Interview with the Los Angeles Interior Designers of Chimera Interiors

With a shared love for fashion, photography, and architecture, Los Angeles interior designers Sarah Chavez and Marina Mizruh have transformed their passion for good design into beautiful homes. As partners at Chimera Interiors, Sarah and Marina strive to balance a client’s individuality with architectural harmony. With Sarah’s fashion background, Marina’s old world flair, and inspiration derived from print graphics and photographs, the partners design stylish spaces for clients from West Hollywood to Hermosa Beach.

We were delighted to interview Chimera Interiors about their modern condominium project in Southern California. Read on to discover the inspirations behind this fabulous Century City Residence!

1. Sarah and Marina, can you tell us a little about how you met and what influenced you to create Chimera Interiors?

We met at UCLA studying Interior and Environmental Design. Marina liked my socks and I liked her drawings. We decided to collaborate on a project on Wilshire Corridor in Los Angeles… The rest is history.

2. What a wonderful beginning! Since you’ve been working together for some time, you must be very familiar with each other’s style. How do your design tastes differ and how does that help in your design creations?

Marina’s background is rooted in Russian Avant-garde Art and Architecture, European history, and early 20th century design. My background is deeply rooted in Fashion, Film, and Classic Modernism. Between our two backgrounds, the end results tend to be unfussy elegant spaces that our clients love living in.

3. Speaking of elegant spaces, what was the client looking for when you were asked to design the Century City Residence?

Our client’s request for the interior was for us to create an oasis of serenity for them to escape to from increasingly hectic pace of New York. This project was a result of rare collaboration with clients whose trust, enthusiasm, taste and love of art encouraged us to work on the very highest level.

Our concept for the residence was to provide rooms that effortlessly float into each other, to create a dynamic background for the client’s modern art and photography collection, and to make the rooms crisp, modern and classical.

4. As we tour the home, we can’t help, but wonder: what particularly inspired the use of abstract wall art in the living room?

We were inspired by the work of Herve Van Der Straeten, a Paris-based designer whose award-winning work is coveted by major collectors worldwide. Our client loved the abstract form of one of Herve’s mirrors. It is so perfect for California: it’s about sun, warmth and movement.

Los Angeles Modern Living Room Design by Chimera Interiors

5. The color contrast in the dining room is excellent. What kind of look were you trying to convey with this design?

In the public areas of the residence (dining, living rooms, and kitchen), we used light materials and color palettes. The walls are finished in white iridescent Venetian plaster that reflects ever-changing light streaming in through hand-loomed linen drapery. The light is the most powerful element in all of the rooms. It makes the interiors change dynamically throughout the day and throughout the seasons.

Los Angeles Modern Dining Room Design by Chimera Interiors

6. Simply beautiful. As art plays a significant role in your designs, what was the intention behind the placement of the horse image?

We liked the strong graphic impact of the photograph and how the image of the horse’s head appeared to peer around the corner into the next room somehow connecting the two spaces.

Los Angeles Modern Living Room Design by Chimera Interiors

7. I love the effect of the leaning mirrors against the wall. What inspired you to choose this particular color scheme for the bedroom design?

We wanted to add a mystery to the room and enlarge it at the same time. There is something interesting in seeing elements of the room reflected back in the mirrors. The palette of this room was influenced by our client’s sophisticated personal style that conveys a sense of elegant simplicity.

Los Angeles Modern Bedroom Design by Chimera Interiors

8. The simple splash of color from the flowers is striking. Can you tell us more about your unique headboard selection?

The atmosphere of the master bedroom is soft and warm with organic dark neutrals that exude feelings of peace and serenity. To emphasize these qualities, we used highly textured materials and finishes: grass wallpapers and cashmere drapery of the master bedroom, random plank dark walnut floors, soft silk and wool rugs. The ebony screen behind the headboard is by Promemoria. This is a beautiful piece we selected to emphasize the feeling of enclosure and quiet comfort. The screen allowed us to anchor the bed and two large night stands.

Los Angeles Modern Bedroom Design by Chimera Interiors

9. Walking into the bathroom, we find a stunning design. How did you decide to use a free standing tub?

Bathrooms and kitchens are often designed as utilitarian spaces, we wanted to change this approach, to make the bathroom take on a more spa like experience, so instead of installing a standard built-in tub we opted for free-standing seductive organic shaped sculptural tub.

