Hermosa Beach Contempory by Shryne Design

Interior designer Shanna Shryne is the creative force behind South Bay-based Shryne Design. Her design philosophy? She says, “Creating harmony with clients and their environment, every project begins with function and finishes with aspects of personality.” Whimsical, vibrant and filled with a lively vibe, the Hermosa Beach home we’re featuring today is definitely one Shryne Design’s success stories. We’re excited to share this inspired contemporary beach home. Enjoy!

Shryne Design

As exciting as the midway mural in the background, the living room is a lively mix of retro and contemporary. The colorful ottoman pulls the color palette together brilliantly.

Shryne Design

Here’s a great close-up of one of the pair of Swan chairs and the silver side table. How irresistible is this look?

Shryne Design

This happy comfortable living space surely runs on beach time. With the massive wall clock visible from most any point of view, it’s easy to keep track of the happy hours spent here.

Shryne Design

Contemporary meets Mid-Century in a corner vignette–swing chair, wall art and ceramic garden stool are all carefully chosen. The perfect finishing touch? A vintage embroidered New York state pillow.

Shryne Design

The stair landing is the perfect  spot for a colorful storage bench. Beach-themed pillows and photographic art create a lively look.

Shryne Design

Luminous jelly fish seem to float effortlessly on a silvery metallic background in the chic powder room.

Shryne Design

Mid-Century modern infuses the master bedroom with great vintage style and a lively vibe.

Shryne Design

All delightfully retro, the fringed egg style chair in the bedroom is so comfortable and  inviting. Love it.

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8 Intriguing Lofty Looks

Many of us have lofty visions, design dreams of living in a wide open loft space. Ideal loft-living usually includes tall ceilings with exposed beams and ductwork. Add one or more brick walls and many would think that’s the ultimate lofty living environment. Take a look below and you’ll find some intriguing lofty looks recently discovered on Design Shuffle. Enjoy!

Loft Living Room

Wall to wall windows, brick, concrete and exposed ductwork create the backdrop for this most inviting corner living room. Sunlight streaming through the arched windows and a soft rug underfoot make this wide open space feel warm and cozy.

Loft Dining Room

Brick walls and bundled pendant lighting create drama in the contemporary dining room. A splash of purple brings a lively vibe to the space.

Loft Eat In Kitchen

For those who require color-filled interiors, this “live-in” kitchen will surely inspire visions of the many possibilities for using brilliant hues in Bohemian chic loft spaces.

Loft Dining Room

From another point of view, the dining area comes into focus with its colorful rug, industrial style lighting and intriguing turquoise walls.

Loft Media Room

Purple is the color of choice in this super comfortable media corner. Raised leather recliners, soft carpeting and framed movie posters will surely draw family and guests alike to watch movies and engage in discussions afterwards.

Loft Master Bath

We don’t often see such glamour in a loft master bath. Here mirrored vanities, vessel sinks and painted brick reside dramatically with open ductwork.

Loft Bedroom

Brick walls, wood flooring and a large shaggy rug create a dramatic background for this minty modern loft bedroom. This space will surely inspire lots of ideas for loft decor.

Loft Home Office

Bold red and purple invigorate this loft office space. We love the idea of stretching the shelves from wall to wall across the tall windows. Who could resist that purple Egg chair barely visible in the corner?


Thanks to S&K Interiors for sharing these loft spaces with Design Shuffle Readers.

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A Contemporary Abode in Beverly Hills by Ammie Kim Interior Design

Ammie Kim Interior Design is full service design firm located in Beverly Hills. Owner Ammie Kim has designed many exquisite estates, one of them even appearing on “Beverly Hills 90210” and  in recent years “Mr. Coffee,” a coffee shop located in Downtown Los Angeles, was featured on “Sex and the City.” Her success on camera doesn’t stop just there, she has also been featured on HGTV and Entertainment Tonight, to name a few.

Today we have the pleasure of getting the inside scoop on one of her newest interiors, a  two stories contemporary style home with exposed beamed roof, detailed corner windows, and a seemingly unfinished concrete wall. Join us as she walks us through this stunning abode.

“The living room furnished with cozy sofas, an architecture glass table and a floor lamp is a pleasant place to entertain guests. A Fendi carpet separates living room area and fireplace seating.”

