Serene Pied-A-Terre by Niche Interiors

Located in the San Francisco Bay Area of California, Niche Interiors focuses on contemporary, eco-friendly design. From the firm’s profile, “We create distinctive and welcoming homes that reflect our clients’ personalities. We are committed to making as small an environmental footprint as possible.”

Today’s blog post is shining the spotlight on an eco-friendly pied-a-terre created by the talented designers of Niche Interiors. We’re sure you will be captivated by this great example of their work. We love these serene spaces.

Chic and Serene Entry

From the front door, throughout the open living spaces and into the bedroom, the warm color palette creates a serene and inviting look. The slightly tilted orientation of the oval mirror adds a subtle whimsical touch.

Chic and Serene Living Room

Light fills the chic and serene living room. This space feels like a Goldilocks design moment–not to sparse and not overdone, it’s just right.

Chic and Serene Living Space

With carefully chosen light fixtures, the living room, breakfast bar and kitchen are pulled together nicely into a unified whole. We love the little glimpse of the bedroom’s golden glow.

Chic and Serene Living Space

Metal, glass and  wood merge beautifully in this little vignette in the living room. The swirling pattern on the rug adds rhythm and movement to the space.

Chic and Serene Dining Room

Just off the living room and near the kitchen, the stylish dining area with round table and a bundled pendant light seems the perfect spot for good food and interesting conversation.

Chic and Serene Living Room

From any point of view, the curved sofa beckons and offers a place to rest and relax–a balance of beauty and comfort.

Chic and Serene Bedroom

Warm and wonderful simplicity. the bedroom is a lovely mix of muted color and pattern. Somehow this space seems just right with a feeling that everything belongs.

Chic and Serene Bedroom

A close-up of the dark wood bedside table shows careful attention to detail with each decorative object fitting perfectly into the mix.

We’re so glad Niche Interiors shared these serene and eco-friendly spaces with Design Shuffle readers.

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A Warm and Cozy Living Room by DecRenew Interiors

DecRenew Interiors was founded by Ruthie Staalsen in 2002. Ruthie’s passion for interior design grew after her and her husband remodeled 2 homes. Shortly thereafter many friends and acquaintances requested Ruthie’s help to decorate their homes, and like that her hobby turned into a business.

DecRenew Interiors’ main purpose is to help their clients create a stylish home that tells their story, while still being functional enough to spend time in with those they love most. The following room is a great example of a cozy, functional space that is full of personality and charm.

Interior Design Dallas, Texas Dec Renew Interiors Transitional Living Room

Great combination of prints and textures, along with the warm color scheme, make this living room cozy and inviting.

Interior Design Dallas, Texas Dec Renew Interiors Transitional Living Room

It’s all in the details: beautiful pops of color, rich detailed wood, long mirrors that make the space feel taller, and great printed curtains.

Interior Design Dallas, Texas Dec Renew Interiors Transitional Living Room

A touch of industrial can go a long way in a living room like this, balancing out all the warm colors.

Interior Design Dallas, Texas Dec Renew Interiors Transitional Living Room

A dream living room would not be complete without a beautiful fireplace.

Interior Design Dallas, Texas Dec Renew Interiors Transitional Living Room

Throws and Pillows are a great way of adding that little special something to an otherwise basic couch.

Interior Design Dallas, Texas Dec Renew Interiors Transitional Living Room

Orange, and other bright colors can reinvigorate the entire space, as well as add great visual interest.

Want to shop the photos above?  Then don’t forget to visit DecRenew’s shop here!

De Meza + Architecture Goes Colorful Modern in San Francisco Renovated Attic

Today on our blog, we’re spotlighting one of our favorite firms, De Meza + Architecture. This firm is well known for their impressive architecture around the world. Based in San Francisco, De Meza + Architecture’s style is modern, clean, and functional. Today we have the pleasure of bringing you an absolutely stunning home that is full of modern instances and pops of color. Located in San Francisco, this Daly Mansion truly underwent a transformation. The attic was once a 1895 Victorian Tower House that needed a complete renovation. With 2,000 square footage of space, the home boasts gorgeous views of the bay and city skyline.

San Francisco Home

One of the challenges that the firm faced was the complexity of the space. With various angles and walls, each room had to be designed accurately to make the most out of it.

