Outdoor Sanctuary by Urban Landscape Design & Construction in Newport Beach

What is the perfect way to spend a weekend afternoon? How about relaxing in your own private outdoor spa sanctuary? The Newport Beach Landscape Designers at Urban Landscape Design & Construction specializes in creating these stunning, lush outdoor spaces. Headed by Garett McCorkle, the firm redefines the meaning of outdoor living by helping homeowners uniquely express their vision. Founded in 1986 as an owner operated landscape design and contracting firm, Urban Landscape Design & Construction is best known for their Spanish-Santa Barbara, Tuscan, Mediterranean, Modern-Contemporary, Formal-Classic, and Rustic-Free Form designs.

The firm is renowned for their “design excellence, unique plant combinations, and quality execution,” which can be found in their gorgeous landscape designs, such as the one featured below. This Newport Beach spa is a backyard getaway, complete with pool, shower, and lounge space. Stroll around at your leisure:

Urban Landscape Design & Construction

 The multicolored sunset and abundant greenery brings out the beauty of this outdoor spa.

Urban Landscape Design & Construction

 The serene palette of earthen tones create a contrast against the blue water and green grass.

Urban Landscape Design & Construction

 Surrounded by the majesty of nature, the family can take a dip in the spa during day or night.

Urban Landscape Design & Construction

 In the evening, the outdoor landscape exudes a comfortable ambiance for family to gather around.

Urban Landscape Design & Construction

 Stone bricks, wooden boards, and contemporary furniture give this space an organic look that, at once, conveys simplicity and elegance.

 The showering area is bordered by stone bricks, a naturalistic touch that completes the spa experience.

Urban Landscape Design & Construction

 An aquamarine pool is illuminated at night, allowing for a majestic swimming experience.

Urban Landscape Design & Construction

Delightful underwater light fixtures create a mysterious ambiance in the pool after dark.

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Cutting-Edge Eco-Friendly Design in Athens, Georgia

As summer has passed us, some of us are still experiencing some warm weather! We couldn’t pass up this stunning Pool House that instantly caught our attention. Designed by Musso Design Group, this Athens, Georgia pool house is a sight to see. The challenge was to create a very spacious pool house located on a 63-acre property. Pool houses come in various looks and styles, but this particular pool oasis needed to feature cutting edge environmental building and design. From the lounging space with eco-friendly design, the geothermal pool heating, to “green” rooftop covered in native plants, this pool house much more than meets the eye. Dive into this one-of-a-kind design by Musso Design Group and see why they have been continually praised for their fantastic work.

An exterior look at this pool house brings cutting-edge design to a new level.

Lounge chairs featured around the pool are ideal for relaxing.

With plenty of space, a covered patio provides a more sociable area for gathering.

Featuring a wide open view of the pool, this indoor seating area provides an outdoor/indoor experience.

Fans and peek-through windows appear above this room to provide natural lighting.

French doors, comfortable seating, an a breathtaking view.

We hope you enjoyed this ravishing pool house as much as we did! Be sure to head on over to Musso Design Group’s other work to see more of their spectacular work!