Los Angeles Modern Bathroom Design by Chimera Interiors

10. What a tranquil space! Let’s wrap up our house tour with the kitchen, where you’ve made beautiful use of lighting. Can you describe the color scheme and the furnishings you chose to use?

The choices made here were to impose a sense of natural light and organic shapes to be juxtaposed with the clean lines of the bronze and glass kitchen cabinetry. We had a luxury of not having to use every square inch of the space for storage and cabinetry. This resulted in very spacious and airy kitchen.

Los Angeles Modern Kitchen Design by Chimera Interiors

Thank you to Chimera Interiors for taking us behind the scenes of one of their beautiful modern designs!

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Inspiration Meets Style at Salamoff Design Studio

The Los Angeles interior designers at Salamoff Design Studio turn artistic visions into reality. Founded by Melissa Salamoff, her inspirations are drawn from nature, art, and textile design. Her level of talent shows in this stunning contemporary home in Beverly Hills. With its sleek angles and minimal design, Melissa creates an element of open space within the home.  Furniture is minimal, but offers function and comfort for every room. Gorgeous accessories such as crystal chandeliers and fresh flowers add elegance and charm to dining areas. The fresh and creative design of this home puts it at the forefront of the contemporary-style trend.

Los Angeles Exterior Home Design by Salamoff Design Studio

The sleek, geometric design of the home's exterior offers modern style and appeal.

Los Angeles Contemporary Living Area Design by Salamoff Design Studio

This contemporary living area features a chaise lounge sofa and a sleek stone fireplace with an orange lit backdrop.

Los Angeles Contemporary Dining Area Design by Salamoff Design Studio

This elegant dining area features a modern glass table and a stunning crystal chandelier with colorful accents with a fantastic view of the neighborhood!

Los Angeles Modern Chandelier Design by Salamoff Design Studio

A strikingly modern crystal bubble chandelier compliments the stairway effortlessly.

Los Angeles Contemporary Kitchen Design by Salamoff Design Studio

A large, sleek kitchen island offers room for cooking meals. Striving for minimalism, a stainless steel oven and stove are exquisitely incorporated into the space.

Los Angeles Modern Dining Area Design by Salamoff Design Studio

A sleek glass table with plush white chairs offers a great view of the woodsy backdrop while fresh flowers bring an element of nature into the home.

Los Angeles Contemporary Bathroom Design by Salamoff Design Studio

This Zen-inspired bathroom features a smooth bathtub, bordered by rich wooden paneling. A gorgeous cherry blossom tile wall design steals the spotlight!

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Interview with Los Angeles Interior Designer, David Hicks

Whether he is developing an extraordinary creation for a restaurant, hotel, or residential home, Australian and Los Angeles interior designer, David Hicks  always ensures that his designs are modern yet timeless with the highest of quality. Since finding David Hicks, an internationally acclaimed interior, building, and garden design studio in 2002, David has traveled all over the world. He is often requested for speaking at events and has even served as a judge on the Australian interior design show Home Made.

We had the privilege of interviewing David on one of his gorgeous projects that we just had to find out more about! Enjoy as David takes us through a home tour of the stunning and elegant Toorak Residence.

1. David, before attending the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology to study Interior Design, what inspired you to become an interior designer?

I have always been fascinated with built form. At first, it was just architecture since I did not know there was such a thing as an interior designer when I was young. I used to go to open houses with my parents and take the sale brochure with the floor plan on it. When I would get home, i would re-design the house. I knew from a very young age that I wanted to be involved in architecture. When I was a little older and finishing high school, I learned about interior design. This appealed to me because the projects are of shorter duration in comparison to architecture and you can move on from one project to the next much quicker. My inspiration came from me- I knew that this is what I wanted to do.

2. Wow, your interest developed at a very early age. Now after all these years, what is the one thing you love about being an interior designer that drives your work?

I love the constant evolution of interior design. As a designer, I tend to hone my craft as the years go on. I get better with detail, better with my eye, and better with trusting my instinct. i love this constant shaping of myself through design. I also love the new materials that become available. I also always get excited when a project is finished and photographed. The finished images just make me so happy.

3. Your photographs definitely caught our eye! Your finished projects are always beautiful. In regards to the stunning Toorak Residence, can you give us some specifics on the location and client?

This house is located in a leafy affluent suburb in Melbourne, Australia. The house was a new build for a single middle-aged client of ours. They wanted a spacious home but did not want it to feel rambling.