De Meza + Architecture

This office space is perfect for a relaxing and uninterrupted work session. Clutter-free, the white and wood combination work well together.

De Meza + Architecture

Modern can often be misinterpreted as bland and simple. We love how De Meza was able to incorporate a great deal of color from the eye-catching wall art to the throw on the bed.

Another look at the bedroom shows the added color from the rock wall art. We love the patterned pillow on the bed by the way!

De Meza + Architecture

Perfect for lounging around in, this circular space boasts a beautiful view. Highlighted by a circular area rug, it completes the wood flooring.

San Francisco Home

Last but not least, the bathroom features fantastic lighting for showering, bathing, and getting ready. Our eye is on the mirror wall sconces that provide perfect morning prep illumination.

Thanks for joining us today as we strolled through the fabulous work of De Meza + Architecture! If you’re hungry for more, be sure to check out the rest of their work here in their portfolio on Design Shuffle.


InterSpace Design Delivers Streamlined Designs with Comfort and Ease

Since 1984, InterSpace Design has been delivering creative and affordable services to their clients. Principle designer Marie Chan has over 30 years of interior design experience and has worked on various types of projects including commercial and healthcare. Marie is known for her interest in green design in which she re-uses existing furniture that helps her client’s budget and maintains their personality. Serving San Francisco and throughout the Silicon Valley, Marie’s work is found to be fresh and inviting. While many designers are known for having a niche focus, one thing that client’s love about InterSpace Design is their ability to cover the entire span of the project. You’ll find Marie’s work in various well-known publications including the Wall Street Journal’s SmartMoney, Los Angeles Times, and Northern California Home & Design.

Enjoy the gallery of work below that is some of our favorite from InterSpace Design. You’ll see how Marie is able to transform houses into homes at a budget that makes everyone happy!

InterSpace Design - West Coast

The purple lighting blends seamlessly with the white and black design of this kitchen.

InterSpace Design - West Coast

A neutral color scheme goes a long way especially with the incredible view this living room has.

InterSpace Design - West Coast

We love the art chosen over the fireplace mantle. Rather than cluttering the mantle with various accents, the wall art keeps it simple and clean.

InterSpace Design - West Coast

Another view of the living room shows us the unique wood ceiling highlighted by recessed lighting.

InterSpace Design - West Coast

Deviating from the norm, this bathroom does color without going over the top. We love the stained glass window that brings in just enough natural light.

InterSpace Design - West Coast

Utilizing space to it’s full potential, this area is divided into two sitting areas and a dining room.

InterSpace Design - West Coast

Taking full advantage of the large window view, this dining space is kept airy and inviting with light pastel hues.

What are your thoughts on Marie’s work? We’d love to hear what you like in the comments below! See more of what we didn’t show you here in Marie’s portfolio. Stay tuned for our next award winner feature tomorrow!

San Francisco Modern Home by J. Weiss Design

San Francisco architect Jennifer Weiss, the visionary founder of J. Weiss Design has recently renovated this Bay area residence. Luckily for Jennifer the home in its original condition had plenty of character, but it was up to Jennifer to apply her ingenious eye for design in order to transform this house and bring all of its inner beauty to the surface.

Often times modernism is derided by critics as being cold and stoic. Jennifer Weiss and her work on this project illustrate that modernity and sterility do not have to be synonymous. The end result is a home that is as functional as it is welcoming. With the use of low key pieces and an uncomplicated design philosophy, Jennifer has created a comfortable space that does not need excessive ornamentation to be alluring.

San Francisco Modern Living Room by J. Weiss Design

The neutral background serves as a glorious backdrop for the various bold colored accessories.

San Francisco Modern Home by J. Weiss Design

No need for ornimentsation when you can make such a strikeing statement with nothing but shapes.

San Francisco Modern Kitchen by J. Weiss Design

The hardwood floors help add color and texture to an already gorgeous space.

San Francisco Modern Home by J. Weiss Design

Simple, colorful accessories help make an impact without being garish.

San Francisco Modern Living Room by J. Weiss Design

The fireplace serves as the social focal point of the living room.

