Jorge Castillo Styles and Personalizes a Vibrant Contemporary Haven

Designing is an art, and the Miami interior design firm Jorge Castillo Design, Inc. provides the artists that make homes a personalized work of art. The firm believes that each home starts as a blank canvas and has the potential to become a gorgeous art piece that the owners can experience and enjoy. With over 15 years of experience, Jorge Castillo and his team create unique, friendly, yet sophisticated, spaces within Florida, South Carolina, and Chicago. From timeless modern spaces to inviting and cheerful contemporary designs, the firm takes pride in transforming spaces with the collaboration of owner and designer.

With their original and stylish flair, Jorge Castillo Design, Inc. is one of the distinguished firms receiving our Design Shuffle Top 10 of 2013 Award. In the spotlighted project below, the firm’s challenge was to merge traditional and contemporary design with a way to showcase the owners’ collection of contemporary art. To execute the owner’s vision, the design team created the custom home from scratch and balanced the design preferences of the homeowners. The details are evident: clean architectural lines and a neutral color scheme with a hint of color are found in the home and effectively complement the client’s contemporary art collection. Come take a look around:

Contemporary Home by Jorge Castillo Design Inc.

A cheerful palette of green and purple add vibrancy to the dining area.

Contemporary Home by Jorge Castillo Design Inc.

The purple and green theme resonates through the kitchen, providing the calm, contemporary background with a hint of color.

Contemporary Home by Jorge Castillo Design Inc.

The vanity sparkles, complemented by metallic and mirrored glass surfaces.

Contemporary Home by Jorge Castillo Design Inc.

A mixture of shades on the glass pendant adds to the peaceful contemporary ambiance of this bathroom.

Contemporary Home by Jorge Castillo Design Inc.

 Asymmetrical detailing, including architectural wall cutouts and gleaming tables, adds to the visual interest of the space.

 The master bedroom is hidden behind the wall, allowing for easy entry into the room.

Contemporary Home by Jorge Castillo Design Inc.

Another view of the living room reveals the continuation of the green and purple motif. An amethyst stone and aquarium add an organic touch.

What do you think of this contemporary home, and which is your favorite room? Leave us your comments below and take a look through more of the firm’s portfolio!

Interview with Florida Interior Designer, Jorge Castillo

Many believe that works of art hang on walls, but the Florida interior designer Jorge Castillo believes that the wall, kitchen, or bedroom – of your home – is the canvas. With over 15 years of experience, Jorge and his firm, Jorge Castillo Design Inc. (JCD), transforms interiors into unique living spaces that reflect each owner’s aesthetic tastes and personal needs. Featured on television and recognized through various design publications, JCD is known for their sophisticated designs, stylish flair, and friendly service throughout South Florida, Cleveland, Chapel Hill, and Chicago.

We recently caught up with Jorge to ask about his magnificent project for a client in Rocky River. Delve into his creative inspirations and discover the thought process behind each room’s design:

1. Jorge, can you tell us where your passion for interior design began?

It started during my late teens, back in Mexico.

2. How wonderful that your passion has transformed into a career! Let’s take a tour through the beautiful Contemporary Home in Rocky River. What did the client request for this home?

The client’s request was to have a house that was clean and contemporary with lots of windows and California flair.

3. Walking into the family room, we see these gorgeous animal print accents! What made you choose this warm palate and unique furnishings? 

Keeping with the client’s request, I selected a neutral palette with plenty of textures and a few color accents. As you notice, the accent color is mostly a soft peach. The house is very architectural and has beautiful views of Lake Erie and the Rocky River. It was important to select clean furnishings and materials to not compete with the views. The animal print is unexpected and adds a touch of drama to the room.

Florida Contemporary Family Room Design by Jorge Castillo Design Inc.

4. The living room space is unbelievable. How did you work with the room? 

First of all, I created all the architectural details to make sure that the room had some character. The low scale furniture was purposely selected to make sure that it didn’t obstruct the views. The same cream textured fabric was selected for all the large furniture pieces and we added the peach tone fabrics as an accent. After a long discussion with the client, we decided to add sheers to frame the windows and give the space an ethereal feel.

Florida Contemporary Family Room Design by Jorge Castillo Design Inc.

5. As we saunter into the foyer, we find that the wall art blends seamlessly into the design. Any specific reason for the art choice?

The client owned some of the artwork previously. This is the beauty of a neutral palette. You can add any color to it and it will look great!

Florida Contemporary Foyer Design by Jorge Castillo Design Inc.

6. Turning into the dining room, we find these patterned chairs. What was the inspiration behind the use of these chairs? 

We wanted the dining room to be more jazzy and fun, but at the same time, needed to tie in with the rest of the house.

Florida Contemporary Dining Room Design by Jorge Castillo Design Inc.

7. The ambiance in the living room is just perfect. What are your thoughts on the lighting choices? 

Lighting is the most important element in a room. Even the use of daylight creates layers and warms up a space. The lighting in this room also serves as an architectural element, as it creates height.

Florida Contemporary Living Room Design by Jorge Castillo Design Inc.

8. The kitchen works so well with the rest of the home. Can you describe your choice of red accents and square back barstools?

The red accents give the kitchen a touch of warmth. I love using geometric shapes in my designs. The barstools remind me of the furniture generally used in ocean liners. I thought that barstools would be appropriate for a home with beautiful lake views.

Florida Contemporary Kitchen Design by Jorge Castillo Design Inc.

9. After perusing through the beautiful contemporary home, we’d love to know – where do you get the inspiration for your designs?

Inspiration for my designs comes from many different sources. The most important inspiration, I believe, comes from my clients. They allow me to daydream, explore, and execute.

10. With your years of expertise in the field, what kinds of trends do you see arising in 2012?

Back to basics, smaller homes, staying put. Remodeling and finishing homes with better materials and furnishings.

Jorge Castillo Design Inc.

Thank you to Jorge Castillo Design Inc. for guiding us through their elegant contemporary creation!

Discover more stunning work by Jorge Castillo Design Inc. via their portfolio and share your thoughts on their beautiful designs!

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