Color Theory: Pick a Mood for Your Room

This awesome infographic was shared with us recently and we couldn’t wait to share the love.  As much as we adore adding color, it is sometimes a difficult task making  it work in our homes. What shade of blue do I pick? What are the best color combinations?  These questions can be answered in a million ways but by selecting a mood, and planning ahead, you can overcome your color fear and go for that statement color wall! Below are great tips for picking  a mood that can help you achieve the home of your dreams.

Pick a Mood for the Room Infographic
Infographic by Gate to Garage

What is your mood? Tell us in the comments below!

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An Unparalleled Beach Home by Mark Gacesa

Ultraspace is defined as an ultimate spacial environment and Mark Gacesa knows how to create it. Ultraspace Interiors currently serves Australia and Los Angeles but isn’t your average Interior Design firm. In order to create the outrageously extravagant homes they are known for they take part in every little detail of the home including: furniture, custom designed cabinetry. lighting, fabrics and more. Creative and unique, Ultraspace headed by Mark Gacesa, has made quite the impression in Australia after winning various national and state design awards.

This particular home is quite the beach house, full of so many innovative and glamorous details we just had to share it with you!

A man made beach circling the entrance of the home, and lush greenery, creates an unparalleled tropical ambiance.

A grand space with high ceilings creates the ideal backdrop for large and unique pieces of art.

Warm wood floors and window frames look fantastic paired with white walls and furniture.

A bedroom with a breathtaking view of the ocean, and lets not forget the sliding doors to the lovely terrace.

Clean, simple and modern, this fully functioning kitchen can easily be used for outdoor parties by simply sliding the doors.

A long bench serves as a great seating area for each and every one of your guests. The large windows allow you to entertain both inside and outside simultaneously.

Hope you enjoyed the view and if you just can’t get enough visit Ultraspace’s profile here.

Nina Garcia's Stylish Manhattan Abode

You might have heard about Nina Garcia, fashion director of Marie Claire, judge on a tiny little show called Project Runway, and an international style icon. We knew that her impeccable sense of fashion would translate beautifully into a home, and we were not disappointing. Architectural Digest was able to capture Nina Garcias’ and Carlos Aparacio’s finished project and we can’t wait to share it with all of you as well. Filled with soft relaxing shades infused with personality, this home is truly a show-stopper.

Pale blue hues add a sense of tranquility to this mid century modern living room, while the modern artwork infuses just the right amount of chaos.

Luxurious raw silk sweeping curtains adorn the large windows. The beige furniture works great against the blue walls.

This amazing Swedish rug  is as unique as Nina herself, and was sent all the way from Milan. Nina states in her interview to AD that she enjoys adding color with rugs since she normally embraces neutral palettes.

Grey cashmere curtains, sculptures, a tufted headboard, create quite the impressive master bedroom.

Filled with the most amazing brands and styles, Nina’s closet is her style sanctuary.

White marbled floors and counter tops, and bold yellow flowers, add dimension to this otherwise white washed room.

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Bold and Bright Art in Interior Design

Selecting art for every room in your house,or interior design projects,has become an art form in and of itself. One of the biggest trends we have been exposed to  is adding bold artwork that pushes the boundaries, and we love it! Gone is the traditional framing and canvas only art; the art in the following rooms is quite exciting and refreshing. Join us as we tour the following six rooms as well as some tips and tricks on how to add bold artwork to your home or designs.

With so much to look at in this room the symmetrical, wildly colorful, and abstract artwork is still the center of attention.

Bold artwork can also mean a striking continuous print in black and white, color isn’t always necessary to make a statement.

A giant mirror splattered strategically in paint is an example of a fun, new, and non traditional medium.

Framed prints are a cheap and easy way of updating your space, find them at your local flea markets, or even at your local Museum’s shop.

A wide array of frames and art creates an eclectic room that still continues to feel put together. Remember to select your arrangement before placing the nails.

Small artwork can be used as a stylish table top accessory as well. Choose colors that represent your color scheme, or mood. If you want to DIY but your aren’t artistically inclined, stick to simple shapes and lines.

Images  1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

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Interior Design Travel Spotlight: The Oregon Coast

The Oregon coast is a hidden gem not many travelers know of.  Beautiful Docks, ports, sandy beaches, hiking trails, and lovely lighthouses will all take your breath away. If seafood is your thing, fresh sustainable seafood markets are everywhere.

This beautiful three story home was designed as a getaway for a large family. Jessica Helgerson Interior Design managed to show off the beauty of the Oregon Coast and create a home that represented its spirit. Join us as we take a small tour of this unbelievable home.