San Francisco Modern Home by J. Weiss Design

Bare windows allow for the maximum use of natural light, while giving the outside of the house an uncluttered look.

Delve deeper into the world of J. Weiss Design by checking out their portfolio here.

San Francisco Modern Architectual Design by Carver + Schicketanz

San Francisco architectural firm Carver + Schicketanz is a full service architecture firm providing a wide range of architectural and interior design services to the greater Monterey Peninsula, including Big Sur, Carmel, Pebble Beach, and the San Francisco Bay area. They specialize in custom building design, green, LEED certified sustainable architecture, residential and commercial interior design, historic preservation restoration and remodeling, land-use and coastal planning, and assisting in real estate due diligence research and feasibility studies.

San Francisco Modern Dining Room Design by Carver + Schicketanz

Carver + Schicketanz did an amazing job with this room by designing the space with sliding glass walls for an unobstructed view of the Pacific Ocean. The flooring in the dining room adds warmness to the room that balances well with the glass.

San Francisco Modern Interior Design by Carver + Schicketanz

Talk about a nice sun room! This is a nice area to relax in the bright chairs and talk to friends and family or take a nap in the open air on the bench that doubles as storage. The beige carpet gives a comfortable vibe while matching with the floor tiles and cabinetry.

San Francisco Modern Bathroom Design by Carver + Schicketanz

The bathtub takes center stage with it’s unique oval shape.  The natural stone tile matches well with the tub and the bathroom counter helps bring the same outdoor ambiance as seen in the large floor to ceiling windows.

San Francisco Modern Interior Design by Carver + Schicketanz

Can you say cool? This impressive concrete staircase has a built-in glass guard rail system that gives it an ultra-modern look.  The seating area features an amber- colored sofa that complements the natural stone walls and wooden cabinetry.

San Francisco Modern Kitchen Design by Carver + Schicketanz

This kitchen is filled with natural materials. From the natural stone walls to the natural stone counter tops, there are natural elements all throughout the kitchen.

San Francisco Modern Bed Room Design by Carver + Schicketanz

Neutral hues and patterns create a comfortable and relaxing space.

To check out more of Carver + Schicketanz work, check out their portfolio!

Excitingly Eclectic Design by Nina Jizhar Interiors

San Francisco interior designer Nina Jizhar has a knack for creating wonderfully eclectic interiors for her clients. The talented Nina works closely with her clients to assist them in every detail of their project, whether it be space planning, furniture selection, deciding on color schemes. Transforming a drab pad into a stylish home is what the creative minds at Nina Jizhar Interior Design do so fabulously.

Nina’s latest project, the Tassajara home, was originally a tract home with minimal architectural design. Her clients wanted their home to have more personality, and reflect their unique taste. Working closely with her clients, Nina decided to give the home a face lift. An eclectic design would give the home wonderful personality and character. Take a look:

San Francisco Eclectic Living Room Design by Nina Jizhar Interior Design

Originally, the whole first floor was carpeted, which Nina replaced with distressed, hand-scraped hardwood floors. This family room has a charming contemporary moose head, a white tufted sectional sofa, and a lovely poem rug.

San Francisco Eclectic Living Room Design by Nina Jizhar Interior Design

This living room has so many exciting elements. The French settee has an interesting pattern, along with an intriguing armchair. A starburst rug, picture-less frames, and metal & leather adorn this unique room with lots of personality. 

San Francisco Eclectic Dining Room Design by Nina Jizhar Interior Design

The dining room is sophisticated and minimal. The dark-stained wooden floor contrasts beautifully with the white walls and Panton chairs. A gorgeous modern drum pendant light adds just the right amount of light for intimate dinners. Over-sized wall art adds artistic flair to the setting.

San Francisco Eclectic Hallway Design by Nina Jizhar Interior Design

The home’s entrance opens up with high ceilings ans flush white walls. A vintage Busroll sign adds contemporary appeal, along with a modern dandelion light fixture. The stairwell and handrails were sanded down and stained to match the hardwood floors.

San Francisco Eclectic Bedroom Design by Nina Jizhar Interior Design

This charming bedroom has simple elegance. A wingback bed is accented with an indigo blue pillow, pairing well with a modern framed painting. A Chinese Chippendale chair and Mercury glass lamp add unique characteristics to the room.