Australia Modern Entryway Design by David Hicks

4) How many rooms are there is this house?

This house consists of :

entry vestibule, study, master bedroom with en suite, two additional bedrooms with en suite bathrooms, powder room, living/dining space and kitchen area, which all surround an internal courtyard with a swimming pool. Below is a large garage which is accessed from the rear lane.

5. Sounds very spacious! What was the client looking for when you were asked to design this home?

The client wanted a modern home but one that would sit well in its surroundings. they did not want ultra modern but something with a little nostalgia. As I am very interested in modernist design, we kept the lines of the house very simple and added just a touch of moulding to the top to give it some character. This touch makes the house look established. Along with the custom designed entry gates and front doors, the detail hints to a past era. I love to insert a little bit of old world glamour and charm into my design work. This makes it somewhat timeless.

Australia Modern Home Design by David Hicks

6. What unique furnishings did you incorporate into the living room?

As with most of our projects, we do not just design the house, we also complete the look with the entire interior. I love sourcing unusual and collectible pieces and combining them with custom made pieces from the David Hicks range, such as the sofa and the slipper chairs. The glass vase was found on a trip to Paris. It is vintage lalique and is very rare – and heavy. The mirror was found at an antique dealer’s showroom in London. I love to mix pieces from around the world as it gives a personal educated look to the house.

Australia Modern Living Room Design by David Hicks

7. What inspired you to use animal print throws in the foyer leading to the outdoor patio?

I love a bit of animal print. This piece was actually owned by the client. It is a vintage piece that we had refurbished and backed in felt. It creates glamour and intrigue for the entry vestibule. it is like a piece of artwork.

Australia Modern Foyer Design by David Hicks

8. The animal print is such a trendy touch. Can you describe the kitchen design, along with the unique tree branch décor?

The kitchen is heavily detailed and streamlined like most of our projects. The cabinets are made from bleached veneer and the backsplash to the rear bench is opaque glass to allow light to penetrate the space. The island bench is a sleek marble cube that forms a center piece and anchor for the space. The floral display is a collection of blossom tree branches that are arranged in a glass vase.

Australia Modern Kitchen Design by David Hicks

9) Moving on to the foyer, what influenced you to choose the unique wall art?

This piece is by a renowned Australian artist and is a contemporary landscape. The vibrant color and subject matter of this artwork is a striking contrast to the neutral tones of the house. This painting faces the internal courtyard of the house to provide a beautiful backdrop when looking into the house.

Australia Modern Living Room Design by David Hicks

Australia Modern Outdoor Design by David Hicks

The painting on the left hand side is a portrait of the owner’s father, which is why it was incorporated into the design of the home.

10) The personal touch is fantastic and meaningful. Lastly, what do you think makes you stand out as a designer amongst others?

I believe in looking at design as a wholistic endeavor. as we undertake architecture, interiors and landscape design, the end product of a David Hicks design is very considered. When considering decoration projects, the use of international suppliers and products adds charm and sophistication that is hard to copy. This is why I like to source individual pieces for my clients and layer it into the design. Most architects or designers just stick to the one thing and mesh it all together. I believe this is what makes me stand out, especially in the U.S. where traditionally this approach is not undertaken. Since opening our studio in L.A., we have had huge interest in the David Hicks aesthetic as it is somewhat different and fresh.

David HicksThank you to David Hicks for taking the time to give us an in-depth tour of just one of his exquisite projects!

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A Modern Hilltop Dream Home in Covina, California

The innovative Los Angeles designers and architects behind HartmanBaldwin Design/Build have used the motto “Innovate. Inform. Inspire.” to guide their work for the past 19 years.  The architecture department is headed by Hudson Pruitt and it is his goal to have their clients think outside of the box.  He works closely with the construction department, led by Ralph Castillo, to create homes and other spaces that are more than their clients could ever hope for and beyond what they could have ever imagined.  One recent project of theirs was the Yeung residence, in which the existing home was demolished (originally built in 1978) to create a home with an open floor plan, including a large kitchen and family room.

The gorgeous views of this 1 acre property were the focus in the design of this new home on a hilltop in Covina, California.  This dream home is created in a modern style, which can be seen through its linear architecture, exposed steel beams, and floor to ceiling windows.  The Yeung residence feels very accessible and light due to the open floor plan and in fact, won the 2010 Qualified Remodeler’s Master Design Award!