The combination of textures , printed rugs, and throw pillows are all tied together by a warm and lively color palette, cozy wing back chairs  are upholstered in linen and cowhide

This wonderful guest bedroom includes a balcony and unique accessories handpicked to pay homage to the coast.

Subtle colors, wood stumps, and wood floors, allow the focus to be placed entirely on the amazing view of the ocean.

This boat was creatively transformed into a day bed that hangs from the ceiling, how cool is that?

This gorgeous chandelier reflects the ocean in hundreds of slightly irregular hand-blown glass drops.

A hammock and a fire pit are essentials for a great getaway, especially when you are surrounded completely by nature.

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Beautiful Buenos Aires 1970's Home Renovation

Paula Cahen d’Anver y Federico Álvarez Castillo wanted a house that had a natural flow between the interiors and exteriors.  Luckily they found this wonderful 1970’s home that did just that, and so the remodeling began.  Being owners and designers of one of Argentina’s most influential fashion brands, Etiqueta Negra, their home directly reflects their keen sense of style and impeccable taste.

Style and comfort were in the forefront of this Renovation, but their main focus was creating a Home to share with family. The final product is exactly as they envisioned it and more. Join us as we visit this exquisite Buenos Aires home.

Interior Design, Home Decor, Living Room Interior Design, Eclectic

A lush green landscape is only a step away from this indoor/outdoor living room. The large floor to ceiling sliding windows allow a smooth transition between the two beautiful spaces.

Interior Design, Home Decor, Dining Interior Design, Eclectic

Beautiful molding gives this otherwise modern room a touch of traditional flair, while the beautiful wooden floors create warmth.  Pops of color are incorporated through artwork and fresh cut flowers.

Interior Design, Home Decor, Living Room Interior Design, Eclectic Interior Design

Going with a neutral color palette allowed these homeowners to experiment with a beautiful mix of colors,textures, prints, and accessories.

Interior Design, Home Decor, Kitchen Interior Design, Eclectic

Stunning marble counter tops, white brick back splash, and stainless steel appliances, are the recipe for one amazing kitchen.

Interior Design, Home Decor, Living Room Interior Design, Eclectic

This 70’s fireplace was one of the vintage elements that remained untouched during the renovation, and became a great area to showcase one of their favorite Romulo Maccio paintings.

Interior Design, Home Decor, Bathroom Interior Design, Modern

This marble bathtub was strategically placed in the center of the bathroom in order to enjoy the beautiful view and be an area of complete serenity.

Interior Design, Home Decor, Porch Interior Design, TraditionalThis patio became the homeowners favorite spot to enjoy with family and entertain friends.

All photos via Nuevo Estilo

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Timeless, Sophisticated and Modern Interior Designs by Meridith Baer Home

For the past 15 years, Meridith Baer Home has been transforming dream homes from fantasy to reality by taking into account the stories of their clients’ lives. Founder of Meridith Baer Homes and a Los Angeles based interior designer, Meridith Baer also specializes in home staging and event interiors, including some projects for celebrities and billionaires. Meridith Baer Home’s work has been featured on notable publications such as New York Times Magazine, Los Angeles Times Magazine, and New York Times. As well as appearing on Home and Garden Television, ABC, NBC, and the Discovery Channel.

Find inspiration for your home’s next makeover or upcoming design project with these modern interior designs by the creative minds at Meridith Baer Home.

Modern Architecture and Living Room

The clean architectural lines of this living room brings attention to the simplicity of sofas and coffee table.

Rustic and Modern Living Room

The combination of modern chairs and side table mix well with the rustic wood ceiling and textured brick wall to create a cultural appeal.

Modern Living Room

The color palette of this living room is kept neutral to maintain a subtle modern and welcoming ambiance.

Modern Living Room

The texture of the rug, the sleek surface of the leather chairs, and the intricate detail of the mirrors balance each other to create a perfectly modern-styled room.

Modern and Organic Bedroom

The wood bed frame and hardwood floor introduces an organic aspect to a modern-styled bedroom.

Modern Dining Room

The industrial pendant lights are a wonderful addition to this modern dining room.

Which of these modern interior designs were your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below. To see more brilliant interior designs from Meridith Baer Home, have a look at their portfolio here.

Stunningly Sleek and Modern New Jersey Home by Vanessa DeLeon Associates

Twelve years ago, Vanessa DeLeon founded Vanessa DeLeon Associates, a design service for high-end residential and commercial interiors. Based out of New Jersey and New York City, Vanessa DeLeon Associates has a strong commitment to serving their clients with high quality work from design concept to completion.

