Fall 2013 Fashion Trends meet Home Trends

It’s no secret that Fashion trends sometimes happen to spill over into home decor. We have always thought of Interior Design is art you live in, very much like the clothes you decide to wear everyday. Here are six 2013 fall trends in both Fashion and Interior Design.





Jason Wu


Theyskens' Theory


Stella McCartney


Christian Dior


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Fun, Fresh, and Youthful Living by MHD Studio

Meri Hornberger always dreamed of owning her own interior design company. After two decades of success at other interior design firms Meri decided it was time to start her own, and so MHD Studio was born in 1998. MHD Studio’s passion has always been designing spaces that lift their clients both emotionally and spiritually.  Other than in Los Angeles, MHD studio also has hubs in Seattle,  Bellevue,  and Portland. This multi-faceted firm does everything from Residential design, Staging, and Interior Photography, without skipping a beat.

Making an apartment feel like home is one tough job but MHD Studio was up for the challenge. With attention to detail and a fun, fresh, youthful approach they transformed the following three apartments into homes, each with a personality of it’s own.  Join us as we showcase some of our favorite rooms.

Portland MHD Studio Contemporary Living Room Interior Design

Accessories are key in this stunning Portland Aparment. The chevron rug, printed pillows, and stunning artwork are all tied together by a common color scheme.

Seattle MHD Studio Modern Bedroom Interior Design Home Decor

What a view! MHD Studio has taken full advantage of this prime window view in San Francisco by creating a wonderful lounging area.

Seattle MHD Studio Modern Kitchen Interior Design Home Decor

Less is more in this wonderful Seattle apartment. An open floor plan caters to a busier lifestyle and the kitchen placement is a great space saving technique for smaller apartments or studios.

San Francisco MHD Studio Contemporary Living Room Interior Design Home Decor

The industrial feel of this living room is livened up with quirky accessories , bold black and white prints, and pops of color.

San Francisco MHD Studio Modern Bathroom Interior Design Home Decor

Simple touches like adding a fun poster, a bold pouf, or even switching up your bathroom towels color, can take your bathroom from feeling like a hotel to feeling like home.

San Francisco MHD Studio Contemporary Living Room Interior Design Home Decor

Versatile Modern Furniture and exceptional use of color and accessories makes this San Francisco apartment far from ordinary.

Want to see more of MHD Studio’s remarkable work? Visit her portfolio here.

Warm Minimalism in the MacDougal Manor by Betty Wasserman Art & Interiors, Ltd.

As we continue to blog about our Design Shuffle Top 10 Winners, we are pleased to bring you the fabulous work of Betty Wasserman Art & Interiors, Ltd. Launched in 1996 by Betty herself, Betty had the knowledge and creativity already in her as a private art dealer. You’ll see that Betty’s work is focused on minimalism and warmth that bring a unique approach to her creations. She is best known for her work in lofts and in the Hamptons.

Betty rises to the next level as not only an interior designer but also as a furniture designer. Coinciding with her modern and minimal style, Betty launched her custom furniture line in 2002. Consisting of wood and clean lines, Betty’s furnishings are an extension of her signature style. Infusing her personality into everything she does, you’ll find it interesting that as an accomplished equestrian, every piece of furniture she creates is named after various horses. As an former artist, Betty represents over fifty artists ranging from original paintings, sculpture and photography. Below is one of our favorites works from Betty. This MacDougal Manor is truly a sight to see with unique elements around every corner.

Betty Wasserman Art and Interiors, LTD - East Coast

Neutral colors and a creative mix of patterns on the upholstery and rug blend well.

Betty Wasserman Art and Interiors, LTD - East Coast

Creatively dividing the living room from the dining room is an artistic display of wood intervals.

Betty Wasserman Art and Interiors, LTD - East Coast

Wood cabinetry with white counter tops and three simple pendants gives the kitchen an airy and open feel.

Betty Wasserman Art and Interiors, LTD - East Coast

A coffee table made entirely out of wood blocks keeps the home cohesive and interesting.

