Fresh, Inviting Spaces by Connecticut Interior Design Firm Connie Cooper Designs

Hankering for a beach vacation or yearning for a retreat to the Hamptons? While perusing Connie Cooper Designs, you can do both! The Connecticut interior design firm is led by Connie Cooper, who takes an eclectic approach to interior design and has over 30 years of experience in home furnishings. With her primary focus being client-centered residential work, Connie guides each client to create an expressive, warm style that is reflective of the client’s personality. Having been featured in various publications for her work, Connie continues to use her “intuitive sense for detail” to create the homes of her clients’ dreams.

Connie’s versatile skill in color design and furniture selection have enabled her to craft fun and inviting spaces. From a stylish Hampton retreat to an eclectic traditional living room, we’ve chosen 8 of our favorite spaces by Connie Cooper Designs:

Connecticut Interior Design Firm Connie Cooper Designs

Turquoise and orange create a slightly edgy color contrast balanced by the neutrality of white.

Connecticut Interior Design Firm Connie Cooper Designs

Sleek lines and traditional furnishings intermingle in this chocolatey brown transitional bedroom.

Connecticut Interior Design Firm Connie Cooper Designs

Elegant and functional, this appealing living room catches the eye with its trellis armchairs.

Connecticut Interior Design Firm Connie Cooper Designs

A closer look at the armchair reveals a geometrical side table, sculpture and silverytable lamp.

Connecticut Interior Design Firm Connie Cooper Designs

The seaside dining room exudes openness and embraces the beauty of nature. Easy porch access allows guests and family to enjoy the sweet breeze outside.

Connecticut Interior Design Firm Connie Cooper Designs

Pale seafoam inspired hues and a neutral backdrop create a soothing environment for relaxing and napping.

Connecticut Interior Design Firm Connie Cooper Designs

Traditional design is brightened up with Chinese antiques, multicolored fabrics, and other eclectic pieces.

Connecticut Interior Design Firm Connie Cooper Designs

Catch up on your reading with this reading nook featuring a sofa and ottoman set and stackable console tables.

Craving more diverse designs? Visit Connie’s portfolio for more examples of her gorgeous work!

Striking NYC Apartment Renovation by John Buscarello

John A. Buscarello Inc is a full service Interior Design Firm located in New York, NY. John Buscarello’s impeccable style, and the ability to marry Contemporary and Traditional styles successfully, are his design trademarks. His immaculate designs have even caught the attention of major Newspapers and Magazines such as: The NY Times, Country Living, House Beautiful, and even a cover of New York Spaces magazine.

The following project is a beautiful renovation in the oh so popular area, the Flatiron District in NYC. After seeing his beautiful delivery of color, customization, and personality it is no wonder Interior Design magazine named him a “Kitchen & Bath Design Leader.”  Join us on a mini tour of this wonderful apartment.

Interior Design, NYC Interior Designer, John Buscarello, Kitchen Interior Design, Contemporary Interior Design, Traditional Interior Design

John Buscarello does a fantastic job of creating beautiful shelving to showcase the client’s art collections, and create extra storage opportunities.

Interior Design, NYC Interior Designer, John Buscarello, Kitchen Interior Design, Contemporary Interior Design, Traditional Interior Design

Beautiful see through cabinet windows let you showcase your favorite dinnerware.

Interior Design, NYC Interior Designer, John Buscarello, Kitchen Interior Design, Contemporary Interior Design, Traditional Interior Design

Great selection of wood furniture and floors makes this NYC apartment feel far away from all the hustle and bustle of the city.

Interior Design, NYC Interior Designer, John Buscarello, Bathroom Interior Design, Master Bathroom, Contemporary Interior Design, Traditional Interior Design

Impeccable color combinations and stunning tile choices create a cool and calm master bathroom.

Interior Design, NYC Interior Designer, John Buscarello, Bathroom Interior Design, Contemporary Interior Design, Traditional Interior Design

A perfect example of Traditional Design meeting Contemporary Design with stunning porcelain tile that will make you swoon.

Want to see more?

We have got you covered, check out more of John A. Buscarello Inc’s portfolio here.

Posh Toronto Condo by LUX Design

Toronto based LUX Design is an exceptional design firm dedicated to creating lush and luxurious spaces.  LUX Interiors Designs have been showcased everywhere from the New York Times to Canadian Interiors Magazine. They have also won several awards including a spot in the coveted Top 7 Interior Design Firms in Toronto.

Their immaculate taste and attention to detail caught our attention and we had the privilege to chit chat with them abouttheir experiences with this beautiful Stewart Suite Condo. Join us as we hear more about it!