“The breakfast room is featured to show the most of fun side of the house. It includes a chrome table with glass top and a velvet upholstery set of chairs that completes the breakfast room.”

“This room includes the family area, dining room and kitchen. A TV is hidden attached behind a wooden door, which is a modern and unique way of displaying a plasma screen.”

“The exquisite dining room portrays a contemporary style with luxurious furniture such as a leather table, and chrome chairs. Additionally a gray carpet completes the look in this black and white theme.”

“In this bedroom there is a footrest around the edge of the bed that portrays modern, but contemporary style. The presence of these two leather chairs with footstool, and the oversize wooden floor lamp, show the masculinity of this room.”

“Simple, and transparent are the theme for this dinning room for enjoying natural light and nature.”

“The backyard is complete with a 30 feet swimming pool and a basketball court that is adjacent to the pool.”

Want to see more? Check out Ammie Kim’s profile here, and don’t forget to visit her online shop filled with stunning home decor pieces.

An Unparalleled Beach Home by Mark Gacesa

Ultraspace is defined as an ultimate spacial environment and Mark Gacesa knows how to create it. Ultraspace Interiors currently serves Australia and Los Angeles but isn’t your average Interior Design firm. In order to create the outrageously extravagant homes they are known for they take part in every little detail of the home including: furniture, custom designed cabinetry. lighting, fabrics and more. Creative and unique, Ultraspace headed by Mark Gacesa, has made quite the impression in Australia after winning various national and state design awards.

This particular home is quite the beach house, full of so many innovative and glamorous details we just had to share it with you!

A man made beach circling the entrance of the home, and lush greenery, creates an unparalleled tropical ambiance.

A grand space with high ceilings creates the ideal backdrop for large and unique pieces of art.

Warm wood floors and window frames look fantastic paired with white walls and furniture.

A bedroom with a breathtaking view of the ocean, and lets not forget the sliding doors to the lovely terrace.

Clean, simple and modern, this fully functioning kitchen can easily be used for outdoor parties by simply sliding the doors.

A long bench serves as a great seating area for each and every one of your guests. The large windows allow you to entertain both inside and outside simultaneously.

Hope you enjoyed the view and if you just can’t get enough visit Ultraspace’s profile here.

Bold and Bright Art in Interior Design

Selecting art for every room in your house,or interior design projects,has become an art form in and of itself. One of the biggest trends we have been exposed to  is adding bold artwork that pushes the boundaries, and we love it! Gone is the traditional framing and canvas only art; the art in the following rooms is quite exciting and refreshing. Join us as we tour the following six rooms as well as some tips and tricks on how to add bold artwork to your home or designs.

With so much to look at in this room the symmetrical, wildly colorful, and abstract artwork is still the center of attention.

Bold artwork can also mean a striking continuous print in black and white, color isn’t always necessary to make a statement.

A giant mirror splattered strategically in paint is an example of a fun, new, and non traditional medium.

Framed prints are a cheap and easy way of updating your space, find them at your local flea markets, or even at your local Museum’s shop.

A wide array of frames and art creates an eclectic room that still continues to feel put together. Remember to select your arrangement before placing the nails.

Small artwork can be used as a stylish table top accessory as well. Choose colors that represent your color scheme, or mood. If you want to DIY but your aren’t artistically inclined, stick to simple shapes and lines.

Images  1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

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Coastal Modern by Tim Clarke Interior Design

Tim Clarke has been a pioneer of coastal design for the past 15 years. Known and celebrated for creating a modern feel that encourages freedom, lightness, and reminds you of a long vacation on the Beach. Founder of Tim Clarke Interior Design, and author of The Coastal Modern, also has an impressive list of celebrity clients, among them Ben Stiller and Portia de Rossi.

The following home is an elegant beach house, showcasing all of the sought after details that Tim Clarke Interior Design is known for. Join us as we take a small tour of this coastal marvel.

Coastal Interior Design, Modern Interior Design, Tim Clarke

A muted color palette and warm furniture is a quintessential part of coastal design.

Coastal Interior Design, Modern Interior Design, Tim Clarke

This beautiful sea shell table lamp, and blue color scheme, are an ode to the ocean and its beaches.

Coastal Interior Design, Modern Interior Design, Tim Clarke

Modern interior design is softened by the inclusion of organic shapes and textures.

Coastal Interior Design, Modern Interior Design, Tim Clarke

Vintage pieces, and locally sourced materials & objects, create a unique environment.