Betty Wasserman Art and Interiors, LTD - East Coast

We absolutely love this bedroom! Complete comfort is exuded with the bed and blue hues while a fabulous large ottoman provides additional comfort.

Betty Wasserman Art and Interiors, LTD - East Coast

A master bedroom is not complete without a fireplace. A wicker back board is the backbone for the all-inclusive fireplace and television.

Betty Wasserman Art and Interiors, LTD - East Coast

Ample space in the family room is used appropriately with the large sectional sofa in a bright color. Family friendly and inviting, the room is brought to life with simple decorating.


What did you think of this stunning home? Be sure to let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to check out the outstanding portfolio that Betty has here on Design Shuffle!

Stunningly Sleek and Modern New Jersey Home by Vanessa DeLeon Associates

Twelve years ago, Vanessa DeLeon founded Vanessa DeLeon Associates, a design service for high-end residential and commercial interiors. Based out of New Jersey and New York City, Vanessa DeLeon Associates has a strong commitment to serving their clients with high quality work from design concept to completion.

Vanessa DeLeon Associates has been featured in countless notable publications, such as The Nest Magazine, New York Spaces, DesignNJ, Luxury Home Quarterly, SOMA, and many others. Interior designer Vanessa DeLeon has also been on hit shows like “Restaurant Impossible”, “Design Star”, and the host of “Your Place is a Deal Breaker”.

Take a look at this gorgeous sleek and modern Edgewater, New Jersey home. The mix of color with grays and neutrals along with creative use of patterns makes this home one to remember. Enjoy!

Modern Living Room
The vibrant blue of the living room wall makes the wall decor more prominent and adds a touch of color to the neutral colors of the room’s furnishings.

Modern Kitchen
No modern home is complete without a sleek chrome and wood-finished kitchen, with a kitchen island that also serves as a small bar counter.

Modern Dining Room
The whimsical pendant lights and cream chairs evoke a sense of elegance to this marvelous hardwood dining room.

Modern Backyard
The simplicity of the patio furnishing contrast nicely against the taupe and gray brick of this backyard oasis.

Modern Closet
The patterned ceiling and detailed floor rug creates the illusion of a more elongated closet space.

Modern Master Bedroom
The texture of the rug and patterned tile wall helps to add depth to this neutral and modern master bedroom.

Vanessa DeLeon Associates exceeded their client’s expectations, and it was no wonder they were ecstatic with the outcome of their home. Let us know which of these designs were you favorite in the comments section below. To see more of Vanessa DeLeon Associates’ exquisite interior designs, have a look at their portfolio here.

Modern French Apartment by BKH NY

Burley Katon Halliday (BKH) is an architectural and interior design business with over 30 years of practice, originating from Sydney, Australia. Their second office BKH NY, in New York currently offers purely interior design services. Their clientele are diverse, ranging from domestic, retail, hospitality, and corporate fields. With a client specific approach, the results of their projects are of consistent high quality. The Sydney and New York BKH offices consist of director Iain Halliday and ten designers as the professional team.

Check out this Ikon Apartment by BKH, which is a duplex apartment in a converted 1980’s hotel building. The client had wanted a restful cocoon like interior, evocative of French interiors without attempting to recreate them in a modern building.

Mirrored Living Room

The long sofa and use of mirror walls accentuates the length of this living room, making it appear roomier that it is. The tall lamp shade also helps increase the perceived height of the room, especially with the small armchairs next to it.

Luxurious Gold Armchairs

The simple white colored curtains and the dark gray carpet makes the rich gold cushions of the armchairs even more luxurious and prominent in the foreground of the scenic city view.

Vivid Purple Entryway

The vivid purple colored carpet in this bedroom turned entryway and library is tied to the room’s aesthetic with the same tones of purple accented in the throw pillows.

Quaint Library

To meet the essential accommodations for the client’s extensive book and photographic collections, the entryway is lined on both sides with bookcases to create a quaint library.

