Modern Masculine Home by Design Theory Interiors

Design Theory Interiors, led by president Jamie R. Kerns, is a nationally recognized interior design firm. By drawing on their 20 years of design experience, Design Theory Interiors fulfills the goals and visions of each design project with client-driven approaches to transform conceptual designs into a reality. Design Theory Interiors offers their hospitality and residential interior design services in their Atlanta, Georgia and Toronto, Ontario offices.

The American Society of Interior Designers has recognized the registered interior designers of Design Theory Interiors for their design excellence. Design Theory Interiors’ work has been featured in publications such as Naples Illustrated, Club Management Magazine, Jezebel Magazine, Central & Northern Florida Real Estate & Construction Review. As well as an appearance in the Master Suites Series by Comcast on Demand.

This modern home was designed for a single father with a strenuous traveling schedule, who needed his home to be a place to land, unwind, and regroup between business trips. Design Theory Interiors provided an organized, soothing environment to match his modern and fashion forward style with the usage of transitional pieces and mid-century highlights, with warm earthy colors to softened the overall effect.

Dining Room Turned Office
This dining room intended space became a home office with a wood Live Edge desk that could also serve as a dining table. The custom designed shelving behind the desk was also custom designed to provide tidy storage that is both functional and visually striking.

Master Bedroom
The chrome finish of the hanging light fixture adds a nice subtle touch to the masculine ambiance to the master bedroom, already evoked by the sleek leather surfaces of the furniture.

Master Sitting Room
In the master sitting room, the buff tan color of the mantel makes the vivid blue color of the walls more intense. The African folk sculptures and art makes the space more personal and contemporary.

Family Room
The muted and natural earth tones of brown, orange, and green makes this the room’s atmosphere mellow and peaceful. The length of the pistachio colored curtains elongates the height of this two-story family room.

Mid-Century Modern
By placing the mid-century modern furniture intimately close to the earthy home accessories, its creates a more personal surrounding to the room.

What did you think of this modern and masculine designed home? Share your thoughts in the comment section. To see more of Design Theory Interiors’ work, explore their portfolio.

Lake Travis Chic Bachelor Pad by The Pankonien Group

While many other design firms take on various projects at once , The Pankonien Group sets itself apart by only taking on a limited number of projects at a time. This Austin-based boutique builder that specializes in custom construction, renovations and interior design is able to provide superior service and attention to all project details. As an added bonus, the firm strives to complete projects both in a timely manner and on budget by coordinating all necessary resources.

President of The Pankonien Group, Laura Pankonien brings extreme talent and know-how to projects not only by managing all interactions with subcontractors for both construction and interior design projects, but also by acting as liaison during construction and architectural meetings. Once again, as an added bonus, Laura also acts as interior design consultant for clients who may not have the desire, or budget, to hire an outside interior design. Extremely talented in her position, Laura often mixes modern, traditional, and rustic design styles in her construction and design projects all while remaining mindful of the client’s lifestyle.

To illustrate the charming construction and design that The Pankonien Group brings to each project, let’s explore a recent project, Lake Travis Bachelor Chic:

Contemporary Living Room Designby The Pankonien Group

When entering this home, visitors are greeted by the chic yet masculine home decor elements of this Lake Travis living room. The hardwood floors, the neutral walls and sofa, and large area rug work perfectly together.

Eclectic Living Room Design by The Pankonien Group

Another view of the living room provides a closer view of the rustic style coffee table and modern floor lamp that illuminates the space.

Contemporary Living Room Design by The Pankonien Group

The epitome of the term accent furniture, this modern take on the wing backed chair both accents and compliments the other elements of the room perfectly.

Modern Lake Travis Kitchen by The Pankonien Group

The kitchen in this bachelor pad continues the chic and masculine styling with clean lines, color contrast cabinets and counter tops, and stainless steel appliances.

Transition Kitchen Design by The Pankonien Group

The dining room of this bachelor pad boasts chic yet simple design elements with the main accents of the room being the area rug, artwork, and pendant lighting fixture.

