Serene Pied-A-Terre by Niche Interiors

Located in the San Francisco Bay Area of California, Niche Interiors focuses on contemporary, eco-friendly design. From the firm’s profile, “We create distinctive and welcoming homes that reflect our clients’ personalities. We are committed to making as small an environmental footprint as possible.”

Today’s blog post is shining the spotlight on an eco-friendly pied-a-terre created by the talented designers of Niche Interiors. We’re sure you will be captivated by this great example of their work. We love these serene spaces.

Chic and Serene Entry

From the front door, throughout the open living spaces and into the bedroom, the warm color palette creates a serene and inviting look. The slightly tilted orientation of the oval mirror adds a subtle whimsical touch.

Chic and Serene Living Room

Light fills the chic and serene living room. This space feels like a Goldilocks design moment–not to sparse and not overdone, it’s just right.

Chic and Serene Living Space

With carefully chosen light fixtures, the living room, breakfast bar and kitchen are pulled together nicely into a unified whole. We love the little glimpse of the bedroom’s golden glow.

Chic and Serene Living Space

Metal, glass and  wood merge beautifully in this little vignette in the living room. The swirling pattern on the rug adds rhythm and movement to the space.

Chic and Serene Dining Room

Just off the living room and near the kitchen, the stylish dining area with round table and a bundled pendant light seems the perfect spot for good food and interesting conversation.

Chic and Serene Living Room

From any point of view, the curved sofa beckons and offers a place to rest and relax–a balance of beauty and comfort.

Chic and Serene Bedroom

Warm and wonderful simplicity. the bedroom is a lovely mix of muted color and pattern. Somehow this space seems just right with a feeling that everything belongs.

Chic and Serene Bedroom

A close-up of the dark wood bedside table shows careful attention to detail with each decorative object fitting perfectly into the mix.

We’re so glad Niche Interiors shared these serene and eco-friendly spaces with Design Shuffle readers.

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Quogue New Modern by Austin Patterson Disston Architects

Today, we’re excited to share a new modern summer house from the stunning portfolio of Austin Patterson Disston Architects. Located in Quogue, New York, with a view of the bay from its rooftop terrace, this modern home offers secluded outdoor spaces and interiors that are at once crisp, light-filled and completely captivating.

“I would not say that the firm has a particular ‘cookie cutter’ style,” explains Mr. Disston. “I can tell you what others have said: our work has an intimate scale — our larger residences do not seem imposing, our interiors work well together and are exceptionally tailored in their material detail.”

We think you’ll agree that this home is the embodiment of Mr. Disston’s statement above.

New Modern Home

Blue and white set against natural wood brings a chic coastal look to the home’s living room.

New Modern Home

Meanwhile, the dining room offers lots of room at the long trestle table and an intimate sitting room complete with fireplace–a most appealing combination.

New Modern Kitchen

Nearby, modern white cabinetry meets warm wood and historic elements to create a highly functional, but totally irresistible heart of the home.

Modern Dining Room Fireplace

A closer look at the dining room fireplace reveals historic design that is quite unexpected but works brilliantly in this modern home.

Modern Bedroom

The blue and white color palette continues into the bedroom that also merges a variety of light and dark woods. The large contemporary rug ties the whole room together nicely.

Modern Bathroom

In the bath, light filters down from a large skylight into the spacious bathing area that includes a deep soaking tub and open shower.

Modern Rooftop Terrace

The rooftop terrace is at once secluded and open to the sky, while affording a lovely view of the bay.

Modern Patio and Pool

Floor to ceiling glass walls can be rolled back for seamless access to outdoor living spaces and the pool from the living room, kitchen and dining room.

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Elegant Coastal Chic by Cindy Ray

Working out of Cindy Ray Interiors, Inc. in West Palm Beach, South Florida interior designer Cindy West Ray knows a thing or two about successful design projects and so do her clients from the northeastern to the southeastern United States. Her style is “classical with a twist.” Cindy says she “turns dreams into decor.” We think she did just that in this Palm Beach residence done with a light touch and elegant coastal chic design.

Coastal Chic

The foyer and central hallway is all about that classical style with a twist. Beautifully merging traditional elements with high contemporary furnishings and accessories, this welcoming space is the best of both worlds. 

Coastal Chic

The white living room with a wrap-around view, has the same restrained coastal chic look seen throughout this ocean-side home.

Coastal Chic

The elegant white dining room does not shout “beach house.” After all, the ocean can be seen just outside through floor to ceiling glass.

Coastal Chic

We’ve fallen for this stunning little kitchen with subtle touches of watery blue. The fabric on the elegant barstools is coastal chic perfection. 