San Francisco Eclectic Children's Room Design by Nina Jizhar Interior Design

This lovely children’s bedroom has a girlish theme. A high arched tufted bed is fit for a princess. A flowery Trina Turk rug and butterfly chandelier create a serene, nature-inspired feel in the room.

San Francisco Eclectic Guest Bedoom Design by Nina Jizhar Interior Design

This chic bedroom has a marvelous golden Birch Tree wall design. The room is cohesive with the rest of the bedrooms, with its nature inspired bedspread. A drum shade wall sconce and white porcelain table accents add contemporary flair.

As you can see, Nina is the queen of creating eclectic-styled interiors. For more of her inspirational projects, check out Nina’s portfolio!

A Timeless Transitional Masterpiece by Marla Schrank Interiors

Creating timeless, artful designs comes naturally for San Francisco interior designer Marla Schrank. The key to Marla’s success is her strong emphasis on collaborating closely with her clients.  She creates highly functional spaces that reflect her clients’ individual tastes and lifestyle. Marla Schrank Interiors is home to designers that a fluent in a wide range of styles, from classic to contemporary. A native of Boston, Marla studied art, psychology, and communications at the University of New Hampshire and received an Interior Architecture degree at UC Berkeley. She has over 10 years of experience working at prominent design firms in the Bay Area.

One of Marla’s stand-out projects is the grand Presidio Heights Edwardian home. Built in the 1930’s, her client wanted to do an extensive remodel to reflect a contemporary style, while still preserving the integrity of original traditional details. The home has tremendous personality, while maintaining a level of poise and sophistication. A serene environment was created through combining the elements of light, space, and comfort. Marla has created a transitional masterpiece by combining the best of contemporary and traditional styles.

Presidio Heights Transitional Sitting Room Design by Marla Schrank Interiors

This transitional sitting area has a modern minimal design, opening up to a stylish outdoor sitting area in the center of the home.

Presidio Heights Transitional Outdoor Patio Design by Marla Schrank Interiors

This unqiue outdoor patio has a pleasant sitting area, with a stylish wood-paneled staircase leading to an upper deck.

Presidio Heights Transitional Kitchen Design by Marla Schrank Interiors

This strikingly contemporary kitchen features a sleek geometric design, with functional wooden stools, and a gorgeous modern crystal light fixture.

Presidio Heights Transitional Living Room Design by Marla Schrank Interiors

This gorgeous living room has warm neutral tones, with dazzling golden lamp accents and fresh flowers. An intriguing painting adds an artistic element the space. Nevertheless, the room is comfortable yet sophisticated.

Presidio Heights Transitional Staircase Design by Marla Schrank Interiors

This stairwell evokes the senses, with an Art-Deco inspired theme. Playful leopard print carpet pairs well with an over sized red-bordered mirror.

Presidio Heights Transitional Reading Room Design by Marla Schrank Interiors

Preserving traditional elements of the home, this reading room is a gracious nod to the past. Featuring classic rich wood-paneled walls, and a cozy fireplace. Traditional wall decor and salmon toned furniture adds subtle flair to the room.

Presidio Heights Transitional Girl's Bedroom Design by Marla Schrank Interiors

This girl’s bedroom is fit for a princess. Featuring lovely pink walls and accents, with plush rugs. Open space allows room for children to play safely.

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San Francisco Contemporary Coastal Chic Interior by Garnish Designs

San Francisco interior designer Lisa Benbow has done it all! As designer and owner of several entities under the Garnish name, Lisa has been involved with interior design company Garnish Designs, real estate staging company Garnish Home Staging, online store Garnish Home Décor, and retailer Garnish, Coastal Chic Home Décor. Based in Tiburon, a waterside town near the Golden Gate Bridge, Garnish captures the charm of waterfront properties with its sophisticated and inviting designs.

Initially founded as a real estate staging business, Garnish Designs is most recognized for their Coastal Chic Style, described as “California Meets East Coast.” Coined by Lisa as “Contempor-Preppy,” this style is characterized by clean lines, interesting and colorful accessories, and textured interiors. As “Garnish” means “to embellish, adorn, and enhance,” Lisa’s goal is to reflect each client’s unique personality through striking visual details, which include unique accessories and a color story.

