Transitional Elegance by Rinfret LTD

Cindy Rinfret established Rinfret LTD when she moved to Greenwich Connecticut, where she also has a retail shop. Cindy is widely known for her classic Greenwich style and extreme attention to detail. Her designs have been featured in such magazines as Traditional Home, and the New York times. Cindy’s describes her style as: “Your home should be like your favorite outfit – comfortable, yet luxurious, like the perfect cashmere sweater with your most comfortable and understated, yet elegant, jeans.” The following home shows off that effortless, classic, and comfortable style that Cindy and Rinfret LTD is known for. Enjoy!

Interior Design, Home Decor, Design Shuffle, Interior Designer

A warm blend of browns and blues creates a traditionally elegant living room.

Interior Design, Home Decor, Design Shuffle, Interior Designer

The perfect dining area is decorated with  fresh flowers, an extraordinary pendant light. and floor to ceiling windows.

Interior Design, Home Decor, Design Shuffle, Interior Designer

Crisp white cabinets and windows look great juxtaposed with a stunning tile back splash and wooden infused kitchen island.

Interior Design, Home Decor, Design Shuffle, Interior Designer

The muted color palette of this sitting area creates a soothing and relaxing experience, while the silhouettes and prints are an ode to a more traditional time.

Interior Design, Home Decor, Design Shuffle, Interior Designer

This ample master bathroom contains many feminine details including intricate mirrored drawers, and an elegant vanity.

Interior Design, Home Decor, Design Shuffle, Interior Designer

Stools are extremely versatile and can be used as extra seating, or side tables to rest your morning coffee in.

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How to Style your Bar Cart

As avid Interior Design pinners, we couldn’t help but notice the abundance of bar carts on the web. Not only are they adorable pieces of furniture to fit into smaller spaces, they also house all of those amazing bottles of wine you just had stashed in the back of your cupboard, or what about those beautiful cups no one ever gets to see.  Whether it’s for a party, or a permanent fixture of your home, here are five easy ways of styling your bar cart.

1. A bar cart doesn’t need to include only beverages, style it with one of your favorite bowls and add lemons, or use that trinket box you just can’t seem to find a use for.

2. Bar carts with wheels are a must, they are great for positioning  just about anywhere during  a party. Feel free to add a flower vase, vintage style decanters , and festive straws.

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3. Bar Carts are also a great option for outdoor events. You can even create and print a small menu for a more personalized touch.

With plenty of storage baskets and a set of wheels, this bar cart is a perfect option for any outdoor event.

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4. A bar cart can be a great addition to that awkward corner you just don’t know what to do with. Add a statement piece of art and voila you have your own little stocked bar.

This three tiered bar cart is perfect for a small party, or a stationary storage option for some of your favorite barware.

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5. Finally, don’t be afraid to over accessorize your bar cart

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A Contemporary Abode in Beverly Hills by Ammie Kim Interior Design

Ammie Kim Interior Design is full service design firm located in Beverly Hills. Owner Ammie Kim has designed many exquisite estates, one of them even appearing on “Beverly Hills 90210” and  in recent years “Mr. Coffee,” a coffee shop located in Downtown Los Angeles, was featured on “Sex and the City.” Her success on camera doesn’t stop just there, she has also been featured on HGTV and Entertainment Tonight, to name a few.

Today we have the pleasure of getting the inside scoop on one of her newest interiors, a  two stories contemporary style home with exposed beamed roof, detailed corner windows, and a seemingly unfinished concrete wall. Join us as she walks us through this stunning abode.

“The living room furnished with cozy sofas, an architecture glass table and a floor lamp is a pleasant place to entertain guests. A Fendi carpet separates living room area and fireplace seating.”

“The breakfast room is featured to show the most of fun side of the house. It includes a chrome table with glass top and a velvet upholstery set of chairs that completes the breakfast room.”

“This room includes the family area, dining room and kitchen. A TV is hidden attached behind a wooden door, which is a modern and unique way of displaying a plasma screen.”

“The exquisite dining room portrays a contemporary style with luxurious furniture such as a leather table, and chrome chairs. Additionally a gray carpet completes the look in this black and white theme.”

“In this bedroom there is a footrest around the edge of the bed that portrays modern, but contemporary style. The presence of these two leather chairs with footstool, and the oversize wooden floor lamp, show the masculinity of this room.”

“Simple, and transparent are the theme for this dinning room for enjoying natural light and nature.”

“The backyard is complete with a 30 feet swimming pool and a basketball court that is adjacent to the pool.”

