Ellis Residence on Washington's Bainbridge Island by Coates Design

Coates Design understands that modern designs not only need to be aesthetically pleasing, but designers should be held responsible for the social, economical, and environmental impacts that their projects have on the world.  With that mindset, this Seattle architectural firm is able to create timeless designs again and again, earning multiple awards from the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and other recognition for their beautiful yet eco-friendly designs.

One of these designs is the Ellis Residence, located on the Bainbridge Island near Seattle.  As one of the first LEED Platinum award winners in the Northwest region, this residence is truly a masterpiece.  This design is a great example of what the principle that Coates Design is founded on.  It is 70% more energy efficient than a typical home, which reduces the carbon footprint.  The geothermal heating system is extremely budget-friendly. In addition, the home features a rain collection system that allows the use of nature’s cheapest clean water source.  As if that wasn’t enough, the architecture is ravishing.

Seattle Modern Exterior by Coates Design

Seattle Modern Second Floor Landing by Coates Design

Large windows and skylights are a energy-efficient way to brighten a home while enjoying the scenery.

Seattle Modern Living Room by Coates Design

The wood paneled ceiling is consistent with the overall design of the home.

Seattle Modern Kitchen by Coates Design

Neutral-toned cabinets and a long kitchen counter makes cooking a more enjoyable experience in this kitchen.

Seattle Modern Bathroom by Coates Design

A breathtaking view inside the bathroom is complemented by the beautiful pendant lights over the sink .

Seattle Modern Family Room by Coates Design

Sit in this relaxing family room to unwind after a long day.

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