French Dining Room

The glass wall outlining the dining room complements the simple dining room, with small intricate detailing on the chairs for a subtle nod towards the French style.

Taupe Gray Bedroom

The frame of the taupe gray chair is reminisce of French interiors, but not heavily ornate to overwhelm this bedroom.

Despite their challenge with access limitations due to the apartment’s high floor level in the building, BKH was able to successfully carry out the client’s request. The client’s response had been glowing, with reference and comparisons to 5 star hotels.

Let us know in the comments section below which of these rooms is your favorite. To see more of BKH’s work, visit their portfolio here.

Brooklyn, NY Brownstone Home Makeover with Interiors by Francesca

Vonnie and Velma Hamilton own a Brooklyn brownstone home that has been in their family for three generations. These wonderful sisters have been a strong positive influence in their Brooklyn community through their service to their church and ever increasing “extended family”, always lending a hand to anyone in need, and creating an open door policy in their own home. Because of recent health issues and time and money spent with doctors, these sisters had no choice but to leave  some of their home needs unattended.  With the overall functionality of their home and appliances falling apart, these “honorary grandmas” were no longer able to host guests in their home as they once were.

NBC show, George to the Rescue, wanted to give back to these two sisters after seeing the inspiring, hard work they have contributed to their community. The New York design community was able to show their gratitude and admiration for these two by renovating their loving home.  When Frances Herrera of Interiors by Francesca was approached with the opportunity to change the lives of these two “honorary grandmas”, she was thrilled. Here are some of her experiences and photos we’ve asked her to share with you about this unbelievable transformation!

What were the client’s needs/objectives?

Recently struggling with mobility issues, Vonnie hasn’t been able to get around as well as she once did. The new space needed to be spacious to accommodate a wheelchair to pass through the parlor room into the kitchen/dining room and allow the furniture to be moved around easily to make space for large gatherings of family and friends.

What kind of challenges did you experience during this project?

Taking time to concentrate on health and  rehabilitation, the sisters had let issues in their 150 year old Brooklyn brownstone fall through the cracks. The ground floor consisting of the parlor and kitchen were in bad shape, cracked walls, poor lighting, damaged and warped wood floors were amongst many other issues. The space felt dark with only one overhead electrical source for such a large space. The space needed a solid floor plan to make it feel warm, bright and welcoming.

Completion Phase: What was the client feedback? Did the project meet / exceed their expectations?

Overall the ladies were floored when they saw their home after we rescued it from years of wear and tear and restored it to it’s original beauty with a contemporary approach to complement modern day living. Never did they imagine that the space would have turned out so airy and elegant to reflect their sunny personalities.

Interior Design Home Decor George to the Rescue Home Makeover Living Room

The wall color from the Historical Collection from Benjamin Moore was selected to give a beautiful contrast against the original plaster ceiling detail. The graphic rug was selected to complement and  emphasize the lovely original arches in the fireplace design and doorway moldings.  It also softens up the space and adds a touch of modern elegance.

Interior Design Home Decor George to the Rescue Home Makeover Living Room

The paisley and greek key pattern pillows give a nod to the traditional elements of the space but with a more updated, fresh approach. The versatile cocktail ottoman can serve as additional seating or as place to put down snacks and drinks. 

Interior Design Home Decor George to the Rescue Home Makeover Living Room

The beautiful original italian marble mantle was begging for a gorgeous statement piece. I selected a modern interpretation of a mercury inlay mirror from Arcadian Home to grace the fireplace and serve as an elegant focal point as soon as you enter the space.  It also serves to reflect the light off the chandelier making the space brighter…I like that Arcadian Home has well made pieces with character.

Interior Design Home Decor George to the Rescue Home Makeover Living Room

The parlor was dark with only one source of ceiling light. By placing a console behind the sofa, it provides a surface to place two table lamps to increase lighting and provide a space for the sisters to display their family photos and mementos.