Coastal Chic

The master bedroom is all elegant design with a few contemporary touches. A bit of glamour is introduced with metallic elements. 

Coastal Chic

This bedroom is filled with coastal references that would please a boy of any age, from a grade-schooler to a college student.  

Coastal Chic

A pale girl’s bedroom is both chic and feminine, with barely there coastal style–just a few watery touches.

Coastal Chic

With an ocean backdrop, there’s no need for subtle coastal style here. This captivating patio is all about the water. From the irresistibly plump cushions to the massive glass and metal lanterns, this outdoor space is meant for relaxing and entertaining in elegant coastal chic style.

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New Year, New Home: Thinking Outside the Box

With 2014 fast approaching, we begin to wonder what we have accomplished this year, and even more importantly what great goals we have for the next year.  This year has been a fruitful one for interior design, and with so much inspiration readily at our disposal things are starting to look a little cookie cutter. A new year is a great time to embrace a great change and why not start with our homes. Check out these 6 ways to think outside the box in 2014, and create one awe inspiring home that is far from ordinary.

Floors, we all have them, but we rarely do anything to them. This wood pattern really makes this room really stand out.

You want an old world charm in your living room? Don’t worry this isn’t actual plaster, its just a very awesome, simple to adhere, wallpaper.

If you don’t already 2014 is the year to embrace color, be bold and mix pinks with yellows and oranges.

Sometimes in order to think outside the box we need to create a box. In this case bare wall can turn  into a  beautiful closet space, no furniture needed.

That old dresser you have laying around, use it! There are so many easy DIY videos to guide you through sanding and staining your old furniture, the time is now.

One last outside the box idea that is absolutely simple is painting your door, whether its a fun color like this pink door, or even a black one with white details.

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From Russia With Love: Korneev Design Workshop

This stylish one bedroom apartment in Moscow was designed by renowned Russian Interior Designers Korneev Design Group. Keeping in mind that the client had a smaller budget and a small space, Korneev Design sought to create a fun colorful environment, as well as keeping some of the organic elements already in place. Join us as we take a small tour.

If you have one large space, divide the space into smaller areas using console tables and varying  lighting.

This faux fireplace is a great option for apartments that don’t have one, just add candles!

Fun and quirky lighting is a fantastic way of showcasing the client’s personality.

Ingenious extra storage closets are made to look like stunning double doors.

The beautiful blue walls look great paired with soft whites and stained wood side tables.

A lovely pop of red is never a bad idea!

Reclaimed wood and a Victorian style mirror make this small bathroom one of a kind.

Want to see more? Click here to see Korneev Workshop Studios portfolio.

Spring 2014 Pantone Color Report

Pantone recently released their 2014 Fashion color report, alongside the Pantone Color of 2014 Radiant Orchid. It still might not be time to say bye to all your black yet, but there is a burst of brights coming this Spring.  According to Leatrice Eisemann, spokeswoman for Pantone, this spring is all about color equilibrium. The equilibrium happens due to the perfect mix of  big bright colors with softer pastels and let’s not forget some necessary neutrals.

Radiant Orchid Pantone Color of the Year 2014

RADIANT ORCHID: Pantone’s Color of the Year 2014

Celosia Orange Pantone

CELOSIA ORANGE:  There is no bolder statement than a bright orange!

Freesia Pantone

FREESIA: If  going all out withyellow isn’t your cup of tea, use yellow accents with gray and white walls and furniture.

Dazzling Blue Pantone

DAZZLING BLUE: Adding varying hues of blue to create a stunning space.

Cayenne Pantone

CAYENNE: Spicy and bold, this color is perfect for vibrant rooms. It also looks great juxtaposed with white.

Hemlock Pantone

HEMLOCK: A fun way of adding a pastel color statement.

Which color is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

Work at Home Offices

Who hasn’t fantasized about working from home at some point in their careers? For those who do work from home, run a business from home, or occasionally do work from home, a gorgeous home office is a must.  Here are some of our current favorites, they should give you some terrific interior design ideas for your own home office.

A large L-shaped desk provides work space for two or room to spread out in this home office. Organized shelves and storage keep everything in its place.

Use furniture you already own to create your dream home office. That dining table you have stored could become your desk and that Victorian chair lying in a random corner somewhere could become your desk chair. The possibilities are endless.

Want a “real” pinterest board? Use clipboards and arrange them like a gallery wall, that way you will be able to add and take off inspiration easily.

A wonderful thing about working from a home office is being about to create a unique space, surrounding yourself with objects you love.  A mix of furnishings, a collection of art, unique lighting all work to create a personalized home office.