Coastal Interior Design, Modern Interior Design, Tim Clarke

A state of the art kitchen, including stainless steal appliances, is a must in any home. The shutter like cabinet doors are a great touch as well.

Coastal Interior Design, Modern Interior Design, Tim Clarke

Coastal Interior Design, Modern Interior Design, Tim Clarke

Create a travelers oasis at home by including bamboo and palm trees.

Coastal Interior Design, Modern Interior Design, Tim Clarke

Sit back and relax on this amazing deck accompanied by a awe inspiring view.

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Boracay's Five Star Luxury Apartments by Yoo

Yoo was established in 1999 by property entrepreneur John Hitchcock and world renowned interior designer Philippe Starck. Their amazing team, and effortless style, has allowed Yoo to complete successful property ventures with glowing reviews.  Their portfolio extends from Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East to North and South America.  It is no surprise Yoo has won countless awards for their luxurious boutique hotels, impeccable residential designs, and stylish apartments around the globe.

One of their newest ventures has taken them to the beautiful tropical island of Boracay in the Philippines.  Yoo has created luxurious  apartments that adopt the feel and spirit of this beautiful island, while still maintaining all the modern amenities we crave. Travel & Leisure named Boracay as the world’s best island getaway, and after viewing these photos we would have to agree!

Interior Design, Home Decor, Philippe Starck, John Hitchcox, Boracay, Philippines, Residential Interior Design

These large windows create a smooth transition between the lush outdoors and and the ample luxurious space indoors.

Interior Design, Home Decor, Philippe Starck, John Hitchcox, Boracay, Philippines, Bedroom Interior Design

Modern Furnishings, and a muted color palette, create a soothing resort-like atmosphere.

Interior Design, Home Decor, Philippe Starck, John Hitchcox, Boracay, Philippines, Bedroom Interior Design. Office Space

Waking up to this view in this bedroom is our idea of a perfect getaway!

No need to over-accessorize this enviable terrace! Yoo decided to add a few ceramic stools, big comfy throw pillows, and beautiful ambient lighting (aka Candles).

Spa like features with beach inspired home accessories create a calm and relaxing

Effortless sophistication embodies this stunning living room, while wood accents warm up the space.

Hope you enjoyed the mini tour!

For more information on the Aqua Boracay Apartments click here.

Posh Toronto Condo by LUX Design

Toronto based LUX Design is an exceptional design firm dedicated to creating lush and luxurious spaces.  LUX Interiors Designs have been showcased everywhere from the New York Times to Canadian Interiors Magazine. They have also won several awards including a spot in the coveted Top 7 Interior Design Firms in Toronto.

Their immaculate taste and attention to detail caught our attention and we had the privilege to chit chat with them abouttheir experiences with this beautiful Stewart Suite Condo. Join us as we hear more about it!

Toronto Interior Designer, Interior Design, Home Decor, Modern Living Room, Transitional Interior Design

What was the client’s background / story for this project ?

The client was a young working professional who just moved to Toronto from out West for work seeking a quick solution to furnish her small condo in a short time span. With all her previously purchased furniture left out West, she was starting from scratch requiring all key pieces as well as solutions to make the industrial space functional and homey.

Toronto Interior Designer, Interior Design, Home Decor, Modern Dinnette, Transitional Interior Design

What were the client’s needs/objectives?

The needs of the client were mainly to create a multi-use space in which she could live day to day in, entertain in occasionally, and also work from home when necessary.

Toronto Interior Designer, Interior Design, Home Decor, Modern Bedroom, Transitional Interior Design

What kind of challenges did you experience during this project?

As with many condos space was limited and the unit felt very generic, cold and industrial with concrete ceilings, columns and large glass windows. The main challenge was to inject personality and warmth while making the space flexible to function in different ways for the client.

Toronto Interior Designer, Interior Design, Home Decor, Modern Interior Design, Transitional Interior Design

Design Phase: Please tell me about the design phase and how different pieces were picked out.

The design phase of the project was very quick as the client had no furniture to utilize after her move. Pieces were selected that could serve dual purposes such as the fold out console/ dining table. Another deciding factor in selection was materials and textures; the objective was to bring in natural materials and elements to create a warmer and inviting living space.

