Vibrant Los Feliz Hillside Home by C.K. Nyman Interiors

Los Feliz, California is a booming Los Angeles area extremely attractive to young couples. C.K. Nyman Interiors, or CKNID for short,  has been designing for this area for quite some time now and has perfected the art of creating youthful and vibrant homes time and time again. Based in Los Angeles, CKNID helps in every step of the way, even at times designing and manufacturing case goods and sough after upholstery.

This home is owned by a young modern family that wanted their home to speak to them and their needs. CKNID did a great job at creating an inviting environment that still showcases their clients fun personalities. Come take a look!

Fun vibrant artwork is artfully paired with rick dark woods and stunning tall table lamps to add some height.

An eclectic array of prints and materials including chevron, a mirrored table, and velvet furniture, works seamlessly together.

Lucite Chairs or “ghost chairs” create a weightless dining experience, and look great paired with white!

The transition to the dining room is effortless, keeping  the same decor story throughout with velvet, rich woods, and eclectic artwork.

Custom designed upholstery, window treatments & case goods throughout were designed and manufactured by CKNID.

A bar cart is essential for a young contemporary couple. Decorate with a fun table lamp and a fun hat and voila.

Marble countertops, fun art, and the essential kitchen island are a few details that make this kitchen pretty exceptional.

Wider view of the kitchen reveals a very useful breakfast bar and a strategically placed TV to keep you entertained.

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Mid Century Modern Brentwood Home by Jamie Bush & Co.

Los Angeles based Jamie Bush & Co. is very well known for his intuitive understanding of both architecture and interior design.  Jamie Bush & Co. has been able to create and execute an overall vision for a home that goes beyond it’s interiors.  Coming from a family of artists in New York City, Jamie was already inclined to pursue a career in the arts and began to study architecture and design in both New Orleans and Italy. His designs have been featured everywhere form Architectural Digest, Interior Design, to  Casa Vogue and Dwell. Join us as we take a small tour of this exquisite Mid Century Modern home.

Jamie Bush & Co. Mid century Modern Living Room

“The focus was on having variations of the theme of a bright pop of color in each room grounded by a more natural palette of materials.” – Jamie Bush

Jamie Bush & Co. Mid century Modern Living Room

The vibrant colors in place are even more evident juxtaposed by the rich wood details and abundance of natural light.

Jamie Bush & Co. Mid century Modern Living Room

Innovative shapes abound in this home making floor lamps and even chairs a visual interest.

Jamie Bush & Co. Mid century Modern Kitchen

With a clear view of the pool, this kitchen is the perfect spot for a quick breakfast and coffee.

Jamie Bush & Co. Mid century Modern Living Room

“They have three young children and wanted something playful but also adult enough to grow into as they mature.”  – Jamie Bush

Jamie Bush & Co. Mid century Modern Bedroom

“The owners of this home had a taste for mid century pieces some with pops of colors and some more on the natural side.”  – Jamie Bush

Jamie Bush & Co. Mid century Modern Bathroom

From owls to yellow poufs the accessories in this bathroom make a fun statement.

Jamie Bush & Co. Mid century Modern ArchitectureA wonderful patio area is adorned by a great outdoor rug and beautiful outdoor furniture.

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Timeless, Sophisticated and Modern Interior Designs by Meridith Baer Home

For the past 15 years, Meridith Baer Home has been transforming dream homes from fantasy to reality by taking into account the stories of their clients’ lives. Founder of Meridith Baer Homes and a Los Angeles based interior designer, Meridith Baer also specializes in home staging and event interiors, including some projects for celebrities and billionaires. Meridith Baer Home’s work has been featured on notable publications such as New York Times Magazine, Los Angeles Times Magazine, and New York Times. As well as appearing on Home and Garden Television, ABC, NBC, and the Discovery Channel.

Find inspiration for your home’s next makeover or upcoming design project with these modern interior designs by the creative minds at Meridith Baer Home.

Modern Architecture and Living Room

The clean architectural lines of this living room brings attention to the simplicity of sofas and coffee table.

Rustic and Modern Living Room

The combination of modern chairs and side table mix well with the rustic wood ceiling and textured brick wall to create a cultural appeal.

Modern Living Room

The color palette of this living room is kept neutral to maintain a subtle modern and welcoming ambiance.

Modern Living Room

The texture of the rug, the sleek surface of the leather chairs, and the intricate detail of the mirrors balance each other to create a perfectly modern-styled room.

Modern and Organic Bedroom

The wood bed frame and hardwood floor introduces an organic aspect to a modern-styled bedroom.