Interior Design Home Decor George to the Rescue Home Makeover Living Room

Along the fireplace, I selected a two person bench and two accent chairs amongst the sofa for a cozy conversation area. The space was designed to be spacious enough to accommodate dining chairs to be brought in from the adjoining kitchen for larger gatherings. A round table with two chairs near the window is perfect for enjoying a cup of coffee while reading the paper and enjoying the view of the tree lined street and greeting neightboors passing by. 

Thank you Francesca for sharing this project with us! The rescue makeover will air as the season premier of George to the Rescue on NBC Channel 4 on Saturday, September 15, 2012 at 9:30am EST throughout the New York tristate area. For areas outside of NY, please check your local listings for show times.

Want more? For more beautiful designs from Interiors by Francesca and an unbelievable product selection, make sure to visit her shop, and check out her portfolio!

Unique Modern-Industrial Loft by Resolution: 4 Architecture

Joseph Tanney and Robert Luntz, founders of Resolution: 4 Architecture based in New York, first began devoting their intelligent architecture and design to address 21st century conditions in 1990. Their firm’s objective is to assist in implementing strategies to embed long term changes in our dynamic communities, such as making them more sustainable. Resolution: 4 Architecture has currently been more involved with the single-family housing market, highlighting “mass customization” in their designs. Here is the 4,800 square feet Loft of Frank & Amy, just one of their many creative works.

Loft of Frank & Amy

The splashes of color from various décor in the kitchen and living room give this loft a great modern-industrial look.

Loft of Frank & Amy

The pendant light above the kitchen counter gives a soft illumination highlighting the counter’s contrast to the cabinets against the wall.

Loft of Frank & Amy

This creative cabinet is perfect for storing things of all different shapes and sizes!

Loft of Frank & Amy

The lighting in this hallway really enhances the wall textures and different floor patterns.

Loft of Frank and Amy

The creative quilted pattern of the bedding adds a unique homely feel to this modern-industrial designed home.

Loft of Frank & Amy

These patterned rugs are perfect for adding a non-overpowering contrast to the white walls and beige divider.

See more of Frank & Amy’s loft at Resolution: 4 Architecture’s portfolio.

NYC Fabulous Flatiron Design by West Chin Architect

Selected by New York magazine as one of “The City’s 100 Best Architects and Decorators,” West Chin Architects (WCA) topped Interior Design magazine’s industry list as “Kitchen & Bath Design Leader,” and was chosen by New York Space magazine to be included in their annual “10 under 40: New Faces of Design.”  West Chin founded a design/build firm in 1992, which became the foundation for his architectural practice WCA. He maintains a design philosophy that combines style with functionality, utilizing minimal, clean lines to create fluid, light-filled, spacious environments. WCA is a full-service architecture, interior design and decorating firm based in New York City. West Chin, the principal architect behind WCA is known for his distinctly modern commercial and residential work. WCA launched a modern furniture and accessory collection under the name FTF Design Studio in 2006. The collection is an extension of the custom designs that West and Roseann created for their private clients. The products are available at the FTF Design Studio showroom in Manhattan.

Fabulous Flat Living Room Design by West Chin Architect

Enrich your mind with the artistic touches of this elegant living room design.

Fabulous Flat Living Room Design by West Chin Architect

The white interior paired off with the eccentric dangling pendant light add a clean stimulating sensation upon first glance.

Fabulous Flat Living Room Design by West Chin Architect

The red wall decor used in this living room is sparingly used as an accent, while in other cases the color red dominates.

Fabulous Flat Living Room Design by West Chin Architect

Count on pink to maintain its joyful presence, and to include a generous helping of white to keep the feeling light and airy.

Fabulous Flat Dining Room Design by West Chin Architect

Designer West Chin created a soft pallet of white, green, and red in this fabulous flat dining room.

Fabulous Flat Kitchen Design by West Chin Architect

The pop of orange and green make a crisp contrast to the mahogany color wood panel throughout this modern kitchen design.