Want to see more? Check out Ammie Kim’s profile here, and don’t forget to visit her online shop filled with stunning home decor pieces.

Coastal Modern by Tim Clarke Interior Design

Tim Clarke has been a pioneer of coastal design for the past 15 years. Known and celebrated for creating a modern feel that encourages freedom, lightness, and reminds you of a long vacation on the Beach. Founder of Tim Clarke Interior Design, and author of The Coastal Modern, also has an impressive list of celebrity clients, among them Ben Stiller and Portia de Rossi.

The following home is an elegant beach house, showcasing all of the sought after details that Tim Clarke Interior Design is known for. Join us as we take a small tour of this coastal marvel.

Coastal Interior Design, Modern Interior Design, Tim Clarke

A muted color palette and warm furniture is a quintessential part of coastal design.

Coastal Interior Design, Modern Interior Design, Tim Clarke

This beautiful sea shell table lamp, and blue color scheme, are an ode to the ocean and its beaches.

Coastal Interior Design, Modern Interior Design, Tim Clarke

Modern interior design is softened by the inclusion of organic shapes and textures.

Coastal Interior Design, Modern Interior Design, Tim Clarke

Vintage pieces, and locally sourced materials & objects, create a unique environment.

Coastal Interior Design, Modern Interior Design, Tim Clarke

A state of the art kitchen, including stainless steal appliances, is a must in any home. The shutter like cabinet doors are a great touch as well.

Coastal Interior Design, Modern Interior Design, Tim Clarke

Coastal Interior Design, Modern Interior Design, Tim Clarke

Create a travelers oasis at home by including bamboo and palm trees.

Coastal Interior Design, Modern Interior Design, Tim Clarke

Sit back and relax on this amazing deck accompanied by a awe inspiring view.

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Interior Design Travel Spotlight: San Diego, California

Mild year-round climate, beautiful beaches, and a natural deep water harbor all describe San Diego perfectly. This Californian gem boasts numerous tourist attractions such as: Balboa Park, San Diego Zoo, San Diego Zoo Safari Park, and Sea World San Diego, to name a few. San Diego also has some of the most design-envy homes, and this Villa is no exception. Designed by acclaimed Bill Bocken Architecture and Interior Design, this villa exemplifies their commitment to creating truly good design. If you are wondering who the photographer behind these stunning images is, it’s the very talented Shelley Metcalf who has photographed for such publications as Architectural Digest and Coastal Living.

Swooning over this stunning beach house. Fireplace, Rugs, Pillars, Arches,  and palm trees, we wouldn’t change a thing.

We can’t get enough of this indoor/outdoor living space. Pops of lavender and these breathtaking candle chandeliers are great additions to the space.

This country style kitchen has stunning open storage that showcases the beautiful baskets and exquisite tableware.

Let nature in with this bathroom retreat showered with lush plants and a spectacular view.

Perfect little nook for hosting a dinner party.

“There’s a sense of enclosure and privacy to the large terrace, pool and garden areas that surround it.” -Bill Bocken Interior Design-

Photography by: Shelley Metcalf

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Beautiful Buenos Aires 1970's Home Renovation

Paula Cahen d’Anver y Federico Álvarez Castillo wanted a house that had a natural flow between the interiors and exteriors.  Luckily they found this wonderful 1970’s home that did just that, and so the remodeling began.  Being owners and designers of one of Argentina’s most influential fashion brands, Etiqueta Negra, their home directly reflects their keen sense of style and impeccable taste.

Style and comfort were in the forefront of this Renovation, but their main focus was creating a Home to share with family. The final product is exactly as they envisioned it and more. Join us as we visit this exquisite Buenos Aires home.

Interior Design, Home Decor, Living Room Interior Design, Eclectic

A lush green landscape is only a step away from this indoor/outdoor living room. The large floor to ceiling sliding windows allow a smooth transition between the two beautiful spaces.

Interior Design, Home Decor, Dining Interior Design, Eclectic

Beautiful molding gives this otherwise modern room a touch of traditional flair, while the beautiful wooden floors create warmth.  Pops of color are incorporated through artwork and fresh cut flowers.

Interior Design, Home Decor, Living Room Interior Design, Eclectic Interior Design

Going with a neutral color palette allowed these homeowners to experiment with a beautiful mix of colors,textures, prints, and accessories.

Interior Design, Home Decor, Kitchen Interior Design, Eclectic

Stunning marble counter tops, white brick back splash, and stainless steel appliances, are the recipe for one amazing kitchen.