Modern Dining Room

The industrial pendant lights are a wonderful addition to this modern dining room.

Which of these modern interior designs were your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below. To see more brilliant interior designs from Meridith Baer Home, have a look at their portfolio here.

Mid-Century Modern Elegance by Jamie Bush & Co.

Located in the luscious foothills of Sierra Madre, this elegant residence in La Canada Flintridge is home to a beautiful mesh of mid-century and modern style designs.  Designed by the widely admired Los Angeles Interior Designer, Jamie Bush of Jamie Bush & Co., this home takes wooden elements so evident in mid-century style designs, and incorporates them with a colorful modern eclectic twist. You’ll see how the lovely textures of Jamie Bush’s incorporated natural components intermix with the beautiful neutral color palettes, while colorful home decor and accessories present a sharp, eye-catching contrast in perfect precision. With pops of color strategically placed throughout various spaces of the home, expect some alluring surprises below!

La Canada Residence

Here’s an enticing glance at the various rooms in this home. Working from the exterior in, Jamie Bush’s stunning design creates one cohesive blend of natural textures and colors seen in both the inside and outside of the residence.

La Canada Residence

No matter the season, snuggle up close with your loved ones in this modern, but cozy family area. Complete with a subtle fireplace for chilly winters and large glass windows to invite inside the nice summer-time weather, this beautiful space is the perfect place to host family-bonding time all year-round!

La Canada Residence

Just one of the many creative spaces throughout the home where Jamie Bush & Co. incorporates mid-century style into a modern design highlighted with stylish eclectic patterns. We love how colors replace the need for heavy embellishments in this room!

La Canada Residence

This is the perfect spot for friends and family to laugh over a little afternoon snack. With sunlight-inviting windows and a large open space, hours passing in this room would be spent comfortably!

La Canada Residence

With such a sleek and stylish kitchen design, who wouldn’t want to be the head chef of this home?

La Canada Residence

Escape from the all the stress and business of the work week in this relaxing study space. After all, everyone needs a place for their hearts and minds to rest and rejuvenate after a long tiring week.

La Canada Residence

With a beautiful open fire place, a cozy comfortable chair, and a warm fuzzy rug in this lovely spot, staying home all day would be both easy and relaxing!

La Canada Residence

A bright and airy master bedroom complete with mid-century style walls and colorful modern home decor throughout this spacious room!

La Canada Residence

Relax in Jamie Bush & Co.’s backyard-resort design – complete with a sleek modern pool and surrounded by nature, this La Canada Mid-Century Residence has definitely succeeded in building the home from the outdoor – in.

For more fabulous modern works by Jamie Bush & Co., check out their portfolio!

What do you think of Jamie Bush & Co.’s take on a mid-century modern style? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to check out Design Shuffle for endless amounts of bedroom and living room design inspiration!

Color Contrasting by Chimera Interiors

Los Angeles interior firm, Chimera Interiors, offers creative interior design services for their clients.  We’ve interviewed Chimera Interiors previously and this project of their’s deserved to be featured! They are inspired by various things, such as posters, images, and movies.  This allows them to give each of their client’s a very distinguished style.  Sarah and Marina combine their ideas to give their clients the most intriguing interior designs possible.  So far, their inspirations and their cooperativeness have been successful.  This firm’s previous work have been published numerous times in recent years. Enjoy as we take a stroll through this modern residence located in Palm Springs, California.


The orange wall vigorously stands out from everything else in the office.

Living Room at a Corner Angle

A source of Chimera Interiors inspiration is also used here to decorate the walls.

Living Room

The usage of only black and white creates a flashback to the good old days.

Living Room and Office

Chimera Interiors is excellent at making everything stand out by using splashes of color.


A spacious white bed is surrounded by beautifully matching furniture with lime green accents.

If you want to read more about Chimera Interiors works, be sure to go see their profile page.


'The New Vintage' Living Spaces by House of Honey

Tamara Kaye-Honey moved to Los Angeles in 2003 to pursue her dream of becoming an interior designer. In 2010, House of Honey made a lasting impression with an impressive signature style called, ‘The New Vintage.” Gathering inspiration from past and present, design and architecture, Tamara carefully creates a fresh look that retains a timeless quality.  Today, she has been named one of the top new interior designers in 2012. Here is a few highlights of her residential spaces.

Vintage Living Spaces

The traditional furnishing brings a vintage look to a modern home.

Television among picture frames

An innovative idea to blend the television with painting allows an interesting take on the "new vintage".

Kitchen with bookshelves

A slice of a vintage inspired library borders this contemporary kitchen.

Traditional Sofa with Paintings

This lovely living room is decorated with landscape paintings, while the blue sofa pops in the center.

