Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What is Design Shuffle?

    The easiest way to explain it is in this one sentence: is like Facebook for the design community. We provide a platform for design professionals such as interior designers and architects to showcase their portfolio, and we bring targeted audiences to see the uploaded portfolios. Our website provides a variety of ways for members to interact on design subjects.

  2. Watch this video to find out more!

  3. I already have a website, why would I want to upload my portfolio to

    Nowadays, most professionals have their own websites. However, there is one major problem for 99% of site owners: very few people will see their website. In order to bring people to see your website, you need to spend a lot of time, energy, and money. We don’t think that’s worthwhile. Your effort is better spent on producing good, money-making design work. Design Shuffle will bring people to see your portfolio for free. In fact, we designed our site in a way so that your account is actually a mini-website. You can treat it as your own website!

  4. I have a Facebook account and my portfolio is on there. Why would I want to upload my portfolio to

    People on Facebook who will see your work are probably your friends or your friends’ friends. Design Shuffle is focused on the design community. Our traffic is very targeted. People visiting our site are people that are interested in interior / architectural design. We will also bring in people that are looking to hire design professionals. If you want a targeted audience, or people that are “currently searching” for your product / service, you want to upload your portfolio to our site.

    Our website features are specifically tailored for the design community. Facebook is not our competitor. We integrate with Facebook in many areas. For example, if you upload a portfolio or create a blog post, with your election, we can automatically post about the portfolio upload on your Facebook account. We will add more integrations with other social networking sites in the future.

  5. What types of members are in the Design Shuffle community?

    Our membership base consists of a wide range of users, including but not limited to: interior designers, architects, landscape designers / architects, home builders, contractors, lighting designers, manufacturers, design enthusiasts and so much more. We have designed our website so that the default view of our homepage displays the most recently uploaded work of our members. What is displayed throughout our site is simply a reflection of what our members have uploaded.
  6. What are Faves?

    Faves are the new online scrapbook compiled by you! They include photos of all your favorite design ideas. Faves are a great way to organize the looks you love, express your taste for design, communicate with your clients, or simply share with others. Creating  your Faves is easy! Simply look through our tens of thousands of photos from designers around the world and click on the “Add To Faves” button at the top of each of your favorite photos. Enjoy and begin sharing!
  7. Will Design Shuffle start to charge for accounts?

    No, we will NOT charge for accounts with the current set of features. In fact, we are still adding new free features all the time.  In the future, we will have optional, advanced features that we will charge money for.

  8. How does make money?

    We will make money through advertisements, sponsorships, and from optional, advanced features in the future.

  9. How can I write for Design Shuffle?

    If you’re interested in becoming part of Design Shuffle’s team of authors, please send an e-mail to us at It’s helpful to send along a few articles you’ve written before and a few article ideas you have in mind.

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