Transitional Elegance by Rinfret LTD

Cindy Rinfret established Rinfret LTD when she moved to Greenwich Connecticut, where she also has a retail shop. Cindy is widely known for her classic Greenwich style and extreme attention to detail. Her designs have been featured in such magazines as Traditional Home, and the New York times. Cindy’s describes her style as: “Your home should be like your favorite outfit – comfortable, yet luxurious, like the perfect cashmere sweater with your most comfortable and understated, yet elegant, jeans.” The following home shows off that effortless, classic, and comfortable style that Cindy and Rinfret LTD is known for. Enjoy!

Interior Design, Home Decor, Design Shuffle, Interior Designer

A warm blend of browns and blues creates a traditionally elegant living room.

Interior Design, Home Decor, Design Shuffle, Interior Designer

The perfect dining area is decorated with  fresh flowers, an extraordinary pendant light. and floor to ceiling windows.

Interior Design, Home Decor, Design Shuffle, Interior Designer

Crisp white cabinets and windows look great juxtaposed with a stunning tile back splash and wooden infused kitchen island.

Interior Design, Home Decor, Design Shuffle, Interior Designer

The muted color palette of this sitting area creates a soothing and relaxing experience, while the silhouettes and prints are an ode to a more traditional time.

Interior Design, Home Decor, Design Shuffle, Interior Designer

This ample master bathroom contains many feminine details including intricate mirrored drawers, and an elegant vanity.

Interior Design, Home Decor, Design Shuffle, Interior Designer

Stools are extremely versatile and can be used as extra seating, or side tables to rest your morning coffee in.

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Interview with Connecticut Interior Designer, Cindy Rinfret

As principal designer of Rinfret Ltd., Cindy Rinfret runs one of the leading design firms on the East Coast along with her home furnishings and accessories shop, Rinfret Home & Garden. Cindy’s style can be identified by the perfect combination of beauty and luxury with comfort and family life. She achieves this by blending classic antiques with transitional pieces. Cindy has also authored a book, Classic Greenwich Style, and won numerous awards from the Andrew Martin Interior Design Review to the Connecticut Cottages Innovation in Design Award, and more. Join us today as we feature this outstanding Greenwich Interior Designer.

1. What informs your design aesthetic the most?

Traveling is a great influence for me, inspiration from great architecture, gardens and the colors in different locations. My clients also inspire most of my designs by the way they live. For example, are they casual or formal? My client’s lifestyle inspires all my work.

2. Share with us what you LOVE right now….what do you consider hot?

I always love transitional interiors with mixes of old and new pieces. Most of all I am loving Holland and Sherry’s fabulous embroidery for window treatments! That’s my very favorite thing right now!

3. Transitional is so popular! In that case, what do you consider not hot?

I am very tired of seeing Venetian plaster everywhere – restaurants, homes, etc. It is overused on wall surfaces and usually not a complete thought. By that I mean someone spends all the time and money to do their walls and then leaves the ceiling or trims plain. Leave Venetian Plaster in Venice where it belongs!

Transitional Greenwich Design by Cindy Rinfret Ltd.

4. Good tip for our design enthusiasts. What is important to you as a professional when selecting your designs? The designer, look, style, or substance?

Getting the “shell” of the house right. By that I mean the bones, the walls, lighting, hardware, paint and flooring. If you have a great backdrop the rest of the decorating stands the test of time. The scale and understanding how to mix different pieces, collections and styles, is what makes a room interesting and not just like a staged “show house”.

Greenwich Bedroom Design by Cindy Rinfret, Ltd.

5. Stick to the basics, then start mixing- got it! Who is a mentor of design to you personally?

John Rosselli who has a fabulous showroom and shop. He has had a lifelong influence on my decorating. He has such a great eye and his pieces always have variety and timeless style.

Thanks for joining us this month Cindy! Your work continues to stand out, and we’re glad to have you as a member.

Cindy continues to inspire with her transitional interior design ideas, all of which can be found in her albums here.

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