 Not facing a cubicle wall is a great perk of working from a home office.  If you have a great view or even a large window, face your desk towards it and use the decorating ideas from this office to inspire you.

A home office is never complete without a touch of nature, if you are a big fan of flowers they are a great way of adding a stroke of color. If you aren’t keen on remembering to water your plants you can also opt for terrariums or succulents that require less care.

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Transitional Elegance by Rinfret LTD

Cindy Rinfret established Rinfret LTD when she moved to Greenwich Connecticut, where she also has a retail shop. Cindy is widely known for her classic Greenwich style and extreme attention to detail. Her designs have been featured in such magazines as Traditional Home, and the New York times. Cindy’s describes her style as: “Your home should be like your favorite outfit – comfortable, yet luxurious, like the perfect cashmere sweater with your most comfortable and understated, yet elegant, jeans.” The following home shows off that effortless, classic, and comfortable style that Cindy and Rinfret LTD is known for. Enjoy!

Interior Design, Home Decor, Design Shuffle, Interior Designer

A warm blend of browns and blues creates a traditionally elegant living room.

Interior Design, Home Decor, Design Shuffle, Interior Designer

The perfect dining area is decorated with  fresh flowers, an extraordinary pendant light. and floor to ceiling windows.

Interior Design, Home Decor, Design Shuffle, Interior Designer

Crisp white cabinets and windows look great juxtaposed with a stunning tile back splash and wooden infused kitchen island.

Interior Design, Home Decor, Design Shuffle, Interior Designer

The muted color palette of this sitting area creates a soothing and relaxing experience, while the silhouettes and prints are an ode to a more traditional time.

Interior Design, Home Decor, Design Shuffle, Interior Designer

This ample master bathroom contains many feminine details including intricate mirrored drawers, and an elegant vanity.

Interior Design, Home Decor, Design Shuffle, Interior Designer

Stools are extremely versatile and can be used as extra seating, or side tables to rest your morning coffee in.

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A Thanksgiving Setting

Family gatherings can be a wonderful time filled with love and laughter. In order to keep underlying stress out of the equation we are sharing some spectacular decor, tips, and tricks. The key to enjoying this season is giving thanks, just as the banner below would suggest. We hope these help make your thanksgiving dinner one to remember!

Have a large console table that isn’t being used? Turn it into your very own serving area, with cake stands, and decorative accents like the acorns above. Tip:  Print out your menu, or a quote with a nice typeface and  put it into a pretty frame.

Tip: Candles are the easiest and possibly most affordable way to create a festive mood.

Tip: For a nice decorative touch use mini pumpkins as place card holders. Simply use decorative tape and wrap it around the stem until the two sides of the tape have joined, then write your guests names.

Fall leaves are pretty spectacular, so if you are lucky enough to have them nearby why not use them as centerpieces, or place holders, the opportunities are endless.

If you want to take the party outside, choose warm rich colors to contrast the greenery. Stick to natural materials like bamboo or jute.

Want to be the hostess with the mostess? Offer them this Pumpkin Spice White Hot Chocolate, and you’ll be the talk of the family for years to come.

If you want something completely unique this thanksgiving check out this step by step tutorial of an ice cream cone bouquet like the one shown above!

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Vibrant Los Feliz Hillside Home by C.K. Nyman Interiors

Los Feliz, California is a booming Los Angeles area extremely attractive to young couples. C.K. Nyman Interiors, or CKNID for short,  has been designing for this area for quite some time now and has perfected the art of creating youthful and vibrant homes time and time again. Based in Los Angeles, CKNID helps in every step of the way, even at times designing and manufacturing case goods and sough after upholstery.

This home is owned by a young modern family that wanted their home to speak to them and their needs. CKNID did a great job at creating an inviting environment that still showcases their clients fun personalities. Come take a look!

Fun vibrant artwork is artfully paired with rick dark woods and stunning tall table lamps to add some height.

An eclectic array of prints and materials including chevron, a mirrored table, and velvet furniture, works seamlessly together.

Lucite Chairs or “ghost chairs” create a weightless dining experience, and look great paired with white!

The transition to the dining room is effortless, keeping  the same decor story throughout with velvet, rich woods, and eclectic artwork.

Custom designed upholstery, window treatments & case goods throughout were designed and manufactured by CKNID.

A bar cart is essential for a young contemporary couple. Decorate with a fun table lamp and a fun hat and voila.

Marble countertops, fun art, and the essential kitchen island are a few details that make this kitchen pretty exceptional.

Wider view of the kitchen reveals a very useful breakfast bar and a strategically placed TV to keep you entertained.

Like what you see, check out CKNID’s portfolio here.