Covina Modern Home Exterior Design by HartmanBaldwin Design/Build

Sleek lines and tremendous windows give this home exterior a clean look.

Covina Modern Kitchen and Living Room Design by HartmanBaldwin Design/Build

Tall ceilings and the lack of room divisions give this kitchen and living room an airy feeling that flows well.

Covina Modern Master Bedroom Design by HartmanBaldwin Design/Build

This master bedroom uses white walls and sparse decoration to emphasize the open space and lovely views.

Covina Modern Home Office Design by HartmanBaldwin Design/Build

A wide doorway and magnificent views seen from the desk make this home office a lovely place to work.

Covina Modern Master Bathroom Design by HartmanBaldwin Design/Build

Squares and rectangles are featured in this master bathroom in both the decoration of the titles and in the design of the room to give it a streamlined look.

Covina Modern Living Room Area Design by HartmanBaldwin Design/Build

This living room is dressed up by using pops of color in the pillows and with the rich hue of the coffee table.

Hartman Baldwin is also very concerned by the environment and make sustainability their mission, as they understand that buildings are by far the largest consumers of energy and radically impact our environment.  Using lifestyle needs as the key to design, Hartman Baldwin is dedicated to creating beautiful structures and continually strive for the best.  They specialize in high-end remodels, additions, historic restorations and new custom homes.

If this open, modern home is making you crave more like-minded designs, be sure to check out HartmanBaldwin Design/Build’s other portfolios.  Tell them your thoughts about their designs and be sure to add their unique and gorgeous work to your Faves!

Moroccan Style Kitchen

Los Angeles interior designer, Melissa Salamoff, approaches each project in a fresh way, drawing inspiration from a variety of sources, including nature, art and textile design. Her background includes working for Walt Disney Imagineering to working on projects in Tokyo. She recently remodeled a kitchen, turning it into a Moroccan style kitchen design. The goal was to make this kitchen have the same character and charm as the rest of the house, which is Spanish style.

Kitchen Designs

Melissa said, The first thing was to create uniformity between the spaces and achieve the same richness, harmony and warmth that the rest of the home had. The garden just outside the cozy eating area was the inspiration for the Moroccan style. One other main focus of hers, was improving the overall functionality of the spaces. Maximizing storage was a priority, in order to provide this concealed utility drawers were placed below the base cabinets, a small niche shelf was created above the stove for spices, and the ceiling was raised to incorporate overhead cabinetry.

In the above photo of you can see the full view of the kitchen. You can really see how the space was maximized by adding the shelves above on the right side of the photo.

Kitchen Designs

Don’t you just love how the tiling above the stove really brings that Moroccan style in? The round arch ties together the Moroccan style and Spanish style, while the red and yellow colors brings warmth.

Kitchen Designs

To prevent the kitchen from looking closed in due to the extra cabinets, glass-fronted cabinets were put in. Great kitchen design idea! Notice the personal touch with the decorative plate above the sink.

Kitchen Designs

In order to make the little eating area more eye – catching and functional, Melissa incorporated built-in seating with soft cushions and colorful pillows and drawers for storage below. Notice how the colors of the pillows also add that warmth and compliment the overall theme of Moroccan style.

Melissa did a great job turning these spaces into Moroccan style designs, as well as improving the functionality of the spaces. To check out more of her work check out her profile! Images ( 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 )

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180 Sq. Ft. 1969 Moorish Airstream Trailor

Los Angeles interior designer Rachel Horn and husband and business partner, Justin Kreizel renovated a 180-square-foot 1969 Airstream trailer for a trip they were taking to the annual Burning Man festival. The trailer, which they found on Craigslist for $5,000, has a working kitchen and a full bathroom, a living room, a bedroom and plenty of storage space.

The couple splits their time between Los Angeles, where they did the renovation, and San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, where Mrs. Horn grew up, and where they have another office and retail store.

Want to see how the couple turned this Airstream trailer into a renovated interior design inspiration? Here are some pictures from inside the trailer:

Interior Decor

Interior Design

The couple sitting outside their new 1969 Airstream Trailer.

Interior Design

Notice the Moorish arches with curtains to separate the bedroom, which has two twin beds, from the main living area and the bathroom. Not visible to the eye is additional storage space under the beds. This is a great use of space and a good bedroom design idea!