Transitional Bedroom Design by The Pankonien Group

The bedroom is definitely where the magic happened for this bachelor pad as the neutral, masculine, and of course chic elements of design come together to create the ultimate place to rest.

The Pankonien Group has created quite a few chic and stylish design spaces. To see the rest of this chic bachelor pad and their other projects, browse their portfolio and be inspired!

Atlanta Transitional Residence by Atlanta Design Works

Atlanta interior designer Melissa Cannon, founder of Atlanta Design Works spearheaded the redesign project of this newly purchased Atlanta, Georgia home. The design philosophy of Melissa Cannon is one deeply rooted in aesthetic synthesis. She prides her self on being able to create beautiful spaces by blending the old and the new.

To her, interior design is a highly collaborative process where the designer’s primary responsibility is to create an interior that accurately reflects the personality of the client. An effective way to create an elegant space that is filled with personality is to mix new furnishings with preexisting personal items. This was one of the guiding themes for Melissa Cannon as she embarked on this project.

Atlanta Transitional Family Den by Atlanta Design Works Image

The large area rug serves as a sophisticated accent to the furniture.

Atlanta Transitional Family Den by Atlanta Design Works Image

The mix of curves and straight lines makes for an exciting yet comfortable space.

Atlanta Transitional Family Den by Atlanta Design Works Image

The black and white photography adds a personal touch to the space.

Atlanta Transitional Family Den by Atlanta Design Works Image

Functional baskets provide storage while elegantly flanking the television.

Atlanta Transitional Family Den by Atlanta Design Works Image

The playful pillow fabric helps pull the different elements of the room together.

Atlanta Transitional Family Den by Atlanta Design Works Image

The ottoman provides additional storage while coordinating with the other fabrics in the room.

Visit their portfolio to see more great work from the experts at Atlanta Design Works!

Twin Cities Arts & Crafts Home by Susan E. Brown Interior Design

St. Paul interior designer Susan Brown, the innovative founder of Susan E. Brown Interior Design has recently designed this Twin Cities area residence. Susan drew inspiration from the philosophy of the Arts & Crafts era of style when tackling this project. The Arts & Crafts style era was an American response to the over-ornamentation of the Victorian period.

The cornerstone of this style is simplicity, with its emphasis on form over function and utilization of  natural products and hand-made materials. Susan’s goal was to borrow elements from the Arts & Crafts style in such a way that the relationship between the home’s design and architecture complemented one another. Susan did an amazing job and turned this house into a ravishing home.

Susan graciously gave us some insight on the design process that she used. Enjoy!

Hello! My name is Susan Brown and I recently completed a Living/Dining Room project in a newer house (approx 12 years old). Because the architecture was strongly Arts & Crafts, I chose to use the philosophy of the era rather than Arts & Crafts style furniture to furnish the space.  More specifically, the inspiration for the project and the new furnishings was to use the Arts & Crafts ideology of “truth to materials, simple form, and handmade”.  How can we challenge ourselves to have the additional, new furnishings flow within the environment without using all Stickley styled furniture?  As Barry Darr Dixon, one of my all time favorite interior designers once said, you need to “take it out of itself”.  Which is exactly what I did!

Twin Cities Arts & Crafts Kitchen by Susan E. Brown Interior Design

The window arrangement allows for a shared natural light source between the kitchen and living room.

Twin Cities Arts & Crafts Living Room by Susan E. Brown Interior Design

The lovely built- in window seat adds elegance while saving space.

Twin Cities Arts & Crafts Kitchen by Susan E. Brown Interior Design

The use of natural -colored hardwood surfaces provide a natural ambiance.

Twin Cities Arts & Crafts Living Room by Susan E. Brown Interior Design

The central hearth serves as a focal point in the living room.

“My client already had three Stickley pieces I decided to use as transition pieces between the architecture and the new furnishings.  Using mostly natural fabrics with a handmade, simple look, I believe we accomplished our goal.  The cocktail table was custom made and designed in a simple, straightforward style from reclaimed wood with an antique, handmade Turkish copper platter permanently affixed in the middle; leather, mohair and studs on the square shaped couch; linen on the chairs and in one case as a slipcover; iron for the floor lamps, bamboo throw, table lamp with a stone shade, and other antiques such as an antique chinese grain scoop, and antique milking bench maintain the historical feel as well as the reflective Arts and Crafts movement.”