Vanessa DeLeon Associates has been featured in countless notable publications, such as The Nest Magazine, New York Spaces, DesignNJ, Luxury Home Quarterly, SOMA, and many others. Interior designer Vanessa DeLeon has also been on hit shows like “Restaurant Impossible”, “Design Star”, and the host of “Your Place is a Deal Breaker”.

Take a look at this gorgeous sleek and modern Edgewater, New Jersey home. The mix of color with grays and neutrals along with creative use of patterns makes this home one to remember. Enjoy!

Modern Living Room
The vibrant blue of the living room wall makes the wall decor more prominent and adds a touch of color to the neutral colors of the room’s furnishings.

Modern Kitchen
No modern home is complete without a sleek chrome and wood-finished kitchen, with a kitchen island that also serves as a small bar counter.

Modern Dining Room
The whimsical pendant lights and cream chairs evoke a sense of elegance to this marvelous hardwood dining room.

Modern Backyard
The simplicity of the patio furnishing contrast nicely against the taupe and gray brick of this backyard oasis.

Modern Closet
The patterned ceiling and detailed floor rug creates the illusion of a more elongated closet space.

Modern Master Bedroom
The texture of the rug and patterned tile wall helps to add depth to this neutral and modern master bedroom.

Vanessa DeLeon Associates exceeded their client’s expectations, and it was no wonder they were ecstatic with the outcome of their home. Let us know which of these designs were you favorite in the comments section below. To see more of Vanessa DeLeon Associates’ exquisite interior designs, have a look at their portfolio here.

The Classy Crowne Plaza Hotel in San Antonio by Altus Design Studio

Altus Design Studio, a Dallas interior firm, began in 2009 by Bethany Lewis. A graduate of Abilene Christian University with a B.S. in Interior Design, Bethany has flourished in what she loves, winning the 2008 ASID Legacy of Design Award and the 2005 NAHB Best in Interior Design.  She has designed in many well-known locations such as the Sheraton, Remington Hotels, and the MGM City Center.  The dignifying key to Altus Design Studio is their ability to mold to their client’s needs and design in various styles.

The work done in the Crowne Plaza Hotel in San Antonio is one that is sure to catch your eye.  The goal of this project was to create a design that blended in with the regional style of San Antonio.  Altus Design Studio was asked to renovate the restaurant, bar, and lobby inside of this hotel. Under a limited budget, it is evident that Altus was able to exceed expectations.

Lobby Area

The chandelier glimmers brightly and vibrantly above the lobby area.


The dim lights around the bar counter sets the tone for a relaxing night.

Front Desk

The front desk is adorned with wood and natural plants to give it a calming ambiance.

Side of Dining Area

Color contrasting adds excitement to this side of the dining room.


The wall of the lobby area perfectly captures the San Antonio regional style.

Dining Area

Neutral hues with various splash of color give the seating area a refreshing feel.

If you enjoyed these, there’s more to see on Altus Design Studio’s portfolio page.


Playful Colors in a Modern San Diego Loft By Mia Rao Design

Mia Rao Design was founded in 2001 as a Chicago-based, full-service interior design firm dedicated to transforming residential and commercial interiors. Interior designer, Mia Rao creates livable modern and classic interior designs by drawing from the personal history and lifestyle of her clients. The objective for every design project by Mia Rao Design is to achieve well-balanced interiors that are both functional and unique.

It is easy to see that this is exactly what was done in the project bellow. Take in this stunning collection of photographs of this San Diego Loft that is an excellent representation of her firm and her fabulous work!

Loft Living Room

The vivid colors of the rug and couch create an upscale atmosphere in this loft living room.

Modern Kitchen

The rich, dark colors of the bar stools contrast nicely against the kitchen island.

Bear Grass Embedded Glass Door

The glass doors with embedded bear-grass opens up to reveal the bedroom.

Graphic Art and Detailed Textile Bedroom

The graphic artwork complements the patterns of the Maharam textiles on the bed.


Loft Entryway

The wall light art, arching blue ceiling, and graphic art in this loft entryway all come together to evoke an artistic and modern ambiance.

Loft Home Office

The colorful sleeper sofa adds a touch of softness to this modern home office.

Art Corner

The cobalt colored wall brings out the details in the paintings and color of the lacquered cabinets.

Let us know which of these designs or home accessories was your favorite in the comments section. To see more of Mia Rao Design’s gorgeous work, visit their portfolio here.