1959 Built San Francisco Track Home Now Contemporary Dream Home

Today’s project comes from the home of San Francisco based architects, Hart Wright Architects…After searching for a year before coming across this 1959 built modest track home in Bernal Heights, the husband and wife duo began fixing up what would become the modern home of their dreams. After $200,000 and 4 years later, they were able to renovate this dilapidated home with rotting floors and a 50-year-old kitchen into what it is today at a much more reasonable price than what it would have costed to build their home from scratch. In their architectural practice, Eliza Hart and Stuart Wright focus on high quality, functional, and green residential building. This project is a perfect depiction of that.

With just a few simple moves, they were able to make a huge impact on this San Franciscan home. From the street, the facade got a complete makeover when Wright replaced all the stucco with western red cedar siding. On the upper floor there is a long window box planted with succulents. The home has a handcrafted, warm yet contemporary aesthetic.

The interior renovation included a small first-floor addition with the kitchen and living room opening onto a welcoming deck. The deck is the couple’s way to let the outdoors in. The main living spaces have large windows that offer not only a bath of natural light but also a panoramic view of San Francisco below.

Street view after with westernred cedar siding, photo credit: Hart Wright Architects

Street view before, Photo Credit: Hart Wright Architects

One of the largest yet simplest changes was that the architects also took down the wall which divided the kitchen from the living room and replaced it with a ceiling beam. One big open space was created to unify the small space. The home is only 1,440 square feet, but the house feels more spacious than what it is.

Dining Room view, photo credit:

Of note in the kitchen is the custom dining set they created with two side tables, handy for hosting large gatherings. The main floors throughout the home are white oak stained black.

A multi-functioning living room with chic coffee tables which open up into extra storage compartment and extra seating. Photo Credit: Lea Suzuki / The Chronicle

Sleek , contemporary and multifunctional furniture bring on a cozy modern appeal. The kitchen features the warmth of walnut cabinetry all about.

Bringing the inside in

The welcoming, handcrafted deck allows the outdoors in. The windows let in much sunlight and a view of the city can be seen below. The cozy warmth of natural wood in the interiors is continued on the exterior as well with red cedar.

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