Interior Design, Home Decor, Living Room Interior Design, Eclectic

This 70’s fireplace was one of the vintage elements that remained untouched during the renovation, and became a great area to showcase one of their favorite Romulo Maccio paintings.

Interior Design, Home Decor, Bathroom Interior Design, Modern

This marble bathtub was strategically placed in the center of the bathroom in order to enjoy the beautiful view and be an area of complete serenity.

Interior Design, Home Decor, Porch Interior Design, TraditionalThis patio became the homeowners favorite spot to enjoy with family and entertain friends.

All photos via Nuevo Estilo

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A Glamorous Venetian Inspired Loft by Charlotte Dunagan Design Group

Charlotte Dunagan, founder of Charlotte Dunagan Design, was exposed to Interior Design at a very young age. Her father was an interior designer and her mother an antique dealer. Growing up in Paris, and traveling through Europe with her parents, gave Charlotte a unique point of view and an appreciation for collectible pieces of art and furniture.  Charlotte Dunagan Design Group specializes in high end, large scale residential and boutique commercial projects. Sophistication, attention to detail, and traditional flair all communicate Charlotte Dunagan Design’s vision.

The following loft was completely renovated with only one requirement: that they create a Venetian Palace inside a modern space.  Join us on a mini tour of this glamorous space.

Interior Design, Home Decor, Living Room Interior Design, Traditional Interior Design

A beautiful mix of traditional furniture with modern lines and floor to ceiling windows that allow you to take in the beautiful view.

Interior Design, Home Decor, Formal Dining Area, Traditional Interior Design

Stunning attention to detail such as: the dark lacquered oval table, and sculptured dining chairs, create an elegant formal dining space.

Interior Design, Home Decor, Traditional Dining Room, Traditional Interior Design

A dining area fit for a royal with bronze accents, beautiful molding, an amazing chandelier, and to top it off a coveted ocean view.

Interior Design, Home Decor, Modern Master Bedroom, Chic Loft

The wonderful contrast of  dark wooden accents, with the white walls and white linens, is breathtaking in this master bedroom.

Interior Design, Home Decor, Modern Kitchen, Modern Interior Design

Rich and Luxurious deep purple accents are scattered around the loft for a subtle touch of royalty.

Interior Design, Home Decor, Chic Interior Design, foyer, antique mirror

Charming antique furniture pieces grace this luxurious foyer and create a fabulous waiting area.

Interior Design, Home Decor, Modern Master Bathroom, Glamorous Interior Design

Charlotte Dunagan Design opted for a modern master bath with a his/hers sink and an outdoor patio.

If you love Charlotte Dunagan Designs style as much as we do make sure to check out her portfolio here.

Stunning Palm Beach Gardens Home by Jessica Glynn Photography

Jessica Glynn is an Architectural and Interior Design Photographer with an incredible photography career. Not only has Jessica Glynn Photography won countless awards, but she has also been featured in Top Interior Design Magazines such as Traditional Home, Luxe, and most recently Good Housekeeping.

This  spectacular Palm Beach Gardens residence was designed by none other than Krista Watterworth, who you may have seen in HGTV shows such as:  Save My Bath and Splurge & Save. Jessica Glynn Photography was kind enough to share these amazing photos with us, and we have to admit we have a bit of an interior design crush with this home.

Krista Watterworth Interior Design Modern Living Room Jessica Glynn PhotographyRadiant natural light and a muted palette create an inviting and relaxing dining area.

Krista Watterworth Interior Design Modern Kitchen Jessica Glynn Photography

A dream kitchen like this one consists of a beautiful open floor plan, wonderful wooden chairs, and large windows with a great view.

Krista Watterworth Interior Design Modern Office Jessica Glynn Photography

Jessica Glynn found a great way to capture the marriage between the outdoors and indoors in this chic office space.

Krista Watterworth Interior Design Contemporary Master Bedroom Jessica Glynn Photography

Adding special touches like a stunning guitar, Andy Warhol portrait, and quotes on the wall is a great way to showcase the client’s personality.

Krista Watterworth Interior Design Modern Master Bathroom Jessica Glynn Photography

What would a bathroom be without a lovely vanity and wonderful granite countertops?

Krista Watterworth Interior Design Contemporary Outdoor Seating Jessica Glynn Photography

Exquisite splashes of yellow and light blue create a luxurious outdoor space great for entertaining guests both day and night.

Like what you see? There is a lot more from where this came from on Jessica Glynn Photography’s portfolio, check it out!