Toronto Interior Designer, Interior Design, Home Decor, Modern Living Room, Transitional Interior Design

What was the client’s background / story for this project ?

The client was a young working professional who just moved to Toronto from out West for work seeking a quick solution to furnish her small condo in a short time span. With all her previously purchased furniture left out West, she was starting from scratch requiring all key pieces as well as solutions to make the industrial space functional and homey.

Toronto Interior Designer, Interior Design, Home Decor, Modern Dinnette, Transitional Interior Design

What were the client’s needs/objectives?

The needs of the client were mainly to create a multi-use space in which she could live day to day in, entertain in occasionally, and also work from home when necessary.

Toronto Interior Designer, Interior Design, Home Decor, Modern Bedroom, Transitional Interior Design

What kind of challenges did you experience during this project?

As with many condos space was limited and the unit felt very generic, cold and industrial with concrete ceilings, columns and large glass windows. The main challenge was to inject personality and warmth while making the space flexible to function in different ways for the client.

Toronto Interior Designer, Interior Design, Home Decor, Modern Interior Design, Transitional Interior Design

Design Phase: Please tell me about the design phase and how different pieces were picked out.

The design phase of the project was very quick as the client had no furniture to utilize after her move. Pieces were selected that could serve dual purposes such as the fold out console/ dining table. Another deciding factor in selection was materials and textures; the objective was to bring in natural materials and elements to create a warmer and inviting living space.

Toronto Interior Designer, Interior Design, Home Decor, Modern Living Room, Transitional Interior Design

Completion Phase: What was the client feedback? Did the project meet / exceed their expectations?

The client was very pleased with how the space came together in a short time frame and on budget. Not only was she happy with the final design, but also with how the process made her transition to Toronto easier.

Like what you see? Check out more of LUX Design’s Portfolio here!

Coastal Elegance in Ponte Vedra Beach Residence by Beach Chic Design

With summer nearly here, we’re obsessed with beach design. What better to start off the month of June then with a fabulous and undeniably refreshing design by Beach Chic Design. Located in the heart of Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, Beach Chic Design creates every home with distinct coastal influence that is both functional and simple. Led by native Floridians, Amy Johnson and Mary Swan, this particular home in Ponte Vedra Beach defines excellent coastal design. Wit hthe help of Balfoort Architecture, the home boasts wood-paneled ceilings and floors along with gorgeous white and blue palettes.

We can’t get over the ceiling architecture that rises to a point where a tropical ceiling fan hangs.

The living room is highlighted by the staple and foundational blue and white color palette highlighted by beach accents and art.

The bedroom is quaint and features great use of space with end-of-bed storage and a small lounging nook.

Deviating a bit from the norm, this bedroom is given a splash of color with plum bedroom and ottomans.

The living room is a perfect example of using neutrals to their full potential. From the woven ottoman to the textured love seat, the room boasts casual simplicity.

Taking a different route, the master bathroom is a representation of glamoured elegance. We love the parallel sinks, cabinetry, and lighting.

A wide view of the kitchen shows off more of the neutral palette along with the handy seating area that allows your guests to patiently wait for a  home-cooked meal.

Ample windows in the kitchen allows for bright natural light to flow in.

This dining location gives the perfect view of the beach.

We hope you enjoyed this beach residence as much as we did! Tell us your favorite location in the home in the comments below!

Photography: Adam Cohen Photography 

Stunning Palm Beach Gardens Home by Jessica Glynn Photography

Jessica Glynn is an Architectural and Interior Design Photographer with an incredible photography career. Not only has Jessica Glynn Photography won countless awards, but she has also been featured in Top Interior Design Magazines such as Traditional Home, Luxe, and most recently Good Housekeeping.

This  spectacular Palm Beach Gardens residence was designed by none other than Krista Watterworth, who you may have seen in HGTV shows such as:  Save My Bath and Splurge & Save. Jessica Glynn Photography was kind enough to share these amazing photos with us, and we have to admit we have a bit of an interior design crush with this home.

Krista Watterworth Interior Design Modern Living Room Jessica Glynn PhotographyRadiant natural light and a muted palette create an inviting and relaxing dining area.

Krista Watterworth Interior Design Modern Kitchen Jessica Glynn Photography

A dream kitchen like this one consists of a beautiful open floor plan, wonderful wooden chairs, and large windows with a great view.

Krista Watterworth Interior Design Modern Office Jessica Glynn Photography

Jessica Glynn found a great way to capture the marriage between the outdoors and indoors in this chic office space.