Twin Cities Arts & Crafts Breakfast Nook by Susan E. Brown Interior Design
Twin Cities Arts & Crafts Dining Room by Susan E. Brown Interior Design

Be sure to keep a lookout for Susan’s work as this home will be featured in the Winter 2012/13 issue of the magazine, Arts & Crafts Homes and the Revival.  All photography by Karen Melvin, courtesy of Arts & Crafts Homes.

Check out the other great work by Susan E. Brown Interior Design!  Check out her portfolio here!

Santa Monica Hollywood Regency Style Salon by Barbara Stock Interior Design

Los Angeles interior designer Barbara Stock, founder of Barbara Stock Interior Design took it upon herself to design the interiors of Brambila Salon, a hair salon nestled in the heart of Santa Monica, California. Even though the salon has been serving the Santa Monica area since 2003, they recently closed their doors in anticipation of a grand re-opening. The salon was moved across the street to a new, bigger and brighter space. The salon will be open again to the public sometime this summer.  As a designer, Barbara prides herself in producing designs that are as unique as her clients themselves. In short, Barbara strives to create a living work of art to inspire the art of living.

Considering the location of the Brambila Salon, it should come as no surprise that the style of this project features a design aesthetic that is as ambitious as it is distinct. Barbara’s goal from the onset was to combine the lavish Hollywood regency style with a more subtle beach cottage style. The Hollywood regency style draws its aesthetic from Hollywood’s Golden Age. One of the pioneers of this style was William Haines, a silent era film star turned interior designer. He took elements from the film set and incorporated it into the design of the homes of many Hollywood starlets. This style has seen a resurrection in recent years, especially in the greater Los Angeles area. Barbara does a wonderful job taking the essence of the Hollywood Regency style while toning it down by infusing it with coastal elements.

Santa Monica Hollywood Regency Style Salon by Barbara Stock Interior Design

The use of mid-modern furniture is a cornerstone of the Hollywood Regency style.

Santa Monica Hollywood Regency Style Salon by Barbara Stock Interior Design

Glass makes everything a little bit more glamorous.

Santa Monica Hollywood Regency Style Salon by Barbara Stock Interior Design

Hollywood Regency style is all about details like the nail heads on the sofa.

Santa Monica Hollywood Regency Style Salon by Barbara Stock Interior Design

Splashes of color help enhance the elegant white background.

Santa Monica Hollywood Regency Style Salon by Barbara Stock Interior Design

A lot of mirrors might be seen as excessive for a home, but in a salon, they couldn't be more practical.

Santa Monica Hollywood Regency Style Salon by Barbara Stock Interior Design

Tufting buttons and decorative pillows make for a luxurious sofa.

If you are interested in seeing more of the great work done by Barbara Stock Interior Design, check out their portfolio!

A Blend of Art and Design: A Creation by Platemark Design

Platemark Design was created when two Boston interior designers, Craig Tevolitz and Richard Baiano, blended their art and design talents together. With their combined and extensive experience in architecture, art history, interior design, and project and construction management, their creations contain quality ideas and stunning details that reflect their professional knowledge. Platemark Design originally began as an art consultancy business in the 1990s  and has blossomed into a design firm that consistently develops inviting, visually pleasing spaces.

The living space that is featured below was designed for a couple that collects fine contemporary art. Their clients wished to have a comfortable room for entertaining while still showcasing their prized collection. With the use of their clients’ existing furniture, Platemark Design added sufficient lighting, both overhead and spot, and incorporated rich fabrics and accessories. They also strategically utilized a unified color to avoid competition with the artwork. The lovely blend of art and design resulted in this relaxed yet exquisite living room design.

Boston Transitional Living Room Design by Platemark Design

A lovely mix of traditional furnishings and contemporary art make this living space feel both charming and chic.

Boston Transitional Living Room Design by Platemark Design

The unique contemporary art is a wonderful contrast against the traditional fireplace and chandelier.