Fun, Fresh, and Youthful Living by MHD Studio

Meri Hornberger always dreamed of owning her own interior design company. After two decades of success at other interior design firms Meri decided it was time to start her own, and so MHD Studio was born in 1998. MHD Studio’s passion has always been designing spaces that lift their clients both emotionally and spiritually.  Other than in Los Angeles, MHD studio also has hubs in Seattle,  Bellevue,  and Portland. This multi-faceted firm does everything from Residential design, Staging, and Interior Photography, without skipping a beat.

Making an apartment feel like home is one tough job but MHD Studio was up for the challenge. With attention to detail and a fun, fresh, youthful approach they transformed the following three apartments into homes, each with a personality of it’s own.  Join us as we showcase some of our favorite rooms.

Portland MHD Studio Contemporary Living Room Interior Design

Accessories are key in this stunning Portland Aparment. The chevron rug, printed pillows, and stunning artwork are all tied together by a common color scheme.

Seattle MHD Studio Modern Bedroom Interior Design Home Decor

What a view! MHD Studio has taken full advantage of this prime window view in San Francisco by creating a wonderful lounging area.

Seattle MHD Studio Modern Kitchen Interior Design Home Decor

Less is more in this wonderful Seattle apartment. An open floor plan caters to a busier lifestyle and the kitchen placement is a great space saving technique for smaller apartments or studios.

San Francisco MHD Studio Contemporary Living Room Interior Design Home Decor

The industrial feel of this living room is livened up with quirky accessories , bold black and white prints, and pops of color.

San Francisco MHD Studio Modern Bathroom Interior Design Home Decor

Simple touches like adding a fun poster, a bold pouf, or even switching up your bathroom towels color, can take your bathroom from feeling like a hotel to feeling like home.

San Francisco MHD Studio Contemporary Living Room Interior Design Home Decor

Versatile Modern Furniture and exceptional use of color and accessories makes this San Francisco apartment far from ordinary.

Want to see more of MHD Studio’s remarkable work? Visit her portfolio here.

A Cosmopolitan Hotel Inspired Bachelor Pad by Studio 8 Design

Philippe Ho,  founder of Studio 8 Design,  describes his interior design philosophy as a dynamic fusion of the classic and contemporary. This Dallas Residence is no different, while mostly contemporary it has wonderful classic details that make this home one of a kind. We had the privilege to talk with Philippe about this amazingly stylish bachelor pad and he discussed some of the ups and downs of this extensive project.

Philippe’s client is a bachelor that travels extensively and wanted to come back to a “hotel atmosphere that felt like home”. He was also inspired by the trendy Zaza Boutique Hotel in Dallas. One of the challenges Philippe had to face was the existing collections that the client had inherited from his family. Philippe’s job was to add cohesion and unity to these pieces while keeping the contemporary feel his client so  strongly desired.  Despite the challenges faced, the end project was sleek and  contemporary and the client’s feedback was positive. “It’s a wonderful feeling when you can walk into your home and feel like you’re on a mini vacation,” said the client.

Join us as we take a mini tour of this luxurious Dallas Bachelor Pad.

Dallas Contemporary Dining Room by Studio 8 Design

The clients request was that the interior to feel like a hotel – sleek, comfort,cosmopolitan and luxurious, and this dining room is a clear example of just that.

Dallas Contemporary Living Room by Studio 8 Design

The design phase started out with the living room as the center of entertainment for Philippe’s client. The different pieces that were selected for the room were based on the client’s lifestyle.

Dallas Contemporary Living Room by Studio 8 Design

One of Philippe’s challenges was the antler chandelier in the living room. ” I figured what could be more Texas than that, I chose to design around that element and flow out from there to make it more innovative and to be able to capture the atmosphere of a boutique hotel that he was inspired by.”

Dallas Contemporary Office by Studio 8 Design

This wonderful office space is bathed in natural light and fresh elements, which make it a great room to be productive in.

Dallas Contemporary Bedroom by Studio 8 Design

This lavish master bedroom boasts a wonderful classic art piece mixed in with contemporary details and lines for a sleek. put together look.

Dallas Contemporary Master Bathroom

This master bathroom oozes the spa-like feel of a modern hotel room while maintaining a cozy, intimate ambiance.

Dallas Contemporary Foyer by Studio 8 Design

This stunning foyer feels luxurious with its many copper details, while the New York and Paris storage books add a personal touch that commemorate the clients love for travel.

What did you think of this Bachelor Pad? We love how Philippe was able to create such a wonderful hotel inspired residence that still feels like home. For more pictures of this project and many others make sure to check out Studio 8’s portfolio.