Krista Watterworth Interior Design Contemporary Master Bedroom Jessica Glynn Photography

Adding special touches like a stunning guitar, Andy Warhol portrait, and quotes on the wall is a great way to showcase the client’s personality.

Krista Watterworth Interior Design Modern Master Bathroom Jessica Glynn Photography

What would a bathroom be without a lovely vanity and wonderful granite countertops?

Krista Watterworth Interior Design Contemporary Outdoor Seating Jessica Glynn Photography

Exquisite splashes of yellow and light blue create a luxurious outdoor space great for entertaining guests both day and night.

Like what you see? There is a lot more from where this came from on Jessica Glynn Photography’s portfolio, check it out!

Fun, Fresh, and Youthful Living by MHD Studio

Meri Hornberger always dreamed of owning her own interior design company. After two decades of success at other interior design firms Meri decided it was time to start her own, and so MHD Studio was born in 1998. MHD Studio’s passion has always been designing spaces that lift their clients both emotionally and spiritually.  Other than in Los Angeles, MHD studio also has hubs in Seattle,  Bellevue,  and Portland. This multi-faceted firm does everything from Residential design, Staging, and Interior Photography, without skipping a beat.

Making an apartment feel like home is one tough job but MHD Studio was up for the challenge. With attention to detail and a fun, fresh, youthful approach they transformed the following three apartments into homes, each with a personality of it’s own.  Join us as we showcase some of our favorite rooms.

Portland MHD Studio Contemporary Living Room Interior Design

Accessories are key in this stunning Portland Aparment. The chevron rug, printed pillows, and stunning artwork are all tied together by a common color scheme.

Seattle MHD Studio Modern Bedroom Interior Design Home Decor

What a view! MHD Studio has taken full advantage of this prime window view in San Francisco by creating a wonderful lounging area.

Seattle MHD Studio Modern Kitchen Interior Design Home Decor

Less is more in this wonderful Seattle apartment. An open floor plan caters to a busier lifestyle and the kitchen placement is a great space saving technique for smaller apartments or studios.

San Francisco MHD Studio Contemporary Living Room Interior Design Home Decor

The industrial feel of this living room is livened up with quirky accessories , bold black and white prints, and pops of color.

San Francisco MHD Studio Modern Bathroom Interior Design Home Decor

Simple touches like adding a fun poster, a bold pouf, or even switching up your bathroom towels color, can take your bathroom from feeling like a hotel to feeling like home.

San Francisco MHD Studio Contemporary Living Room Interior Design Home Decor

Versatile Modern Furniture and exceptional use of color and accessories makes this San Francisco apartment far from ordinary.

Want to see more of MHD Studio’s remarkable work? Visit her portfolio here.

A Warm and Cozy Living Room by DecRenew Interiors

DecRenew Interiors was founded by Ruthie Staalsen in 2002. Ruthie’s passion for interior design grew after her and her husband remodeled 2 homes. Shortly thereafter many friends and acquaintances requested Ruthie’s help to decorate their homes, and like that her hobby turned into a business.

DecRenew Interiors’ main purpose is to help their clients create a stylish home that tells their story, while still being functional enough to spend time in with those they love most. The following room is a great example of a cozy, functional space that is full of personality and charm.

Interior Design Dallas, Texas Dec Renew Interiors Transitional Living Room

Great combination of prints and textures, along with the warm color scheme, make this living room cozy and inviting.

Interior Design Dallas, Texas Dec Renew Interiors Transitional Living Room

It’s all in the details: beautiful pops of color, rich detailed wood, long mirrors that make the space feel taller, and great printed curtains.

Interior Design Dallas, Texas Dec Renew Interiors Transitional Living Room

A touch of industrial can go a long way in a living room like this, balancing out all the warm colors.

Interior Design Dallas, Texas Dec Renew Interiors Transitional Living Room

A dream living room would not be complete without a beautiful fireplace.

Interior Design Dallas, Texas Dec Renew Interiors Transitional Living Room

Throws and Pillows are a great way of adding that little special something to an otherwise basic couch.

Interior Design Dallas, Texas Dec Renew Interiors Transitional Living Room

Orange, and other bright colors can reinvigorate the entire space, as well as add great visual interest.

Want to shop the photos above?  Then don’t forget to visit DecRenew’s shop here!

The Power of Color – Amy Krane Color Defines the Perfect Color Palettes

One of the most crucial elements of design is color. Color has the ability to make or break a design. From choosing the right color scheme to arranging the furniture in specific ways, color consulting can be a difficult process. That is why color consultants like Amy Krane are a true necessity. With a steady passion for color, Amy has over twenty years of experience as a television commercial producer, making her an expert in visual aesthetics. Amy launched Amy Krane Color in 2005 and used her experience to create various palettes inspired by Morocco and Bora Bora. Trained by the IACC-NA, the International Association of Color Consultants, Amy works with many professionals including architects, designers, painters and more.