Toronto Interior Designer, Interior Design, Home Decor, Modern Living Room, Transitional Interior Design

Completion Phase: What was the client feedback? Did the project meet / exceed their expectations?

The client was very pleased with how the space came together in a short time frame and on budget. Not only was she happy with the final design, but also with how the process made her transition to Toronto easier.

Like what you see? Check out more of LUX Design’s Portfolio here!

Timeless, Sophisticated and Modern Interior Designs by Meridith Baer Home

For the past 15 years, Meridith Baer Home has been transforming dream homes from fantasy to reality by taking into account the stories of their clients’ lives. Founder of Meridith Baer Homes and a Los Angeles based interior designer, Meridith Baer also specializes in home staging and event interiors, including some projects for celebrities and billionaires. Meridith Baer Home’s work has been featured on notable publications such as New York Times Magazine, Los Angeles Times Magazine, and New York Times. As well as appearing on Home and Garden Television, ABC, NBC, and the Discovery Channel.

Find inspiration for your home’s next makeover or upcoming design project with these modern interior designs by the creative minds at Meridith Baer Home.

Modern Architecture and Living Room

The clean architectural lines of this living room brings attention to the simplicity of sofas and coffee table.

Rustic and Modern Living Room

The combination of modern chairs and side table mix well with the rustic wood ceiling and textured brick wall to create a cultural appeal.

Modern Living Room

The color palette of this living room is kept neutral to maintain a subtle modern and welcoming ambiance.

Modern Living Room

The texture of the rug, the sleek surface of the leather chairs, and the intricate detail of the mirrors balance each other to create a perfectly modern-styled room.

Modern and Organic Bedroom

The wood bed frame and hardwood floor introduces an organic aspect to a modern-styled bedroom.

Modern Dining Room

The industrial pendant lights are a wonderful addition to this modern dining room.

Which of these modern interior designs were your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below. To see more brilliant interior designs from Meridith Baer Home, have a look at their portfolio here.

Mid-Century Modern Elegance by Jamie Bush & Co.

Located in the luscious foothills of Sierra Madre, this elegant residence in La Canada Flintridge is home to a beautiful mesh of mid-century and modern style designs.  Designed by the widely admired Los Angeles Interior Designer, Jamie Bush of Jamie Bush & Co., this home takes wooden elements so evident in mid-century style designs, and incorporates them with a colorful modern eclectic twist. You’ll see how the lovely textures of Jamie Bush’s incorporated natural components intermix with the beautiful neutral color palettes, while colorful home decor and accessories present a sharp, eye-catching contrast in perfect precision. With pops of color strategically placed throughout various spaces of the home, expect some alluring surprises below!

La Canada Residence

Here’s an enticing glance at the various rooms in this home. Working from the exterior in, Jamie Bush’s stunning design creates one cohesive blend of natural textures and colors seen in both the inside and outside of the residence.

La Canada Residence

No matter the season, snuggle up close with your loved ones in this modern, but cozy family area. Complete with a subtle fireplace for chilly winters and large glass windows to invite inside the nice summer-time weather, this beautiful space is the perfect place to host family-bonding time all year-round!

La Canada Residence

Just one of the many creative spaces throughout the home where Jamie Bush & Co. incorporates mid-century style into a modern design highlighted with stylish eclectic patterns. We love how colors replace the need for heavy embellishments in this room!

La Canada Residence

This is the perfect spot for friends and family to laugh over a little afternoon snack. With sunlight-inviting windows and a large open space, hours passing in this room would be spent comfortably!

La Canada Residence

With such a sleek and stylish kitchen design, who wouldn’t want to be the head chef of this home?

La Canada Residence

Escape from the all the stress and business of the work week in this relaxing study space. After all, everyone needs a place for their hearts and minds to rest and rejuvenate after a long tiring week.

La Canada Residence

With a beautiful open fire place, a cozy comfortable chair, and a warm fuzzy rug in this lovely spot, staying home all day would be both easy and relaxing!

La Canada Residence

A bright and airy master bedroom complete with mid-century style walls and colorful modern home decor throughout this spacious room!

La Canada Residence

Relax in Jamie Bush & Co.’s backyard-resort design – complete with a sleek modern pool and surrounded by nature, this La Canada Mid-Century Residence has definitely succeeded in building the home from the outdoor – in.

For more fabulous modern works by Jamie Bush & Co., check out their portfolio!

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