Boston Transitional Living Room Design by Platemark Design

The various textures give this room a comfortable yet sophisticated ambiance with visual appeal.

Boston Transitional Living Room Design by Platemark Design

This collection of blue and white pictures offers a tranquil and calming aura.

Boston Transitional Living Room Design by Platemark Design

The studded details on the furniture evoke sophistication.

Boston Transitional Living Room Design by Platemark Design

Original and visually interesting pieces of art, like the one shown above, are showcased throughout the room.

Like the sophisticated and stylish work of Platemark Design? Then take a look at their entire portfolio for endless design inspiration!

A Breath of Fresh 'Luxury' by Maureen Mahon Interiors

Los Angeles interior designer Maureen Mahon wants her clients to be comfortable in their homes. She also believes nobody should have to sacrifice style for comfort. Maureen founded Maureen Mahon Interiors, because of her creative spirit and eye for design. She designs by feel, letting her clients’ personalities lead the way. She mixes clients’ sentimental possessions with new decor to create a rejuvenated version of their personal style. Maureen studied Architectural Interior Design at Santa Monica College. She takes great pleasure in working close with her clients to create a collaborated vision that please everyone. Maureen wants her clients’ homes to look as if a designer had never been there.

Maureen’s transitional project in Granada Hills is an excellent example of her stunning eye for comfort and luxury. Warm toned walls, gorgeous woods, sleek lines, and an expert layout makes this home simply wonderful. A fabulous design that still looks livable is what makes this project a success. Take a look, and fall in love:

Granada Hills Transitional Living Room Design by Maureen Mahon Interiors

This transitional living room has warm, inviting tones. The modern layout features a symmetrical design with plush couches and a centered coffee table. A gorgeous lighting fixture sparks interest.

Granada Hills Transitional Dining Room Design by Maureen Mahon Interiors

This dining area has traditional charm with modern accents. A warm and inviting space, with a gorgeous dinner set, and modern candelabra fixture. Dinner guests will be impressed!

Granada Hills Transitional Custom Wine Cellar Design by Maureen Mahon Interiors

This custom wine cellar is absolutely amazing! Gorgeous wood shelving in a geometrical design offers ample storage for wine. Warm floor tiling adds a touch of class to the cellar.

Granada Hills Transitional Hallway Design by Maureen Mahon Interiors

This intriguing hallway has a custom dark wooden bookcase and flooring, which contrasts nicely with neutral walls. A step-in bedroom adds an element of contemporary design to the second floor.

Granada Hills Transitional Bedroom Sitting Area Design by Maureen Mahon Interiors

Steps in this hallway lead to an intimate sitting area, perfect for a romantic evening. A modern fireplace is built into the wall, allowing heat to carry throughout the home.

Granada Hills Transitional Bathroom Design by Maureen Mahon Interiors

A sleek and modern bathroom design has gorgeous wooden cabinetry, and unique wall tiling. A small sitting area is perfect for getting ready for a night on the town.

Granada Hills Transitional Master Bedroom Design by Maureen Mahon Interiors

The master bedroom is simple, yet luxurious. A generous king-sized bed with wood paneling sits on a plush rug. Asian wall art creates a serene environment, perfect for relaxing.

As you can see, this home has a warm and inviting tone. Luxury shouts from every corner, but never says unlivable. Take a look at Maureen Mahon Interiors’ portfolio for more fabulous designs.

Upper West Side Apartment Renovation

New York interior designer, John Buscarello, is known for his innovative solutions for clients’ homes. In this Upper East Side Apartment renovation done for a young couple expecting their first baby, one of John’s challenges was renovating what used to be an old doctor’s office on the first floor of a building in New York into a young family’s dream space for living.  Many New York first floor apartments are employed for doctor’s offices and like purposes, but this particular suite was chosen for a different purpose.  The couple was looking for a contemporary, yet warm, elegant space with some traditional features.

As with any renovation, there were several challenges to overcome –  electrical issues, the ceilings and moldings were a mess, and dark wood which was all beaten up.

The couple was brave and adventurous in their taste. With the use of Tibetan rugs in their rooms, lots of color and dramatic window coverings, the place was soon brought up to speed. The clients openness to using many colors is apparent in the many color shifts and textures throughout.  Let’s see what interior design ideas John and his team had for this renovated apartment.