Today we have a sneak peek into some of Amy’s past work, enjoy and let us know which color palette is your favorite in the comments below!

Amy Krane Color

A neutral color palette sets the stage for this comfortable and relaxing living room highlighted by a staggered wood fireplace.

Amy Krane Color

We love the global vibe this room gives off with the colorful mult-patterned area rug.

Amy Krane Color

This bathroom boasts beautiful natural lighting along with light airy colors.

Amy Krane Color

The bedroom features deep contrasts with light colors on the bedding and rug while dark wood furnishings give a unique pop to the room.

Amy Krane Color

This bedroom has a unique and great color palette highlighting by global accents, fun patterns, and wood textures.

Amy Krane Color

Highlighted by mid-century modern instances and fun sculptures, we love the red lighting!

We hope you enjoyed today’s special look by Amy Krane Color! Tell us your thoughts on color in the comments!

Orlando’s Schmidt Design Studio Transforms Southern Pub Cask & Larder with Contemporary Antique Flair

Having collaborated with nationwide brands, franchises and upscale independent restaurants throughout the country, Orlando interior design firm Schmidt Design Studio is well-regarded for their creative and custom-built spaces. Founded in 2003 by Anna Schmidt, the firm is known for realizing the vision of a client by blending rich textures and creative lighting with well-matched color palettes. Anna’s projects have been featured in Hospitality Design Magazine, Orange Appeal Magazine, and National Restaurant News, among other publications.

Recently, southern-style pub Cask & Larder asked Schmidt Design Studio to revamp their tavern. The redesigned restaurant features washed wood, teal, and millwork referencing antique and industrial touches. The refreshed restaurant balances antique and contemporary tastes and we invite you to take a look:

Cask and Larder by Schmidt Design Studio

Come into Cask & Larder, a pub and restaurant in Winter Park known for its housemade beers and comfortable Southern vibe.

Cask and Larder by Schmidt Design Studio

As a tavern that was beginning to show its age, Cask and Larder was looking for a fresh look. The new pub ambiance combines the old and new, with a transformative and bright color palette.

Cask and Larder by Schmidt Design Studio

The traditional bar is modernized with washed woods and track lighting, for a more upscale feel.

Cask and Larder by Schmidt Design Studio

What’s on the menu tonight? The space is infused with rustic appeal, as seen in the weathered wood chalkboard menu and wooden beam bridging two brick pillars.

Cask and Larder by Schmidt Design Studio

Ample bar seating comes in the form of wood and metal chairs reminiscent of old-time schoolhouses.

Cask and Larder by Schmidt Design Studio

Tranquil outdoor seating allows patrons to enjoy the nightly ambiance. The loveseat benches and lanterns are a romantic touch.

Cask and Larder by Schmidt Design Studio

Imbued with traditional flavor, the ceiling molding showcases a homage to regal architectural forms.

Cask and Larder by Schmidt Design Studio

Schmidt Design Studio completes an industrial look with weathered wood dining tables, chairs and the finishing touch of a candle.

Love these restaurant looks? Enjoy more of Schmidt Design Studio’s restaurant transformations via their portfolio!

Neutral Palette Brought to Life with Splashes of Color in Design by Interior Obsession

One of our favorite types of design is when a neutral palette is used in conjunction with gorgeous pops of color. That’s exactly what Lisa Turner of Interior Obsession did with today’s designer spotlight. As a member of ASID and with over two decades of interior design and management expertise, Lisa has continually served her clients with quality and savvy work. As a part of her team, Lisa works with various real estate agents, architects, designers and others that allow her to provide her clients with the full scope of design elements in one location.

Today’s project gives a classic example of Lisa’s work that exhibits her unique love for color.

Interior Obsession

A side view of the living room shows the entire scope of the architecture and color palette used.

Interior Obsession

This lounge area is the ultimate place for entertaining as the large windows to the backyard are angled at either side of the chairs.

Interior Obsession

We love how the counter serves various purposes including the unique cove art within.

Interior Obsession

Cohesive with the rest of the home, the bedroom features a large area rug with a beautiful color pattern and stunning windows for the ultimate view.

Interior Obsession

We love this simple yet colorful dining area that is highlighted by wood paneled flooring and staggered wall art.

 What do you love most about this home? Be sure to tell us what you think in the comments below! See the rest of Interior Obsession’s portfolio here.