A Contemporary Gem Renovation by SGH Designs Inc.

SGH Interior Design is a unique combo of husband and wife who met over a project 3 decades ago and have teamed up to share both their life and passion for design. Stephen & Gail Huberman have been designing together for 35 years and has spanned various design styles. Stephen’s background in Interior Design as well as theater and stage design combined with Gail’s extensive knowledge of art from Adelphi University. Their work spans from the Oheka castle, 15 showrooms, and various stores. Their work has been featured in House Beautiful, Architectural Digest, Design Times and many others that showcase what these team is capable of.

We are pleased to feature Stephen and Gail’s work on this beautiful contemporary design. This was a 2-year project that included renovations.

This entryway features distinct modern accents that encompass then entire style of the home.

A gray palette paired with wood furnishings provide a unique oasis.

This contemporary bedroom features calming hues of gray and browns that create the ideal resting place.

Neutrals enhance this living room as well as the artwork and lighting.

Another look at this space shows the animal print seating and patterned rug that give a modern vibe.

A breakfast nook makes a perfect gathering spot for the family.

We just love what was done with this home and believe it truly exemplifies what SGH Designs is capable of. This contemporary home is given both an upbeat feel while still maintaining and welcoming and inviting environment. Be sure to check out the other fantastic work by SGH Designs.