Take a look through the Coastal Chic contemporary residence that Lisa designed and find inspiration in the relaxing, beachy ambiance:

San Francisco Contemporary Living Room Design by Garnish Designs

Luxurious Belgian Linen Sofas pair with McGuire Chairs, for a warm, sand-kissed ambiance. Chevron Stripe Pillows add a burst of personality in this otherwise tranquil room.

San Francisco Contemporary Dining Room Design by Garnish Designs

The juxtaposition of the Rustic Reclaimed Dining Table and Restoration Hardware Mirror evokes a vintage, but outdoorsy feel. Barclay Butera Art pieces emphasize the beachy color story.

San Francisco Contemporary Kitchen Design by Garnish Designs

A clean, contemporary ambiance is heightened by white cabinets and pendant lights with clear shades. The limestone counters and woven stools are nice organic touches to the space.

San Francisco Contemporary Family Room Design by Garnish Designs

Hues of white, beige, tan, and brown converge into a well-written color story. Burlap pillows, Woven Grass Cocktail decor, and the Custom Courbe Ottoman add interesting textures that capture visual interest.

San Francisco Contemporary Dining Room Design by Garnish Designs

Neutral tones are complemented with pops of color from plants and fresh fruit. Bare windows bring in warm sunshine and a view of the beautiful greenery outside.

San Francisco Contemporary Guest Room Design by Garnish Designs

Orange, sea foam green, and neutral colors intermingle to create a color story reminiscent of a beach at dusk. Circles and sleek lines add energy and texture to the room.

San Francisco Contemporary Bedroom Design by Garnish Designs

This navy and white room has a nautical feel, created with a balance of patterns and solids. The sea theme is further accentuated by fish wall art.

San Francisco Contemporary Outdoor Design by Garnish Designs

Fun patterned pillows and woven beige seats create a chic, but comfortable, environment that is perfect for entertaining.

If you aspire to live like you are on vacation, Garnish can transform your vision into reality. Find more fresh, Coastal Chic creations at the Garnish Design portfolio and imagine a life of sand and surf!

A Timeless Home Office by Nina sobiNina Design

Ever since childhood, San Francisco interior designer, Nina, has always had a natural talent for design. As her skills continued to bloom, she eventually obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Architecture and gained valuable experience in designing residential, commercial, and land planning projects. With her endless passion for developing beautiful spaces, Nina ultimately created Nina sobiNina Design, a company that joins timeless elegance and fresh modernity into a single creation.

Nina sobiNina Design was able to transform an ordinary guest bedroom into a sophisticated and functional home office with a few surprises! The client desired more than just a typical office space, so Nina sobiNina Design created a professional home office with a sleek, modern bathroom that remains independent from the rest of the home. Two lovely side doors allow natural light to brighten the room for an airy ambiance. These doors lead out of the office and into a private outdoor retreat.

San Francisco Modern Office Design by Nina sobiNina Design

A subdued color palette makes this home office feel fresh and sophisticated.

San Francisco Modern Office Design by Nina sobiNina Design

A collection of books and personal items inhabit rich, dark cabinetry for a charming ambiance that is carried throughout the room.

San Francisco Modern Office Design by Nina sobiNina Design

A white rug and chaise placed next to dark bookcases offer a lovely contrast that enriches the entire area. Small golden details on the table, in the items on the shelves, and on the nearby picture frame hanging on the wall present additional beauty.

San Francisco Modern Office Design by Nina sobiNina Design

The golden features on the table enhance the overall look of the white furniture and dark wooden floors.

San Francisco Modern Office Design by Nina sobiNina Design

The beautiful yet subtle artwork and minimal ornamentation give this space a modern and professional look.

San Francisco Modern Office Design by Nina sobiNina Design

Double doors illuminate the room with natural light and lead out to a welcoming outdoor retreat.

San Francisco Modern Office Bathroom Design by Nina sobiNina Design

With its clean lines and polished finishes, this bathroom contains a sleek and contemporary look.

San Francisco Modern Outdoor Design by Nina sobiNina Design

When the stress of work is overwhelming, the owner can walk out of the home office and into this private outdoor area for a moment of relaxation.

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