Dining Room

The collection of paintings and decorative items give this dining room an arts and craft feel.

Art Deco Living Room

The geometric patterns brings harmony to the living room that mimic an art deco style

Do you feel inspired by House of Honey’s work?  Leave a comment and visit here for more of her work.

Santa Monica Hollywood Regency Style Salon by Barbara Stock Interior Design

Los Angeles interior designer Barbara Stock, founder of Barbara Stock Interior Design took it upon herself to design the interiors of Brambila Salon, a hair salon nestled in the heart of Santa Monica, California. Even though the salon has been serving the Santa Monica area since 2003, they recently closed their doors in anticipation of a grand re-opening. The salon was moved across the street to a new, bigger and brighter space. The salon will be open again to the public sometime this summer.  As a designer, Barbara prides herself in producing designs that are as unique as her clients themselves. In short, Barbara strives to create a living work of art to inspire the art of living.

Considering the location of the Brambila Salon, it should come as no surprise that the style of this project features a design aesthetic that is as ambitious as it is distinct. Barbara’s goal from the onset was to combine the lavish Hollywood regency style with a more subtle beach cottage style. The Hollywood regency style draws its aesthetic from Hollywood’s Golden Age. One of the pioneers of this style was William Haines, a silent era film star turned interior designer. He took elements from the film set and incorporated it into the design of the homes of many Hollywood starlets. This style has seen a resurrection in recent years, especially in the greater Los Angeles area. Barbara does a wonderful job taking the essence of the Hollywood Regency style while toning it down by infusing it with coastal elements.

Santa Monica Hollywood Regency Style Salon by Barbara Stock Interior Design

The use of mid-modern furniture is a cornerstone of the Hollywood Regency style.

Santa Monica Hollywood Regency Style Salon by Barbara Stock Interior Design

Glass makes everything a little bit more glamorous.

Santa Monica Hollywood Regency Style Salon by Barbara Stock Interior Design

Hollywood Regency style is all about details like the nail heads on the sofa.

Santa Monica Hollywood Regency Style Salon by Barbara Stock Interior Design

Splashes of color help enhance the elegant white background.

Santa Monica Hollywood Regency Style Salon by Barbara Stock Interior Design

A lot of mirrors might be seen as excessive for a home, but in a salon, they couldn't be more practical.

Santa Monica Hollywood Regency Style Salon by Barbara Stock Interior Design

Tufting buttons and decorative pillows make for a luxurious sofa.

If you are interested in seeing more of the great work done by Barbara Stock Interior Design, check out their portfolio!

Bold and Flourishing Waikiki Asian Restaurant by The Schoos Group

Los Angeles interior designer Thomas Schoos, head of The Schoos Group, has made a name for himself transforming the interiors of the hospitality industry around the world. His most recent venture took him away from the streets of West Hollywood and put him on the beautiful beaches of Waikiki, Hawaii. For Thomas Schoos his Hawaiian getaway was anything but a vacation. He was responsible for designing the interiors of  Morimoto Waikiki, a restaurant owned by Food Network Star, “Iron Chef” Masaharu Morimoto.  This was not the first time Schoos has worked for Iron Chef Morimoto, Schoos was also in charge of designing The Iron Chef’s other restaurant in Napa, California, Morimoto Napa.

Schoos looked for inspiration in the Zen Garden when designing Morimoto Waikiki. Simplicity was his primary objective. He wanted to make reference to Japanese culture without being too obvious about it. This minimalist aesthetic was  achieved by limiting the colors and textures used and combining them with natural elements, like live moss and large corals, that are native to Hawaii. This subtle approach to design has resulted in a restaurant with a balanced yet distinctly exotic aesthetic.

Waikiki Asian Restaurant Design by Thomas Schoos

The use of natural elements as decorative items, like this coral, helps connect the decor of the restaurant to the island it is located on.

Waikiki Asian Restaurant Design by Thomas Schoos

A simple and restrained color pallet is unified with the use of green, brown and white.

Waikiki Asian Restaurant Design by Thomas Schoos

 The casual elegance of the design theme is continued outdoors. The fire pits allow for those seated here the feeling of being at the beach

Waikiki Asian Restaurant Design by Thomas Schoos

 This  close up of purple orchids serves as a nice contrast to what is otherwise a calming sea of green and brown.  One cannot help but associate these murals with the leis that Hawaii is known the world over for. 

Waikiki Asian Restaurant Design by Thomas Schoos

Drawing inspiration from the traditional Japanese bento box, as well as the sliding walls of a Japanese home. the dining areas are separated with these sheer curtains.