Fabulous Flat Bedroom Design by West Chin Architect

This master bedroom of contemporary appeal has different textures that work together for a clean and soothing look.

Fabulous Playroom Design by West Chin Architect

The white fluffy feathers used as carpet help create the playfulness of this kid's room.

To check out more of West Chin’s work at WCA, check out his portfolio here!

New York Contemporary Coastal Home by Interiors by Francesca

New York interior designer Frances Herrera established Interiors by Francesca back in 2002. For over ten years she has been providing residents of the New York Tri-State Area with her own signature blend of affordable luxury. It is this design principle that has lead to the conception of homes that are as sophisticated as they are livable. She prides herself in creating comfortable spaces that are subtle in their beauty.

Frances refuses to be bogged down by adhering to specific design styles. She prefers to custom tailor every space she works on to the unique tastes of the individual. She believes that because no two people are alike, then every home should be a reflection of who that individual is. As a result Frances is renowned for creating spaces that are harmonious in their refinement. In one of the more recent Interiors by Francesca design projects, Frances’ unique design principle takes center stage. This gorgeous Contemporary Coastal Home is the perfect example of livable sophistication.

New York Contemporary Living Room Design by Interiors by Francesca

The beachfront exudes the same pallet of this home with variations of blue, green and neutral tones.

New York Contemporary Living Room Design by Interiors by Francesca

The complementing tones of the room allow for the bold accent pieces to stand out.

New York Contemporary Bedroom Design by Interiors by Francesca

The comfortable yet casual decor of this bedroom is sure to make anyone feel right at home.

New York Contemporary Bedroom Design by Interiors by Francesca

A clean and uncomplicated desk accents the room nicely while providing a touch of elegance.

New York Contemporary Home Design by Interiors by Francesca

The mesh of blue, green, and neutral tones of the painting serve as a nice accent to this relaxing mudroom.

New York Contemporary Home Design by Interiors by Francesca

The artwork adds texture to the space, while the seaside pieces displayed on the shelf serve as a subtle implications to the coastal theme.

If you are interested in seeing more examples of Frances Herrera’s affordable luxury design style, check out the Interiors by Francesca portfolio.

Whimsical Screened Porch Chic Courtesy of John Loecke, Inc.

We cannot get enough of the exciting and beautiful designs by John Loecke, Inc! We are proud to showcase the work of our Design Shuffle members, and these unquestionably talented New York Interior Designers are certainly no exception.

Today, we’ll be taking a tour of an unconventional space turned swanky party scene. John Loecke and Jason Nixon own an 1840’s era schoolhouse in Upstate New York (fittingly called Madcap Cottage) and they creatively rescued the detached garage that was in desperate need of attention. Nixon describes the former garage as “all creaks and crags,” which is hard to imagine once you get a look at the colorful, whimsical porch now.

New York John Loecke, Inc Chic Screened Porch

Vintage garden furniture look absolutely charming in this cozy, colorful space.

Flea market finds give the screened porch a lively, retro feel that looks perfectly inviting. As Nixon explained, the porch is now “the scene of many a summer dinner party fueled with gobs of rose wine and pigs in a blanket and fried chicken.”

New York John Loecke, Inc Chic Screened Porch

Numerous paper lanterns maximize the party-like atmosphere.

York John Loecke, Inc Chic Screened Porch

A cute daybed sports vibrant, jazzy patterns that simply insist you relax and enjoy yourself.

New York John Loecke, Inc Chic Screened Porch

Simple Ikea panel curtains were given a lovely makeover using print blocks from India.

New York John Loecke, Inc Chic Screened Porch

A local powder coater helped transform the sofa and chairs with crazy colors.

New York John Loecke, Inc Chic Screened Porch

Such an adorable, unconventional space packed with color and whimsy.

And with that, a once-dilapidated garage is given new life, thanks to John Loecke, Inc. Have a look at their portfolios for more beautiful designs and don’t forget to share your thoughts!