Interior Design

Using color on the ceiling is a hallmark of John’s work. Note the ceiling’s grayish blue color used in order to bring a bit of contrast with the white plaster into the molding. Also notice the splash of color with the two green Mohair chairs.

Interior Design

A non-traditional dining room was created with a table that can seat six and a sitting area to the right. This became the perfect space to unwind and relax with the new baby. The draping over the window showcases the high ceilings. Lastly the fireplace had been restored from its covered-up status during its doctor’s office phases but was restored with beautiful molding. Restoring it along with the added wall sconces on either side brought a warmth to the dining room.

Interior Design

Once again note the ceiling color, this time it is a dramatic green in this master bedroom. The side tables are mirrored 40’s pieces and the chandelier brings that elegant ambiance to the room. The 40’s chandelier is made of Milano glass.

Interior Design

Pocket paned doors open up the room and show off the more traditional side of the apartment. The doll on the table  is from her mother who is an accessories dealer. The console is an old console she already had which was repainted with a bronze-like finish with a piece of marble added on top. The other pieces are meant to bring the contemporary and warm feeling to the apartment. Lastly, notice the grass cloth wall paper which is dark and dramatic.

Tell us what you think of John’s work! Comment on it, like it, or fave it on his profile!

Style Guide: Transitional

Transitional style is a blend of contemporary and traditional designs. Often difficult to pin down, the style can be easily confused with eclectic design, which is not a blend of design styles but more a collection of disparate styles that live in harmony. Transitional furniture takes classic furniture pieces and mixes in contemporary materials, fabrics and finishes while softening the formal details and ornament of formal furniture and décor.

Furniture in the transitional style tends to have clean lines like modern and contemporary pieces but feels more sophisticated with its references to the traditional. Curves can combine with straight lines to balance feminine and masculine attributes. Transitional furniture tends to be more comfort oriented than pure contemporary, with ample scaled pieces and overstuffed seating that maintain clean lines. Fabrics range from high tech micro-fibers to textured chenilles, with solids to graphic patterns. A traditional wingback chair can become transitional by changing the upholstery to a mod geometric or contemporary pattern. A contemporary style sofa upholstered in velvet will feel transitional.

While transitional style has deep roots in historical design, this trend is rather contemporary in that it did not emerge until the 1950s-60’s. American decorator Billy Baldwin was perhaps the first to mix modernism and traditional design. Other designers like David Hicks, who worked in traditional style but was known for his modern, graphic prints, followed and further developed transitional style. Contemporary designers who could be considered masters of transitional style include Mark Cunningham, Jonathan Adler (who leans towards vintage modernism), Genevieve Gorder (HGTV), and Nate Berkus. Retailers that focus on transitional style include Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams, Crate and Barrel and Pottery Barn.

This living room by Rafael de Cardenas has the clean lines and sophisticated color palette of Transitional style. The sleek blue upholstered black lacquered accent chairs recall art deco style in a clean, contemporary manner. The overstuffed grey sofa is neither modern nor traditional yet references both styles.

Mark Cunningham’s contemporary living room is softened by the transitional style furnishings, including the arm chairs and sofa. Rich, charcoal and grey upholstery create a transitional color palette. Mixing the transitional seating with a contemporary coffee table gives the room a more contemporary edge without giving up comfort.

Designer Steven Gambrel’s living room is a fantastic example of transitional style that references the traditional. Traditional details on the curtains look graphic and contemporary rather than fussy. Mixing patterns in a single palette is a transitional trend.

The daybeds and neutral palette in this sitting area, designed by Lynda Murray, are great examples of transitional style’s clean lines. Micro-fiber upholstery is a transitional fabric trend as it combines the soft pile of velvet with high tech durability.

This living room, designed by Betty Wasserman, demonstrates the comfort and scale of transitional furniture that maintain the clean lines of contemporary style yet have the ease of cottage living. The upholstered ottoman used as a coffee table is a big trend in transitional style, where pieces have multiple functions. Images 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

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