Check out the The Schoos Group’s portfolio to see what else they have done.

In the Spotlight Today: Kurt Langenhahn Designs

Los Angeles interior designer, Kurt Langenhahn is a graduate of the University of Los Angeles’s graduate Architecture and Interior Design program. He graduated as an ASID-Allied and NCIDQ qualified designer and founded his firm, Kurt Langenhahn Designs. Kurt believes that interior design improves the quality of people’s lives and that anyone can enjoy quality furnishings, fixtures, and art. His interior design philosophy stands behind function before form and he believes it is necessary to have a knowledge of his client’s needs and desires before he can create a practical design to suit their style, taste, or budget. Dive into this gallery of his work:

Los Angeles Modern Home Design by Kurt Langenhahn Designs

Contemporary orange stools add flavor to this lounge area.

Los Angeles Modern Home Design by Kurt Langenhahn Designs

Natural hues and a free-standing shower design make this bathroom cool and modern.

Catalina Contemporary Hotel Design by Kurt Langenhahn Designs

Beige tones and floor to ceiling windows allows the island views to float within this room.

Los Angeles Modern Home Design by Kurt Langenhahn Designs

This reading nook has chic wall design, bold colors, and perfect natural lighting for reading and relaxing.

Los Angeles Modern Home Design by Kurt Langenhahn Designs

Matching patterns and delightful color palettes are highlighted by small windows and a mix of lighting fixture styles.

Los Angeles Modern Home Design by Kurt Langenhahn Designs

This master bath has vanity wall sconces, large mirrors and marble to fill the room with sophistication.

Los Angeles Modern Home Design by Kurt Langenhahn Designs

Displayed art and recessed ceiling lights transform this dining room into an art gallery.

See a wide variety of functional style by taking a peek at  Kurt Langenhahn’s portfolio.


A Breath of Fresh 'Luxury' by Maureen Mahon Interiors

Los Angeles interior designer Maureen Mahon wants her clients to be comfortable in their homes. She also believes nobody should have to sacrifice style for comfort. Maureen founded Maureen Mahon Interiors, because of her creative spirit and eye for design. She designs by feel, letting her clients’ personalities lead the way. She mixes clients’ sentimental possessions with new decor to create a rejuvenated version of their personal style. Maureen studied Architectural Interior Design at Santa Monica College. She takes great pleasure in working close with her clients to create a collaborated vision that please everyone. Maureen wants her clients’ homes to look as if a designer had never been there.

Maureen’s transitional project in Granada Hills is an excellent example of her stunning eye for comfort and luxury. Warm toned walls, gorgeous woods, sleek lines, and an expert layout makes this home simply wonderful. A fabulous design that still looks livable is what makes this project a success. Take a look, and fall in love:

Granada Hills Transitional Living Room Design by Maureen Mahon Interiors

This transitional living room has warm, inviting tones. The modern layout features a symmetrical design with plush couches and a centered coffee table. A gorgeous lighting fixture sparks interest.

Granada Hills Transitional Dining Room Design by Maureen Mahon Interiors

This dining area has traditional charm with modern accents. A warm and inviting space, with a gorgeous dinner set, and modern candelabra fixture. Dinner guests will be impressed!

Granada Hills Transitional Custom Wine Cellar Design by Maureen Mahon Interiors

This custom wine cellar is absolutely amazing! Gorgeous wood shelving in a geometrical design offers ample storage for wine. Warm floor tiling adds a touch of class to the cellar.

Granada Hills Transitional Hallway Design by Maureen Mahon Interiors

This intriguing hallway has a custom dark wooden bookcase and flooring, which contrasts nicely with neutral walls. A step-in bedroom adds an element of contemporary design to the second floor.

Granada Hills Transitional Bedroom Sitting Area Design by Maureen Mahon Interiors

Steps in this hallway lead to an intimate sitting area, perfect for a romantic evening. A modern fireplace is built into the wall, allowing heat to carry throughout the home.

Granada Hills Transitional Bathroom Design by Maureen Mahon Interiors

A sleek and modern bathroom design has gorgeous wooden cabinetry, and unique wall tiling. A small sitting area is perfect for getting ready for a night on the town.

Granada Hills Transitional Master Bedroom Design by Maureen Mahon Interiors

The master bedroom is simple, yet luxurious. A generous king-sized bed with wood paneling sits on a plush rug. Asian wall art creates a serene environment, perfect for relaxing.

As you can see, this home has a warm and inviting tone. Luxury shouts from every corner, but never says unlivable. Take a look at Maureen Mahon Interiors’ portfolio for more fabulous designs.