. Paint the walls, put curtains or spread a rug on the floor–blue can bring serenity to a bedroom retreat.

Colorful Bathroom Accents

Add color to the bath with fluffy towels, fringed throws, wall art or decorative and functional items.

 Kids Room Color

Create a colorful background with a child’s favorite hue. But, don’t stop there. Add artwork and fabrics that complement or contrast to complete the picture.

Color in the Lounge

Brilliant color on furniture and fabrics can add visual excitement to any room in any style. We love this happy eclectic space.


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Winter Inspiration: Great Style and Comfort Too

Looking for inspiration for a winter decor update? When it comes to winter interiors, we often hear the words “cozy” or “comfortable” leaving out “stylish” and “glamorous.” We think a room can include all of the above and maybe a little fun too. See what we mean below.

Stylish and Comfy

Color is the key to this comfortable traditional space. Red meets turquoise and forms a beautiful relationship to brighten the most dreary winter days.

Stylish and Comfy

Just the spot to curl up with a good book, this comfy chair beckons.

Stylish and Comfy

Colorful artwork and furnishings get a glam touch from fabulous faux fur and acrylic ottoman. This space is sure to bring a smile to every face.

Stylish and Comfy

Unexpected elements make this kitchen anything but traditional. The work island and cabinets look more like furniture pieces that kitchen cabinets. We love the look.

Stylish and Comfy

Color, texture and pattern create a cozy comfortable sleeping space.

Stylish and Comfy

Woodwork, wallpaper and fabulous fabrics work together beautifully in this closet and master bath.

Stylish and Comfy

Black and white are a fantastic combination in this marble bath with comfortable armchair.

Stylish and Comfy

One thing that can bring joy and excitement to a winter room with lots of natural light is greenery–potted trees and plants or awesome specimens like these, that show off their roots in water-filled clear glass containers.


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Delightful Design: Great Green Rooms


Green Living Room

Dark green interior spaces can be a delightful change from pale neutrals. Not saying pale color palettes don’t have their place be cause we are big fans of whites, grays and pastels. But this time of year, our thoughts turn to dark walls and furnishings that turn rooms into cocoons for the winter. We hope you enjoy these beautiful rooms enveloped (like the fabulous living room above or accented with gorgeous green. 

Green Living Room

Deep comfy chairs and footstools make for lovely green accents. Irresistible, don’t you think?

Green Living Room

Green furnishings can also work beautifully with other dark colors on the walls. For instance charcoal gray or navy blue are great color companions for green

Green Living Room

A fantastic green wall can be the perfect backdrop for a treasured collection of mirrors or a stunning gallery wall.

Green Kitchen

Here, green seems a brilliant design choice lower cabinets in this kitchen that mixing stylish contemporary with vintage appeal.

Green Bedroom

A great mix of greens, including a charming medium hue on the walls and night stand (that tone on tone look is lovely) that creates a perfect background for velvet pillows in contrasting shades.

Green Living Room

The perfect green sofa is stunning in this sophisticated living room. What a gorgeous splash of green!

Green Living Room

Green hues come together beautifully little corner. We are captivated by the addition of that bright splash of spring green.

Green Dining Room

An elegant dining room is dressed in green–walls, draperies, chairs and even the tiny shades topping the crystal chandelier look gorgeous in these delightful hues.

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Chic Black & White Wows

Much like the iconic little black dress that’s always appropriate, a black and white color palette can wow in any style room, from contemporary to traditional and everything in between. We love the look of a great white console table against a black wall or black beams that contrast beautifully with white walls and ceiling. Ready to go for a black and white palette? Let us inspire you with some chic black and white looks that wow.

Black and White Exterior

Black and white begins at the front door. Double doors in black with mirror finished stainless steel trim make the entrance to this white house shine.

Black and White Living Space

An open living  space gets the black and white treatment with black drum pendants, bar stools and cool black and white accents.

Black and White Home Bar

From coffee to cocktails, this black and white bar area is just about as stylish as a home “entertainment center” can get.

