Cool Contemporary Kitchens

Are you planning a new contemporary kitchen or a complete redo of your current one? Right now we’re seeing a lot of attention being given to contemporary and modern kitchens on Pinterest. Sleek lines, upscale finishes and touches of  wood to warm up stone and metal are all on display in these popular images. Sometimes, even a small update can make a kitchen space sing. Here are eight contemporary kitchen ideas we’re loving this week:

Contemporary Kitchen

Wood, stone and metal come together in a most appealing way in the fabulous kitchen above.

Contemporary Kitchen

Natural light fills this fantastic galley kitchen. Below counter storage abounds and open shelving can be used for decorative accents, dishes and serving pieces.

Contemporary Kitchen Warm wood cabinets, table and modern chairs are a fascinated contrast to sleek concrete in this inviting eat-in kitchen.

Contemporary Kitchen

We love everything about this stunning contemporary kitchen. Massive island, dark flooring and lots of display space and high windows to enhance it all–simply perfect.

 Contemporary Kitchen

Sleek and modern combine beautifully with a bit of rustic and retro to create a kitchen that invites family and friends to join the chef in prep and mealtime fun.

 Contemporary Kitchen

Absolutely stunning, don’t you think? This small kitchen is a study in contemporary style, functionality and beauty. A trio of white pendant lights add that perfect final touch.

Contemporary Kitchen

Here’s one of those updates that has big visual impact and super functionality. A dish rack that adds natural beauty plus simple practicality. Form and function that please.

Contemporary Kitchen

Already have wonderful dark contemporary kitchen? Bring it to life with pure white minimalist accents like these rotund ceramic vases in a variety of sizes.


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Refined Modern Duplex in New York's Flat Iron District by Workshop/Apd

Since being founded in 1999, Workshop/Apd‘s designs have been featured in magazines such as Metropolitan Home, Home & Garden, Interior Design and many others. In 2006, Workshop/Apd won the Sustainable Design Competition in New Orleans and have stated that they “are committed to work that is ethical, poetic, and of its time.” The New York interior designers at Workshop/Apd took that philosophy and applied it to this modern duplex located in the Flat Iron District of New York.

The firm was contacted by a longtime client who wanted to update their existing duplex by having the kitchen redone. The team completely renovated the enclosed kitchen and transformed it into an inviting area and a gathering place for the entire family. The kitchen is highlighted by gorgeous gray finished wood cabinets, recessed lighting, stainless steel, and marble counter tops. To complete the duplex’s modern look, Workshop/Apd modernized their clients powder room with a simplistic and clean modern style.

New York Modern Kitchen Design by Workshop/Apd

The sleek overview of the kitchen is greatly accented by the combination of pendant and recessed lighting.

New York Modern Kitchen Design by Workshop/Apd

The gray tones of the wood and marble blend fluidly and camouflage the refrigerator from view.

New York Modern Dining Room Design by Workshop/Apd

The kitchen's colors compliment the adjacent rooms with uncompromising charm.

New York Modern Power Room Design by Workshop/Apd

The newly modernized powder room features simplistic lines that match the rest of the home.

New York Modern Power Room & Stair Case Design by Workshop/Apd

The entire duplex has a modern geometric design. From the staircase to the powder room, rigid lines encompass this design.

New York Modern Duplex Design by Workshop/Apd

The minimalist style of the home is accented by subtle tones of steel, nature, and unique wall art.

Workshop/Apd has firms in New York (NY), Nantucket (MA), and Asbury Park (NJ). Check out their portfolio and see other amazing designs that this modern design firm has under their belt.

Style Guide: Modern

Today marks the beginning of our new blogging series, “Style Guide Fridays”. Each week we’ll be defining the most popular design styles in an easy, informative, and descriptive way from an insider’s point of view. Read along to understand the styles you love on a deeper level and discover which one fits your next project best!

Modern style has many versions from the purist 1920s interpretation to the 1950s kitschy American modernistic movement. Early modern styles include art nouveau, art deco, and art modern. As a varied and mixed style of the 20th century, modern styling stemmed from the early German Bauhaus School of Design and Scandinavian modern movement. Incorporated in the style are elements of Abstract, Cubism and Pop Art which became popular after WWII as the contemporary society we know today began to develop. After the hardships of the war, creativity was sparked and resulted in exciting, imaginative and innovative design touching all aspects of contemporary life.

Phillippe Starck’s chrome floor mirror and glass table set amongst a highly ornamental setting, shows the contrast between the clean lines of modern styling and more ornate styles.

Image above via

Straight and sensuous lines, geometric shapes, polished surfaces and expansive spaces are all characteristics of modern style. After the highly ornamental styles of the past, modern styling was a breath of fresh air with its streamlined and non-fussy aesthetic. Indicative of the style are white walls, large bare windows, open floor plans. Many furniture designs became works of art in their own right with biomorphic curves and non-ornamental lines. Industrial materials such as chrome, painted steel and plastic found their way into the home. Laminated wood and industrial coatings became popularly used in furniture design.

Image Above via

Eames 3-seater Sofa is still being reproduced today. Rich walnut and supple leather make it a welcome addition to any modern home.

Designers of the time became legends and their works are still in reproduction to this day. Le Corbusier, Mies van der Rohe, Marcel Breuer and Charles and Ray Eames are just a handful of the masters of modern styling. Popular furniture designs coming from this group include the Egg Chair, Tulip Chair, Eames Chair, Panton Chair and the modular sofa. Popular materials used by these designers were polypropylene molded plastic, leather, chrome and glass. Architects of the time, including Frank Lloyd Wright, Alvar Aalto, Neutra and Louis I Kahn, are considered geniuses by many. Their works, like the furniture of the time was simple, streamlined and biomorphic.

Image Above via

Mies van der Rohe’s Barcelona daybed makes this corner a comfortable and classy place to get away from the demands of modern life.

Image Above via

Sensuous lines and bold vibrant colors are indicative of Karim Rashid’s modern flair.

Image Above via Brown Davis Interiors

Today, modern furnishings can be found in reproduction both online and off from dealers carrying modern furnishings. The modern movement has not waned since its inception, but has gained popularity with many designers creating new looks such as Philippe Starck with his 2003 Ghost Chair and Karim Rashid with his colorful and fun interior designs. Two highly acclaimed TV shows set in the early 20th century, Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire, have increased demand for the mid-century modern and art deco modern styles.

Tell us what other aspects you think are important to make modern style exclusively modern. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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