Interior Design

This living area contains a daybed that can sleep two. The pillows were made with fabrics from Nobilis, Donghia and Larsen, among others.

Interior Design

This interior inspiration also has luxuries not commonly found in a trailer, like a cappuccino machine.

Now that they have this design on wheels, what will they do with it after the festival? Mrs. Horn says, “I’m excited to go camping more. My husband calls it “glamping.” Images attributed to the The New York Times 1 2 3 4 5.

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Hollywood Eco Chic by Lori Dennis Interior Design

Los Angeles interior designer Lori Dennis of Lori Dennis, Inc. is notorious for transforming any space into a picture-perfect, impeccable environment. She is one of the nation’s top interior designers and is highly recognized by many industry leaders such as ASID, HGTV, Dwell, Elle Decor and Luxe among countless others. As if that’s not enough, she is also editor in Chief of LA Design magazine, author of Green Interior Design and the star of HGTVs new, The Real Designing Women. With an expertise in green design, Lori has lectured on the subject at UCLA, FIDM, Dwell on Design, and Design Within Reach among other places. Lori incorporates environmentally-conscious aesthetics into each home, which is why we instantly adored her Hollywood Hills project. The home is a fresh mix of some of our favorite styles – Asian, coastal, and  contemporary, as well as splashes of vivid color. Not to mention minimalism; less is definitely more!

Feel free to leave your thoughts on Lori’s work below with us. Or, you can continue browsing more of her work here.

Contemporary Refinement from the Heart of Los Angeles

Los Angeles Interior Designer Anne Miller, principal of Anne Miller Designs, is an accomplished interior designer who is noted for her unique and custom details in her design. Her design vision includes streamlined interior architecture with an unexpected mixture of vintage antique, custom furniture and artwork.  With her delectable taste for design, each space becomes a personal creation for each client as seen below…She has projects in California and Nevada and has been an instructor in the Architecture department at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.  She is currently teaching at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles. All photography by Ryan Weber, Radiant Photography, Las Vegas, NV.

Anne and her team were involved in the following new construction residence from the pre-planning stages of the house prior to the commencement of construction.  She focused on streamlined architectural details and tactile finishes to warm up the large and open spaces of this expansive house. Note the very interesting human sized square mirror in the 2nd floor bathroom where proportion and scale are unique for this project. In this project, the ceilings are high, the rooms are spacious and there is an abundance of natural light. Anne says, “It was always a  challenge to make this residence appear less commercial looking and more like a home.”  We think she did a fabulous job turning it into a home indeed. Great work, Anne and the team at Anne Miller Designs!

2nd Floor Bedroom Suite Bathroom


2nd Floor Bedroom Suite Bathroom
First Floor Bedroom Suite

Leave us some comment love below!  What are your thoughts of this project?

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Remarkable, Refreshing, and Memorable Designs by Preston Lee Design

Today we proudly feature the work of Top Design‘s Preston Lee, who debuted on Bravo TV’s fall 2008 Season 2 series. Los Angeles Interior Designer Preston Lee of Preston Lee Design is a remarkable and fashionable designer with an extraordinary eye for interior design. As a rising design professional in the Southern California area, he has made a predominant affect on design nationwide. The passion behind his design brings the clients personal style, luxury living, and high quality all in one. From traditional to modern, Preston has the ability to make any room come to life with ranges of colors as well as outstanding art fixtures. His work has been highly sought out by several celebrities and shows such as Bravo TV’s Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency. Check out work from a few of his projects below.

Project 1

Project 2

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User Spotlight: Minimalist & Mid-Century Modern Living Spaces With ASD Interiors

Just the other day we chanced to come across Los Angeles interior designer Shirry Dolgin’s work while doing our daily surfing on the net and boy were we in for a treat. She even made it to our Top 10 Kitchen Designs of 2010.This young and talented designer is a natural, having grew up with art, design and architecture influences all around her. Her firm, ASD Interiors, has a portfolio spanning through elegant retail, commercial and residential spaces. What an honor to have her join Design Shuffle. Of note was her recently uploaded portfolio including minimalist, mid-century modern, and contemporary designs. Click here to see it or check a few previews out from below.

Minimalist / Modern Study

Minimalist Dining Room

Contemporary Living Room

Mid-Century Modern Kitchen

Modern Family Room

Minimalist Dining Room

Leave her lots of comments and love! Don’t forget to check out her blog. Great work Shirry…keep it comin’!