Black and White Living Space

This modern living space is super cool with black beams and living room seating while the dining area is furnished in white. Pale wood on the kitchen island and lower cabinets is a nice contrast to the black and white elements.

Black and White Dining Room

We’ve fallen for this black and white dining room. One black wall is perfect here. Unframed wall art captures the eye and pulls the lovely eclectic space together.

Black and White Kitchen

A beautiful almost all white kitchen is made stunning by black subway tile grouted in white and sleek black counter tops. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Black and White Music Room

The perfect place to relax or entertain, this black and white music room carries us away. Irresistible isn’t it?

Black Dressing Room

Sometimes all it takes is accessories. In this case it’s fashionable pieces that bring the the chic look of black to a white dressing room with built-in closets. What a great space.

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It's a Blue Blue World of Interiors

The trending shades may change from year to year, but blue is here to stay. That’s why we say it’s a blue blue world of interiors. From watery blues to the deep inky tones of a starry night, the many looks of this timeless color can work in any design style. Today, we’re sharing some of blue rooms discovered here on Design Shuffle. They definitely won’t have you singing the blues.

Blue Living Room

Dramatic blue walls and brilliant splashy accents create a visually interesting living space. Who new how great a purple rug could look with that white sectional and those blue walls?

Blue Family Room

Sometimes just a bit of blue will do. In this white family room, it’s all about blue and white pattern. Those tall lamps on the table behind the sofa have captured our imagination. How about you?

Blue Living Room

A lovely mix of blue hues helps to create an inviting family-friendly atmosphere in this modern living room. Cool grays and warm sandy beiges work beautiful with the many blue tones.

Blue Breakfast Nook

A dark blue banquette rocks in the breakfast nook of this modern kitchen filled with pale wood. Watery colors and a contemporary wave pattern on some of the throw pillows gives a nod to coastal chic style.

Blue Powder Room

Though this glamorous powder room’s blue wallpaper is punctuated with squares, it creates the subtle illusion of a starry night. Silvery metallic accents add even more drama to the space. Silver and blue is a stunning color combo.

Blue Bedroom

Blue accents can be perfect for neutral bedrooms. Bedding, pillows and rugs in your favorite shade of blue can add color and pattern to a serene master bedroom retreat.

Blue Master Bath

Icy blue and white glass tiles are stacked randomly to create a beautiful shower surround and backsplash for the double vanity in this beautiful master bath. We love the fresh sky blue paint above the marble on the wall.

Blue Kids Room

Of course, blue is a much favored color for boys’ rooms, but we think lots of girls also like blue hues. Here darker shades of blue are made more lively by pale green on the walls.

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Color Inspiration: Gorgeous Grays

Whether you spell it gray or grey, this neutral color family is gorgeous in all its many shades. From the palest whisper of color to a dark and handsome charcoal, grays of all sorts are versatile and intriguing, serene or dramatic. No matter the look you’re going for, there’s that one perfect gorgeous gray just waiting to be discovered. Enjoy the hunt!

Grey and Blue

Gray and white work beautifully together. Add blue accents and you can create a peaceful and serene retreat-like atmostphere.

Gray Interior

Pale gray walls are the perfect background for an elegant and stylish dining room.

Gray Interior

Art can tie together all the grays used in a room like this. From pale to stormy, these gray shades blend beautifully and look great with a touch of black and orange.

Gray Interior

Chalky grays work well with greige and brown. Isn’t this small living room at once stylish and cozy? So inviting!

Gray Interior

Darker shades of gray on the wall can create a stunning backdrop for a glamorous modern dining room. This is the ultimate gray to show off that glam mirror and pendant light.

Gray Interior

We love the multitude of grays used in this open living space. They work quietly together without distracting from the panoramic view beyond. Texture is key here.

Gray Furnishings

With pale walls and wood flooring, this stunning space shows just how beautifully beige and gray can work together. A contemporary rug adds black to the room’s lovely mix of neutrals.

Gray Furnishings

Lastly, here’s an example of gray as the accent color in a room filled with bold color. The low gray wall and seating work very successfully with the rusty red and dark coral.

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